Another one bites the dust

By Mir
October 19, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It looks like Linens ‘N’ Things is going out of business. (I hope it wasn’t all of those 20% off coupons I used….)

That’s kind of a bummer, but shopping their liquidation event may ease the pain, somewhat. For now.


  1. You know what kills? I bought something there on Wednesday. There were no signs up, no mention of going out of business. When I went to return said item, the cashier said that they’d been bought by the liquidators on Wednesday and pointed out the wee fine print on my receipt that said “all sales final.” I was so ticked that the cashier didn’t bother to mention this when I made the purchase….I never would have bought it. (It was a shelf, and I wasn’t positive it would fit where I needed it to.)

    And of course there’s no one to complain to… *sigh*

  2. Be sure to do a little price shopping for anything you’re wanting to buy. Their liquidator is not known for deep discounts. And once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to keep.

  3. if you use coupon code “Winback06” you can get another $10 off an order $50 or more (which may ease the pain of shipping which was $15!!! for my order).

  4. 30% off? That’s their liquidation sale? Humph. I’ve seen better.

  5. I hope to go out there this week. We need new tablecloths, now that our family is hosting Thanksgiving.

  6. Our LnT went out of business months ago, I guess I assumed they all were.

    Hmmm…not very good deals on the stuff I’ve been eyeing. The steak knives we want were $59.99, now $53.99. BBB w/ 20% off is still a better deal (47.99).

  7. yeah we went by one last night and the sign said 10-30% off…store closing… i looked at mny hubby and said well apparently they dont want to sell anything… ill wait until its cheaper!

  8. Curtains and curtain hardware were 30%. I needed a good bit for our new home, so I bought a bunch of that. Most everything else was 10%, including all kitchen stuff. People were buying things like crazy, and I’m thinking “The prices at 10% are still more than the same items at Target, and you could have done better with the 20% coupons when they were taking them”. Go to Bed, bath, and beyond and use there coupon, plus you can bring things back there. Oh, table linens were 20% off. But, like I said, the store was ridiculously crowded, and inventory on curtains was low. Go online to see the prices. Ok if, like me, you needed curtains, but nothing was that great.

  9. Not a true GOOBS, they need to slash prices. I saw a lot of people walking out empty handed yesterday. If they want things to sell, they need to drop prices. I’ll keep my money thanks.

  10. In my experience, stores going out of business go through “tiers” of pricing. They start out at 20 to 30% off and the discounts get bigger as the weeks go on. I can’t really blame them for trying to get the best price for their inventory they can.

  11. i think we should all boycot until further markdown.

  12. Yeah, it’s nowhere near cheap enough yet. Most of the things I looked at last night were just “up to” 30% off, so not even close to that amount yet. Definitely something to keep an eye on as it continues to go down. There’s a sweet spot between ‘discounted just enough’ and ‘all the good stuff is gone’ that’s hard to hit with these things. The location nearest me closed down a few months ago when they first filed for bankruptcy, but there are still a few more slightly further away.

  13. I was just at my local store today, and the discounts were very low. Most stuff was only 10% off, which makes no sense to me since you could always get things for 20% off before by using their coupons. Seems they should have at least started everything at 20% and worked from there.
    The place was packed and there was plenty of stuff, but I will wait until the deals are better and see what is left. This is one of those things that will be very hit or miss so I might have to pop in a couple times a week…

  14. I thought it was just the one out by us that was gone – I thought it was just because it was out in the boonies and nobody out here had any money to spend there! Guess it’s all of them.

  15. The store by me began their liquidation a couple of months ago. They began to close some of their stores hoping to reogranize under bankruptcy laws but it didnt’ work out for them. Our store is now 40-70% off – so just wait a little while. There is still plenty of good stuff left – except for curtains which were a higher discount earlier on.

  16. The liquidators who acquired LnT (for the purpose of liquidation) are known for actually RAISING prices before beginning the markdowns. (Like the jewelry stores that start out at 200% of normal price, then advertise “EVERYTHING IS HALF OFF!”)

    Frankly, I’d skip it entirely. But I’m sure there are suckers that’ll think 20% off something marked up 20% to start with is a real bargain.

  17. I went to LnT this weekend…. they no longer honor the 20% off coupons, nor the competitor coupons. The prices are not low and they’re marked from 10 to 20% off. You can get much better deals on the sams thing, no sales tax,buying from

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