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By Mir
October 6, 2008
Category Contests

I’m really excited about today’s contest. Possibly because I’m sort of a gadget geek.

If you’re a regular here you know that I’m slavishly devoted to my iPhone—I run my own business and I’m also a full-time mom, and so the ability to do almost everything I can do from my home office from soccer practice, or in the car, or in a waiting room, is awesome. It’s everything I need.

Plenty of my stay-at-home mom friends, though, say things to me like “I’d love to be able to check email while I’m out, but I just can’t justify the cost of an iPhone or a Blackberry.” And that’s a valid point, I suppose. In fact, that’s a common sentiment… which is why Peek was invented.

Peek is smaller and thinner than other devices (check out a review and comparison pictures here), and all it does is email. Just email. So if you want email and only email in the palm of your hand, Peek may be just the thing for you. Peek retails for $99.95 and the contract-free monthly service costs just $19.95/month.

One lucky Want Not reader is going to win a Peek device with a free month of service, a $119.90 value. You even get to choose what color you get! And I will send you an email telling you that you are pretty, and you can read it on your Peek! (Gratuitous exclamation points included free of charge.) For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, October 8th, 2008. One comment/entry per person, valid email address required. Extemporaneous, original poetry about the Peek is not required, but will probably make me laugh. Winner to be determined by random number generation and spam mail headlines (“Dearest One, I must urgently speak with you on a matter of great national importance”).

Ready? Go!


  1. well, I can read my email on my cheapo Verizon cell phone for an extra $5 a month, but I’ll “peek” at this for free! thanks Mir!

  2. Oooh, pretty!

  3. Peek please.

  4. Oooh, this would make my whole week if I won!!

  5. oooh mememememe

  6. Will you move in next to me?
    Seriously I spend so much time on your site! Thanks for all the cool stuff you send our way.

  7. oh a peek for me

  8. Peek a boo! I’m going to email you!!

  9. I’m new to the work from home/full-time mom gig so this would be a great boon (no, sadly no iphone yet…. my employers are just not convinced).

  10. Peek me, peek me! What a fun gadget!

  11. awesome gadget!

  12. What will they think of next…I’d like to take a peek at this prize…

  13. pick me, random number generator!

  14. Oh gadget guru, please o please will you peek me!!!

  15. Looks like fun!!!

  16. WOW – what a deal!

  17. Crossing my fingers!

  18. Ooooh! That is an awesome contest. Count me in, please.

    I will spare you any attempt at poetry. You’re welcome.

  19. You get great giveaways gorgeous girl.

  20. i’m always needing to ‘peek’ at my email so please please please pick me!!!

  21. OMG, I don’t know if this would just make my already-fierce email addiction worse or not, but… oooh, it’s so COOL!!!

    Please, pretty Mir, pick me!

  22. Peek me, peek me! I’d love a peek at my e-mails.

  23. Sounds interesting!

  24. SAHM here…. and I would LOVE this! Please!

  25. Looks great 🙂

  26. OOOH I like this! Count me in! I’m always needing to read my email. Can’t miss anything in the blogging world.

  27. Oh I would be so chic
    with a new peek
    It would totally help my physique

    I could check my mail while I went for a walk
    and my 2 year old would not balk
    bec. I could still talk!

    Yes, I would love a Peek
    Keep up my winning Streak
    Check my email while playing Hide and Seek!

  28. Perfect! Just perfect.

  29. Oh, all I need is e-mail on the go. I would love to win this.

  30. Very cool! Very pretty!

  31. I’m no poet so I’m not even going to try because instead of making you laugh, I’d just make you cry. 🙂

  32. Very cool…I’ve never heard of this before…what fun!

  33. This looks like somethig great for my husband for Christmas. Or me!

  34. that looks so cool!

  35. I love email!

  36. Because I need to spend even more time checking my email..

  37. Please!!!!

  38. Oh please pick me!!!! Yes I am resorting to begging. 🙂

  39. Me please!!!

  40. I would love this!

  41. I predict that this contest will generate about 9 million entries and send your random number generator into tilt mode. Nevertheless, I throw my hat in the ring, for I am hopelessly hopeful against all hope.

  42. Oh how I would love a peek,
    how easy it would be to seek,
    those wonderful deals of which you speak.

    Without this peek I would be sad,
    please, please with this item, life wouldn’t be bad.

