Cute Christmas stockings

By Mir
October 5, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sure, I could just suggest that you start shopping early, and direct you to the Holiday Collections area at The Company Store and leave it at that, but that’s not how we roll, ’round here.

Click through that link, sure. There you’ll see that The Company Store regularly charges $25 apiece for their stockings (cute though they may be). Then, click on the Clearance link and check out the holiday clearance. Like last year’s cute stockings? $5.99 apiece, baby.

Make it even better: Use coupon code T8JFD to ship your order for free. I’d say that’s worth shopping for Christmas when it’s still 80 degrees outside, no?


  1. I’m wishing that it was still 80 here!

    Monograms are extra, but even with that it’s still a great price!

  2. The code won’t work for me, was it only for the 5th?

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