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By Mir
October 17, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s installment of the Amazon Friday Sale. I’ve just started browsing through, and confess I’m hoping to run across something really ridiculous. Sometimes a really good giggle is even better than a good deal. Let’s see….

This t-shirt may fit the bill: Not only does it sport a gigantic smiley face, but the color is listed as “fondant.” Which does make me laugh. (Hint: Either fondant is the french for dark, which this shirt is not, or fondant is that stuff used in cake-making, in which case it’s whatever color you make it.)

How does this watch disturb me? Let me count the ways: Maybe it’s because it’s rose gold, for men. Or because it’s called the “skeleton prowler.” Or because it’s really ugly. Or because it’s “on sale” for $650. It’s really hard to say.

If that’s not amusing enough for you, check out the always entertaining and sacrilegious herbal holy water! Just like Jesus would’ve made, if Jesus had been a hippie!

And if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Self, I wonder if I could buy a coffin from Amazon?” the answer is yes.

[Okay, I’m done mocking, now. Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.]

Going camping? These Coleman sleeping bags are down to just $14.99, and this Eureka tent has great reviews and is down to $79.99.

I have to tell you, despite my love of fun shoes, I normally shy away from things like platform sandals. However, with Anne Klein’s help and $26.69, I might change my mind. Roooooawr. (This post somehow got very long… the rest is below the fold.)

Part of me really, really wants the swanky stainless steel compost container, and part of me chokes on the thought of paying $40 for a bucket to put my potato peelings in. But if anyone wealthy wants to buy me an unnecessary gift, that’d be an excellent choice. Also, I am now a little depressed to realize that a compost bucket excites me so. (Maybe I should go back to the shoes?)

File under things I didn’t know existed: Pizza scissors! (Just $14.99 and eligible for the 4-for-3 promo. What a delightful stocking stuffer! “Ummmm… anyone know what the heck this is…?”)

I’m a sucker for beautiful wine glasses ($23.99 for 4; eligible for the 4-for-3 promo).

This breadmaker is still $109.99, but it does everything but diaper your baby. Not really. But it has great reviews and a million options (and is still cheaper than the other buying choices).

The Dyson DC17 is the one to get if you suffer from allergies. Sure, you’ll need to take out a second mortgage, but at just under $400 and with free shipping, it’s about $100 cheaper than usual.

We use Aquaphor for everything—chapped lips, minor skin irritations, pervasive dry skin, etc. Sign up for Subscribe & Save to get an additional 15% off the $16.99 markdown (you can cancel it after your order ships) and you’ll be stocked up for the season.

If you like the Method Baby detergent (note: for baby clothes, not actual babies), it’s marked down to $50.99 for 6. Use coupon code GRNOCTO8 to save an additional 15%, then sign up for Subscribe & Save for another 15%, and get your 6 bottles shipped to your door for $35.69.

Don’t forget the Friday Five, too, if you’re wanting some tunes on the cheap.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. yeah I have $379 extra just waiting to be used for…a halloween decoration!

  2. You’re sassy this morning! And so funny!
    Thanks for drawing my attention to so many new products from Amazon that I never would have guessed to find there. I found myself wondering just the other day where I could find some hippie holy water and an ugly coffin on sale!

  3. I dunno, Steph, it might be worth it just to have the coffin lurking in a corner of your basement. I can just imagine having some friends over, and saying, “ooh, I need another can of pineapple juice so we can have some more pina coladas. Joan, could you run down to the basement and grab a can? Pantry shelves, third down from the top, right next to my coffin.”

  4. Ooh, I have been wanting a bread machine. Now, to find an excuse to buy it today….

  5. If that breadmaker could diaper my babies, I’d buy every single one in stock.

  6. I took advantage of the method baby detergent. I’ve never tried it. It is already being processed so I can’t cancel. I’m wondering if I should have started with a sample bottle from Target before committing to such a large quantity! LOL The reviews seem pretty good so I’m hoping it’ll work out 🙂

  7. Christina, the Method baby detergent is great. You won’t be disappointed, especially at that price. We use it sometimes, and it’s pretty great. Expensive-ish at Target usually, so it’s a steal on the Friday sale.

  8. Mir, I LOVE you!
    Got the Anne Klein shoes. Have a forgotten $25 gift certificate to Amazon, paid $1.69 for the shoes AND it’s eligible for a mag subscription, which I will cancel for $10 back!!!!

  9. I kid you not, my husband wants to be buried in a cheap “spaghetti western” casket just like this. Now I know where to buy one when I kill him. Errr, when he kicks the bucket in 80 years. 😀

  10. Um, I’m pretty sure that Jesus WAS a hippie.

    And no one should ever, for any reason, buy an Invicta watch. Worst customer service ever. I hate them, I really do.

  11. Ok, there’s the line, under the coffin title, that says “no customer reviews yet. Be the first.”

    hahahahahahaha! Especially if it was a REAL coffin!

  12. LOL your too funny! Thanks for tha laugh!

  13. I love your column, Pretty Mir, but I haven’t commented because I haven’t had anything worth contributing until now. I ACTUALLY bought a coffin made by Trappist monks online, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The coffin was beautiful, the woodwork and care was amazing. Plus, the brothers there were so kind to us on the phone, and sent us letters afterwards with kind words to aid our grief. It’s a ton cheaper than other caskets, and they grow the wood and use all parts of it (for making toy furniture and mulch). It arrives to the funeral home in a day or sooner. I’ll bet you never thought you’d be reading about bargain caskets!!! But you started it!

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