Finally, Friday!

By Mir
October 10, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Was this a long week, or was it just me…? Maybe it was just me. Anyway, today I’m all sunshine and light, because I’m meeting my husband for lunch. Like a date. Between that and the Amazon Friday Sale, I think it’s going to be an excellent day!

Let’s see what we have today…. I’m already feeling hopeful because I noticed that in the Friday Five they’re offering Miles Davis alongside Nine Inch Nails. Hee.

I’m still willing my Kirby to break so that I have an excuse to buy a Dyson. Sad, I know. But when you can get the refurbished DC14 for $209.99 or a refurbished DC07 for just $199.99, can you really blame me?

Always searching for a holiday gift for that hard-to-buy-for grandparent who really doesn’t need anything? How about a custom photograph throw?

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. This down alternative blanket (great reviews!) looks so cozy, I think it might significantly impede my ability to get out of bed. Wait—would that be bad? Give me a minute to think about this….

How much do you love Halloween—enough to need a half-dozen skeletons hanging around?

This is a great price on this Pyrex food storage kit. We use ours all the time and I will never go back to plastic; it’s nice to be able to actually see the food in the fridge, and also to not have to throw the container away when I accidentally forget about something and grow my own penicillin. Oops.

$39.99 is a ridiculously good price on a 12-quart Calphalon stock pot. In case you were wondering.

Mmmmm… my favorite tea in the world is on sale again, but just be forewarned that 4 boxes of 160 teabags each is really a lot of tea. The last time I did a deal on it, I ended up giving half of it away, even though I drink a cup or two every day. Just sayin’.

I love this: My daughter has one of these Timex Kids Indiglo watches and loves it—the stretchy band is the only watch we’ve ever found that fits her skinny wrist and isn’t bulky—but what I didn’t know is that Timex covers every kids’ watch with a Protection Plan: Lose it any time within the first year and Timex will replace it for $10, no questions asked. That’s pretty neat.

Go forth and enjoy the day, people. Yay, Friday!


  1. Oh, it wasn’t just you…it HAS been a long week! And now kids are off today.

    Happy Shopping!

  2. Enjoy your Friday, esp your lunch with Otto. Lord knows you deserve a good day today!

  3. Have a wonderful day! Oooh and the AFS has the “Herbal Concepts Hot/Cold Comfort Booties” on sale again, get yourself a pair and consider them a gift to Otto to keep your icicle tootsies at bay! 😉

    Happy Friday, Mir!

  4. Once I bought both John Denver and Alice in Chains at the same time, and I thought the clerk would HAVE to comment, but no . . .
    I should see if those Indiglos fit MY little wrists, I have such trouble with watch bands!

  5. Love the skeletons. Not enough to buy them, but I still love them.

  6. PG Tips is your favourite? I’m more of a tetley girl myself..

  7. I’m finally talked into the pyrex… 🙂

  8. Thanks!! I got the watch for my son and it came with the free cap. Yeah for early Christmas shopping!

  9. I also love the PG Tips. This is another reason why we are internet friends.

    I am fortunate enough to be able to get boxes of 40 at my local supermarket. Or the Irish bar down the street from my job… Whichever.

  10. My family, being Welsh, will drink nothing BUT PG Tips! Thanks for the tip! I’ll be stocking up for the holidays.

  11. those skeletons would make great decor for a Pirates of the Carribbean party (or bedroom).

  12. I have that down alternative blanket. It is BLISS. You want it if your winters get anywhere below 70. Also, somehow, even in the summer, you won’t get too warm if you use it.

    (I’ve had mine for almost 2 years now. I am very attached to it. Also, it may be white but it washes well, if you have a big enough washer.)

    So, yes, GET IT. It will significantly impede your desire to get out of bed, but it’s so comfy you really just won’t care.

    Promise me, Mir? Promise me that you will give yourself and Otto a present by getting one? You will not regret it. Seriously.

  13. I forgot to mention it cures icicle toes! (Mention that to Otto.)

  14. hey mir….sometimes i don’t get a chance to check the friday sales…i know, blasphemy….so when i check your highlights on saturday and find somehting i like, i don’t know if it’s still a good deal or not. sometimes i can tell. for instance, the alternative comforter is now $39.99. that seems like a good price, but is it the same as yesterday? so what i’m askin’, in a roundabout way, can you write what the price is when you post the link? it’s happened alot before, even on fridays when they do their little price changing thing, too.
    also, does anyone remember the price of the conforter yesterday?

  15. oh, and also that photograph throw….anyone remember the price on that? just curious what a bargain price is =)

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