Bouncy, bouncy

By Mir
October 7, 2008

I have zero desire to have anything even remotely like a bouncy house here on the premises, but that may be because 1) my kids are getting a little old for such things or 2) I’m a big meanie.

But you, well, you are probably one of those cool parents. Maybe the sort who realizes that for what it would cost you to rent a bouncy castle for Junior’s next birthday, you could just as easily buy one. Who knows? Choose from the Happy Time Bouncer & Ball Pit (60% off), or the Bounce ‘N Hoops or Mega Bouncer (each 50% off). They all have free shipping, which is a huge savings right there, because they weigh a ton. (Okay, not technically a ton. 40ish pounds.)

Good thing you’re nicer than me!


  1. Our daughter lives for these, but I don’t think I’ll let her know there’s a mega-bouncer out there, or she won’t be happy with the teeny one grandma got her last year. 😉

  2. oh so tempted after seeing how much fun he has in these things.

  3. I’m not nicer than you. 😉

  4. 2 years ago I was sure I’d win THE BEST MOTHER award when I bought my boys a bounce house for their birthdays…their bdays are 10 days apart. Can I tell you how very disappointed I was that they didn’t want to play with/in the thing every day? Let me tell you how disappointed I was. I contacted and asked them if I could return the thing to my store. They said yes. So I did. I mean really, the thing was killing my grass and no one was playing in it! I guess the appeal is going to a bounce house, not having one in your backyard.

  5. I forwarded this to grandma and she got one as a present for my son, but there’s no free shipping on this. I called Amazon just to be sure and they said that there’s never been free super saver shipping on this item (but at least she got it at the $75 price- $30 to ship).

  6. Actually, Mir, it did qualify and the people at Amazon didn’t know what they were talking about! I called back and they ended up giving my mom a $20 credit. Those reps– don’t even get me started!

  7. Oooh, thanks! Now, if I can hide and keep the bouncer/ball pit a secret until the holidays (i always fail at this part, wanting the kids to enjoy fun the second i buy it…yes, i buy fun).

  8. I’m not nicer. My boys have the pillows from the couch. That suits them just fine.

  9. I agree that the whole reason we rent these, is so that at the end of the day, we don’t have to worry about where it has been placed, moving it so the grass will start growing, and all the issues of rain and wind. We have had 2 small versions of these “bounce houses” and when it would rain it was miserable getting the water out. One of them never got dry after weeks and weeks … it just starting stinking and attracting bugs. The other one was carried away by one of the windy days we had. Their just a pain. I’m one of the fun mom’s that wants my child to just have fun … but this one was way to much work on mom and dad. We’ll stick to renting!

  10. We bought a bounce house for our 6yo, 4yo, & 2yo. They LOVE it. Of course we don’t leave it up for long, not even overnight. But when we have a large gathering, BBQ or are going to a large picnic get together…the kids know we’re bringing the bouncer. It’s the hit of the kids activities & in the end, we’re the cool parents. 🙂 It’s so much fun for them to invite the friends over to play.

  11. I’m a meanie too.

  12. I purchased a giant jumpy castle at my local TRU 3 years ago. There was a big sale at the time and it turned out to be cheaper to buy than to rent one for my daughter’s birthday. We blow it up only for special occasions, parties, etc. Its always a hit and the novelty of it has not worn off. My husband was skeptical and thought it was just another one of my impulsive purchases, but he is now a convert! Damage to the grass/yard is not an issue b/c we deflate it after use and store it in the garage. Make sure it comes with a storage case with handles – they are quite heavy!

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