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By Mir
October 21, 2008

Ah, so, apparently it’s not just Bakugan that our kids need. No. That would be too easy. According to my son, there’s also the coveted Bakutins.

The tins are news to me, but apparently they come with special super-secret ultra-wondrous Bakugan you can’t get, otherwise, and so they’re selling out everywhere. Already. I’m keeping my eye out for them in stock somewhere for less than a semester of college tuition, but in the meantime you might be interested in the Bakurack, which is currently marked down to $18.61 (free shipping eligible) at Amazon.

I’m sure my kid wants one of those tins, but he may just have to settle for the Bakurack. Which, honestly? I think is a lot cooler. You can remove a 3-Bakugan holder from the main apparatus and clip it to your belt! Woo!

Okay, shutting up now.


  1. I had to click on the link just to find out what the heck a Baku-anything was! Sadly, I still am quite clueless.

    I am un-hip and tragic.

  2. Please, please keep us in the Bakugan loop! While mommy will not be buying Bakugan for a certain obsessed first-grader, I have a feeling Santa just might. But Santa is unwilling to pay $30 for a stocking stuffer, or so I hear.

  3. Thanks for staying on the lookout for Bakugan deals. My kids are SO obsessed… and they are really hard to find!

  4. You are speaking a language I do not understand.

  5. Bakurack-Bakutin ’08!

  6. I clicked just to see what the heck you were talking about. Lol…

  7. Am I just lucky? Either this craze hasn’t hit my son’s school yet or he is a completely uncool 2nd grader (which works for me) 🙂

  8. You’re lucky, Traci! My son is 6 and is totally Bakugan obsessed–and he doesn’t even have any yet! That’s the only thing on his Christmas list. But he wants a bunch of them–from us AND Santa.

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