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By Mir
October 18, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sorry for the delay this morning—I was busy eating pancakes with my parents (who are visiting and getting their recommended daily allowance of grandchildren). But let’s see if can’t find some deal-worthy items for the day.

If you missed it last time, the Harman Kardon Drive + Play for hooking up your iPod to your car’s stereo in style is back at for just $18.99 shipped.

All weekend at Overstock, camping and outdoors items are an additional 10% off (plus shipping is just $1 on those items). Quilts and wheeled luggage are an additional 10% off, too.

There’s a One Day Sale going on at Macy’s, today. Select items are up to 65% off.

Ready to stock up for next year? The end-of-season-sale at Old Navy is on, and those deals are going fast.

That should keep you busy for a bit. I’ll have a contest up a little bit later on, so check back for your chance to win!


  1. Hi that link for the Harmon Kardon Drive and Play shows the item as $38.09 How do you get the sale price?

  2. Whoa, is pulling an Amazon with the pricing? I’ve been checking back for the same thing as Megryansmom, and the price has gone up at least two times since this morning! I’ll continue to keep an eye on it in case it decides to dip back down. I realized too late last time (and perhaps this time, it seems) this might be a good gift for someone I know…


  3. And it just went back down to the price Megryansmom mentioned. If I keep watching it, do you think it’ll go all the way back down to Mir’s price? (And why am I talking to myself on her blog?)


  4. And NOW it’s back up to $48.09, where it was earlier. I’m giving up and going out somewhere fun.

    Have a great weekend with your parents, Mir!


    P.S. Sorry for talking to myself on your blog. 😉

  5. Jess, you’re not talking to yourself… I was just hoping you’d post that the price was back down (thanks for keeping an eye on it for us) no need for everyone to be obsessive 🙂 today anyway

  6. Traci, right after I posted the last one (when I was getting ready to go out), my Firefox quit and had to be re-started (which was weird anyway)—mind you, this was only about ten minutes—and the price was back down the ten dollars to $38.09! When Firefox restarted, it automatically reloaded the pages I had had up, so I really wasn’t being TOO obsessive by actually going to check again. It just came up that way, and I said, “ARGH! It’s back down ten dollars!”

    My husband said, “Okay, we need to get out of here.” I’m sure he’ll be glad to know that I was being obsessive for everyone else and it was an unselfish act on my part. 😉

    By the way, I just checked for curiosity’s sake: “Sorry, this product is no longer sold at the website.” I guess they know what’s best for me…

  7. It’s winter in New England!

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