    To cheezy poetry I will dip,
    if it gives my entry some zip.

    Pretty, Pretty Mir,
    I hope this makes your heart stir.

  43. Peek me please!!!! Looks like a cool gadget to have!

  44. My children would stop getting attention with the hubs on his crackberry and me on my new Peek! 🙂

  45. Peek a boo!
    I’d love one

  46. My guess is you’ll get around 1000 comments on this one!

  47. If it’s a lifestyle of freedom to email that you seek
    You are going to want to invest in a peek.
    Your friends will all oooohhh and think you are sleek
    When you whip out your pretty and colorful peek.
    whether auspicious prose or just tongue-in-cheek
    those messages cam be sent, no matter where, on your peek.
    Here’s the best news, now don’t go and freak,
    You can win one right here…yup a complimentary peek.

    OK, so not good but at least it’s a poem! lol I’d love to win one please!

  48. A haiku:

    Oh, how MomCat wants
    Shiny, new email device
    For her very own!

  49. Peek me, please!

  50. Very cool!

  51. Cooool! Peek me!!

  52. Very cool – would love that!!

  53. Ohhh I had to chuckle at all the witty comments – sadly I have nothing to add to their ingenious messages 🙂

  54. what a pretty contest! and how pretty would I be peeking at my email all the time!

  55. Jeepers! Creepers!
    Where’d you get those Peekers?
    Jeepers! Creepers!
    Where’d you get that Prize?

  56. How much would that rule?!

  57. Great Gadget! Pick me!

  58. My Dad needs one of these. He doesn’t want a computer, but everyone he knows emails. He is falling out of the loop. This would be a great birthday present for him, and then for Christmas we could give him a year of access – Mir you rock! Thanks for keeping me in the know about cool new stuff!

  59. SERIOUSLY!? Too cool. I’m with those SAHMs who can’t justify the cost but absolutely love checking email.

    Here’s a limerick to celebrate the occasion:

    For those moms who want to be chic,
    There’s this new toy they call the Peek
    Let us all give a cheer
    For the beautiful Mir
    Who enables our secret geek!

  60. How cool! Peek for me!

  61. Sounds interesting! I’d love to Peek at it!

  62. I would love to have a Peek!

  63. can i take a peek too? Oh this would be just too awesome to win! thanks.

  64. Aaaah! This sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for! Very cool gadget. 🙂

  65. Cool gadget! Pick me pretty Mir!

  66. That is so cool. I would love to win one of these.

  67. When I was thirteen I remember riding in the car, thinking “I wish I could call my friend Ash right now- wouldn’t it be cool if there were phones you could take in the car with you?”… Now, as a stay-at-home mom of two (who is rarely ever home!), my newest desire is to check my email wherever I am… Please, random number generator, make my wish come true!

  68. oh please pick me!!! Thanks mir!

  69. How cool!

  70. Please pick me! Pertty please.

  71. Count me in on this FABULOUS contest!!

  72. Ooh, that is so fun! Love it! Thanks!!!

  73. Give me a sneak peek please!

  74. Would haved loved the peek at the ER last night!
    A toddler’s broken arm gave us a big ole’ fright..
    My daughter’s pink cast is now quite a sight,
    and wasn’t even caused by a big brother’s fight.

    OK, so poetry on 2 hours of sleep=not any good.

    Peek me anyway?

  75. Oooh peek me!

  76. Wow, what a great contest, Mir! I’m not very “gadgety” but maybe I could learn to figure this one out!

  77. I’d love to take a peek!

  78. I would love to win this for my father as he needs to stay in touch with the office while traveling to care for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s each month. He has been searching for a device that just does e-mail and is simple. Thanks for the opportunity to take a peek!

  79. Cool!! This thing sounds cool, and it would be even more distracting than my cell phone I’m sure… 🙂

  80. Oh that is so much fun! Pick me 🙂

  81. Since I only have computer access at work, this would rock!

  82. oooohhhhh mememememememememememeME!

  83. Neato

  84. This thing sounds cool.

  85. Mir, I took am a gadget freak! Hope I win!

  86. Oooh, this sounds fun! Thanks for all of the contests Mir!

  87. Thanks for giving us a chance at this. It sounds awesome.

  88. Dearest One, I must urgently speak with you on a matter of great national importance – you must pick this number for the peek

  89. I’m in email love!

  90. of course i could use this!

