Bob is a generous guy

By Mir
October 9, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Here’s a freebie I did over a year ago, which is apparently an ongoing promotion. If you sign up for their newsletter (remember, you should have a “garbage” email account for this sort of thing), Country Bob’s will send you a coupon for a free bottle of all-purpose sauce.

(It sort of tastes like A-1. I liked it.)

Certain states are excluded (apparently Bob is generous but holds a grudge against a few places), but the rest of you, enjoy your sauce!


  1. I love that stuff. I got my coupon a few weeks ago. YUMMY. Have you seen the cookbook? Love it!

  2. Bummer. He hates Cali. Stupid Bob. Didn’t want his sauce anyway. *sniff sniff*

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