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By Mir
October 21, 2008

The end-of-season sale at Old Navy is still going strong (and by “going strong” I mean “appears to have plenty of items left, even though every shirt I was considering was available only in XS or XXL”), and through October 22nd, 2008 (that’s tomorrow!) you can save even more with coupon code GETMORE. That’ll give you 15% off your $75+ order or 20% off your $100+ order.

(But it will not make that cute shirt come back in stock in your size, darnitall.)


  1. Yeah, I used that code yesterday when buying more pants for my 6-slim sized son since the store only had 2 pair in stock. Skinny kids that “float” in pants the size that are the right length. Thankfully, there are slims of some things.

  2. Last night, I used the end-of-season sale, the GETMORE code for 20% off, and then FREE150 for free shipping over $150. For $151.97, I got myself 14 Perfect Fit T-shirts, my daughter 4 new pairs of jeans, a six-pack of socks, a few pair of tights, 3 dresses for my youngest daughter, and two pairs of fleece pants for my oldest daughter. ALL FOR $151.97 shipped. I am still smiling.

  3. I gave into the urge…got 8 tanks & shirts for me, 2 sets of Christmas pjs for the kids for…$94. Yes!

    Not as good a deal as Jen scored, but I’m happy.


  4. I have the Old Navy credit card, so I get free shipping with only $100 purchase (it used to be $50, but WHATEVS OLD NAVY). So for $112 (that’s after the 20% off and the free shipping): 7 big-boy shirts for my oldest, 1 pair of cargo pants for my oldest, 2 shirts for my 3-year-old son, 2 shirts for my 1-year-old son, 2 pairs of tights for my daughter, 1 pair of shoes for my 3-year-old son, a baby outfit and also a pair of tights for my impending niece, and FIVE 8-packs of socks.

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