  91. OH! Peek me! Peek me!

    Wait…that sounded…uh.

    Pick me!

  92. what a great product idea!

  93. ME! ME! I want one!

  94. I’ve never heard of it, but suddenly need it! Thanks Mir!

  95. pick me!

  96. Sounds cool

  97. Oooohhh…I’m a sucker for gadgets that do one thing well.

  98. I’d love to donate one of these to our school auction!

  99. This sounds great! Peek me!

  100. That does sound cool. Count me in for an entry.

  101. ok, that sounds really cool!

  102. Ooh, I’m a big gadget geek too. I would love to win this! 🙂

  103. the peek would help keep me sane
    from the little hands that get in my way
    everytime I sit down to check e-mail
    they come running faster than a snail!
    So many fingers in the way
    I give up trying to check it today!

    Ha… That’s the best I got, but it’s the truth.

  104. I’m a geek and would love one of these!

  105. Where are all the poems coming from today? Hope I get “peeked” with a lame comment.

  106. NEEEEEEEEED THIS. Might wreck the car or lose my kids, but perhaps worth it? Just sayin’. Oh, and have I told you lately how pretty you are?

  107. I rushed through the other comments to get this comment in on the magig number so I didn’t have time to read the other comments. Anyone yet said, “Peek me, peek me.”

  108. Oh how cool!

  109. “Restructure your body optimally for sex” theres a spam line.

    This could be nice. I saw another review about that. Ok actually this would be way nice considering how much I do via email. If only it could do email AND feeds. Then it would rock!

  110. This sounds like an awesome gadget.

  111. Cool! Peekaboo, please!

  112. Not a creative writing bone in my body so I will decline the opportunity to write some really BAD poetry but I will take the chance to try out this very pretty gadget for free! Thanks!

  113. Sounds pretty!!

  114. This sounds excellent. Thanks for another great contest. Mindy

  115. Pick me! Pick me! would love a peek!

  116. This sounds great and very pretty!!!!

  117. Sounds great. I would love it. Pick Me!!

  118. okay – seriously… where have you been? I’m digging your site and love that you’re local to the area (which gives me great hope for my family’s future). I’d be doing good with a Peek. I’m a teacher and can’t quite afford the $100 a month plan to get a iPhone or Crackberry. This sure would help! Thanks.

  119. oooooooh. Nice.

  120. Oh lordy, lordy, I want a Peek!

  121. Cool! I want a peek, too!

  122. Ohh! I want this!

  123. Thanks!!!

  124. OOooooo sounds nice!!

  125. peek me please!

  126. I have never heard of this. Cool!

  127. Me please!

  128. Peek a boo for me please

  129. No fair…no peeking! Did you pick me?

  130. that’s pretty cool

  131. Man, would I love to win this!

  132. Just came across your site – awesome! Adding to my google reader.

  133. What a sweet, sweet gadget. I have never heard of such a thing. Now that I have, I WANT ONE!!! I really, really want one. But, I won’t beg.

  134. Peek Me! Peek Me!

  135. Wow, that is so cool! I’d love to win! (of course)

  136. Ooh, this sounds great. Hmmmm…spam email subjects:

    “Someone wants to peek with you tonight.”

    “Peek inside: There is a matter of utmost urgency requiring your attention.”

    I’m sure I could come up with more, but two seems to be the limit of my attention span tonight. 😀

    Thanks, Mir!

  137. Sweet! Great contest!

  138. ***peeking***

  139. You get the GREATEST things to give away. Thanks!

  140. Peek a boo.

  141. Please, a Peek?

  142. This looks so cool!

  143. Pretty Mir, a pretty Peek! please?!

  144. Too tired to rhyme…
    But a peek might perk me up.. 🙂

  145. Oh that would be a fabulous thing to have!!

  146. Cool! I totally don’t need a peek, but what a fun thing it could be. 🙂

  147. My email addiction is strong
    And my will is weak
    And so I Peek.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  148. Pretty cool. this would make a great birthday present to myself.

