Don’t get gouged on Bakugan

By Mir
October 15, 2008

Have a kid who’s Bakugan-crazy? These are selling out everywhere—our local stores can’t keep them on the shelves—and as a result, most of the time what you find online is vastly overpriced.

Right now Amazon has Bakugan 6-packs in stock for $19.99 apiece. This isn’t a “sale” price, mind you; but it is cheaper than you may find it elsewhere (plus, it’s in stock).

Take a look at the other prices down along the right sidebar on the product page—up to $38.99 for the same product!

If Santa needs some Bakugan, I’d suggest you bring this item to his attention now, before the holiday shopping craziness makes them impossible to find.


  1. Can you tell if the launcher is required?

  2. Thanks! My stepson is into Bakugan. Who knows if this is the right kind or whatever, but if he doesn’t want them I can find someone who does. I can’t find them anywhere in the stores. And with my free amazon prime, I get it shipped for free!

    Steff, launchers are not required. I played this with my stepson one time, and it is fine to toss the thingie onto the card which magnetically opens it.

  3. I hate Bakugan. My 8-yr-old loves it. *sigh*

    For the record, what is there to like about things that roll on the floor and become pointy, bare-feet-destroying ugly little critters?

    Which is all to say I’m a sucker for my little boy and he will get this if he gets good grades on his report card.

    Me = SUCKER!

  4. I did not realize this was hard to get. It is on both my boys lists so I better get on that!

  5. it’s $29.99

  6. I put these in my cart, got distracted by a phone call, went back to my cart, and they’re now $29.99.

  7. Phooey. $39.99 now. Schizophrenic Amazon pricing ticks me off

  8. WHa?????

    I have an 8yo boy and I’ve never even HEARD of this???
    Well lucky me then I guess cause they are back up to the $39.99 price so I don’t have to care how much they are now……this week. I hope he doesn’t discover this before Christmas.


  9. @Stephanie Chance – thank you! I got a set on sale earlier today.

  10. Wow! I’m so glad I jumped on this. I went back to send a link to a friend, and it is now $39.99.

  11. I have almost convinced my son to stop buying these. The little ones keep breaking on him! He is one of those types who takes really good care of his toys, so I know it isn’t him being too rough. He gets so sad and disappointed when they break (or no longer open the right way), but then still wants to buy more! Sheesh.

  12. *cries* How did I not see this deal on the 15th?!!!

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