The wheels on the shoe go round and round

By Mir
October 8, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Continuing in the thread of “why my children are horribly deprived and what a horrible mother I am,” I refuse to buy my children Heelys. Because I believe that shoes are for walking and roller skates are for skating, and never the twain shall meet. Also, if you’ve met my kids, you understand that some days just walking is challenging enough (heh).

Nevertheless, Heelys are a hot item. These ones (in solid black) are just $20.99. And these are $29.98—not as good of a deal, but they have the requisite amount of pink just in case you’re shopping for a girl.

Just don’t tell my kids I told you about them, mmkay?


  1. Oh, I think you should get them for your kids. They have such a blast with them, and they actually help them learn better balance, etc. My 8 yo son thinks ones with pink on them are the best!

  2. I bought my 9-yr old step-daughter heelys for her birthday in August. She put them on once. Tried to balance on the wheels in the diningroom (wood floor, but not as painful as concrete to fall on). Decided she was scared of them (which really, I should’ve seen coming). And hasn’t put them on since.

  3. They don’t have my kids’ size. Thank God.

  4. I am so glad someone else feels the same way about these things as I do. I worked at Costco over Christmas a couple of years ago and it was like being in the middle of a roller derby!

  5. When they first came out, I asked my then-9 year-old niece why she didn’t have a pair–“I’m klutzy enough as it is. I don’t need any help.”

  6. I lucked out, got them second-hand from my nephew, my son put them on, wiped out, popped the wheels off. New ‘cool” shoes, cost to mom…$0.00, no broken limbs. Good news all around.

  7. If you need another excuse, my son broke his arm on Heely’s. Of course, the second time he broke his arm he was climbing a fence and when he broke his finger he was chasing a girl. And he rode the Heely’s even when he had a cast on his arm. So, anyway…use the excuse if it works for you.

  8. And that is a good price. They were over $60 when I bought them two years ago.

  9. I won’t buy them for my kids, either. Everytime I see a kid wearing them, they are cutting in front of someone or causing people who are walking to have to stop or jump out of the way to avoid a collision or dropping their things. I just don’t think kids should skate around a mall or store in them, which is what I see kids doing. I know I’m generalizing, but that’s my experience. I figure kids do a good job of being inconsiderate without giving them wheels to do so, too.

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