  149. Peek, peek, peek, please, peek, peek, pretty please.

  150. This would be so great to win!

  151. count me in

  152. I would LOVE this! I hope I win.

  153. Pick me, please!

  154. ahh to feed the addiction. . .

  155. Sounds perfectly geeky! Love it!

  156. awesome!!! thanks for sharing!!!

  157. Wow! This would be a great Christmas present for my husband!

  158. Who doesn’t need another gadget???

  159. pretty please me me me…I am a classic SAHM who is never at home but busy shuffling kids around

  160. What will they think of next? Very cool.

  161. Peek me! Peek me! 🙂

  162. Oh la la… I love it already

  163. A Peek haiku:

    A Peek sounds to me
    worthy of adoration
    Come to me, sweet Peek

  164. Thank you!

  165. My turn to win

  166. magic number generator.. you are soooo hawtt!

  167. Oooh I wanna try! 🙂

  168. This might possibly be the best giveaway ever. Seriously….PLEASE!!!

  169. I just found your blog….cool!

  170. Peek me! Peek me! (you’re so pretty…)

  171. Well since it is a number generator I guess begging won’t help. But I really really really need this!



  172. What fun!! Pick me for the Peek and I’ll tell you how pretty you are in a daily email for a week, with several gratuitous exclamation points in each one 🙂

    Thanks, Mir!!

  173. My birthday is tomorrow! this would be great!

  174. Oooh I want a Peek! 🙂

  175. I am a email geek, therefore I need a Peek 🙂
    Pretty please . . .

  176. Mmmm… A Peek would be great fun.

  177. I want to win just to get the email from you telling me I’m pretty!

  178. I’m a geek who’d like a Peek.
    I think my knees would just go weak!

  179. I’m out in the field all day, and I never have time to check emails for meetings, etc. Please give me a peek of the Peek.

  180. peek pique peak peek.

    You are soooo pretty, Mir.

  181. This would be great!

  182. My husband is totally about free stuff!

  183. Pretty Mir – pick me! I’d love to check my email from the car line at my son’s pre-school. Much more useful than silently complaining about the idiots that can’t seem to pull up far enough…

  184. This is exactly what I need!

  185. very cool, I had not heard of this before.

  186. SURE love to win this one!!!!

  187. I’d love to give it a try! Thanks for another great contest!

  188. Wow, you always have such great giveaways. This would be AWESOME!

  189. Good Lord this would be awesome!

  190. peek peek peek peek!

  191. You have certainly piqued my interest in a peek. I have just the deserving friend who could use this! Thanks, as always for the advice, this device and curbing my vice!

  192. Great giveaway, I have never heard of this before! Crossing my fingers 🙂

  193. Email in the palm of my hand?! Peek please.

  194. I love to check my email! This would be a great way to stay connected!

  195. At PTO tonight we looked at smencils (scented pencils) as a fundraiser (just for fun) and I thought that was pretty fun…..and smelly. But a Peek would be waaaaaay fun, and just for me, and I don’t need smelly anyway. hmmph

  196. WOW. Nicely written instructions. You have a real talent.

  197. I know it’s pretty, but is it shiny?

  198. I think it’s time for a Jess to win! Pick this one!!!

  199. Pick Me ! Pick ME!

  200. Me want! 🙂

  201. I’m loving your website; I ran across it in the Sunday Birmingham News.

    I’d LOVE a Peek! I’m a brand new empty-nester who has just earned additional Master’s certification in ed administration (at 51!) and am on the go all the time. Having my email at hand would be wonderful!

    Thanks so much

  202. I’m truly speechless…..

  203. We have some creative poets on here.
    Unfortunately I’m not one of them. LOL

  204. That’s just like you, Mir, enabling an addiction.

  205. Excellent giveaway. Thanks!

  206. With four kids at three different schools in seven activities/teams, it would be wonderful to keep up with practice changes, etc. I would love a peek!!

  207. Peek a boo I want a Peek!

  208. I have never heard of this. Sounds interesting. Thanks.

  209. I’d love to have one.

  210. Would love it!

  211. this is a great giveaway! i’d love the peak!

  212. Count me in!

  213. I thought I entered this already!

    Pick me o’ beautiful ones
    I need something to do with my thumbs
    Music brings a lot of laughter
    It also makes me drive faster!

