Coffee is fundamental

By Mir
October 16, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, wait. I think that’s supposed to be Reading is fundamental. But the great thing about this one is that both coffee and reading are fundamental—go visit your local Barnes & Noble and bring along this printable coupon to get yourself a free coffee while you’re there.

Sounds like a perfect afternoon, to me!


  1. free coffee coupons please and thank you

  2. Shoot, doesn’t work at the College bookstores. 🙁 Thanks neways!

  3. Sweet deal, even though I’m never near a B&N.

    Coffee AND books are fundamental. I’m still loving the book exchange for Christmas idea from your commenters yesterday.

  4. I just found out that this only works at the Barnes & Noble Cafe, inside the B&N store, who are not affiliated with Starbucks, but happen to sell Starbuck’s coffee. It does NOT work in the Starbucks stores, that are attached to B&N and who have a very large opening into the B&N store that would lead an unsuspecting person to think that they are “connected” to the B&N store. AHEM! Of course if you can manage to glare at the b*t&hy lady who is explaining this to you and still somehow manage to look sad and pathetic (and sleepy) while holding your coupon…the nice young man who works at the Starbucks (that is not affiliated with B&N) might just give you the free cappacino anyway. Worked for me.

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