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By Mir
October 21, 2008
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Been looking to replace your old luggage set, or have a kid going off to college or for study abroad? What you need is a complete set of luggage that will work for years without breaking the bank. (Alternatively, feel free to invest in one indestructible suitcase, but that will probably cost hundreds and you’ll still need additional pieces.)

I’m digging this luggage set at Kohls—not only does it have everything you need and comes in your choice of three colors, it’s marked down to just $49.99 for all five pieces. If you have a Kohls charge card, make it even better: Use code MVC8328 for free shipping and SAVE15BURG for an additional 15% off. Code NEW1913 works for 10% off for everyone, too.

Bon voyage!


  1. Although I don’t own a single store card (and I have been mightily tempted by the Gap, believe me), you and your frequent “if you have a Kohls charge, you’ll save even more” may push me over the edge. Just considering it, that’s all.

  2. We were needing a new luggage set so just bought it. Thanks! And you’ve probably convinced me to get the card as well.

  3. We got a new luggage set at Kohl’s earlier this year. Great deals!
    And the Kohl’s card is the only store card that we have in our wallets. While I don’t enjoy Kohl’s every day prices, they, as we all know, are always having a sale. If you have time to dig through racks, some of their clearance finds are amazing as well!

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