  214. This would be wonderful for my mom! My mom never gets a chance to check e-mail, since my dad is always on the computer. She would be thrilled if I won it for her!

  215. Oh I would love to have this. I really need to change my phone plan.

  216. Please add me to the list – I would love it and pet it and name it George.

  217. Very cool! Love the techie stuff.

  218. pick me!

  219. Peek! How cool! Then I could see “Want to increase the size of your P***s?” from the soccer game. Hooray!

  220. Love your contests! Thanks!

  221. Peek me!

  222. Never heard of this either… I’d love to test it out! :o)

  223. I really want it! Please?!?

  224. One of these days my lucky number will come up and I will win something at Is today my lucky day?

  225. I love it!!!!!!!!!

  226. Spam has been shockingly uninspired lately. Quite disappointing!
    I’d love a peek!

  227. Dear Random Number Generator,

    Once? Just once.


  228. This is my lucky number.

  229. Oh thou, Mir……..of you i do ask
    Please ‘peek’ me and put me to the task!

  230. the perfect addition to myrtle beach week
    a chance to read e-mail via shiny new peek

  231. Awesome!

  232. I love this!!! I hope I win!

  233. I could soooo use this! Pick me please!

  234. Peek Me! Peek Me!

  235. How about some REALLY LAME HAIKU:

    my phone might check mail
    but i lack skills when it comes
    to smrt things like that

    (i prefer tetris anyway)

    It is weird, though, I downloaded the gmail client to my cell phone and have never been able to get it to work. Of course, it is a verrrry old cell phone (2 year! ANCIENT!) so it probably just hates e-mail.

  236. Peek me please!

  237. I think this makes you an enabler, but I’m so in! Thanks.

  238. want. (as opposed to wantnot.) 🙂

  239. Sounds cool!

  240. I seriously check my email ALL the time – this would be perfect for when I’m out & about and just wondering if I have email. 🙂

  241. I want to sneak a peek at the Peek; speak on the Peek; make hinges squeak on the Peek…I should stop.

  242. If I wasn’t an e-mail addict, I wouldn’t care so much about this product. Alas, I check it around 20 times a day or more. Crazy, much?

  243. coooool!

  244. I dropped my laptop on its head and dislocated its hard drive. I didn’t even know it could be dislocated, so techno geek I am not. I would love a free Peek to retrieve the emails that I will miss due to the dislocation.
    pick me random number generator!!!

  245. Pick me – this would be awesome for a working mom of two little ones!!! I have zero time to get on the computer these days…

  246. could I possibly win???PLease???

  247. 🙂

  248. Oh yes pleeeeeeese!

  249. Nifty!

  250. I would love to win!! Thanks.

  251. Shiny!

  252. oooh! fun!

  253. Peek me please!

  254. Me! Me!! Pick me!! I am a poor teacher…do I get the sympathy vote?!? hahaha

  255. You are soo pretty. Really, really pretty.
    Yes, I would love to have just one PEEK!
    Please, you pretty,pretty, pretty, pretty woman.

    Thank you and did I mention…you are so perty.:)

  256. pick me…i want it!!!

  257. I want to be cool! Pick me please!

  258. Like I need an excuse to work 24/7. This would make it easier though for sure!

  259. Yes, please

  260. Oh so very much yes!

  261. I would love to win! Thank you!

  262. I am never home to check my e-mail. This would be GREAT.

  263. Checking mail—at soccer practice 😮 I could do 2 things at once, heaven!!!

  264. Count me in.

  265. thanks!

  266. Sounds amazing – would absolutely love it! Thanks!

  267. You are the best for keeping us in the loop with these fancy new-fangled gadgets and you’re pretty!

  268. Pick me please……!!

  269. Fancy, new and ooohh so cool!

  270. oooh! oooh! oooh! peek me! peek me! 😀

  271. Thank you!

  272. I have to be thruthful here…I couldnt care less about winning this for myself. BUT I want something for my Nanny (in her 80’s) that would be EASY for her to send and receive emails from her grandkids so she can have pictures. Would this work? I

  273. Peek me! Peek me!


  274. i’ve never heard of such a thing, but i’ve always wanted something just like it! my curiosity is certainly “peek’d” now! 😉

  275. am i in time??? oh please, me!

  276. This would be made of win.

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