Yep, Halloween is really next week

By Mir
October 21, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Still scrambling for a costume? eToys has free shipping & 30% off selected Halloween goodies through October 23rd, 2008 (that’s tomorrow), and there’s still time to ship ’em without paying extra for rushing.

In unrelated news, if anyone who’s really good at sewing and cashing the checks my mouthiness wrote about “making a costume,” please come on over. Soon. Thanks!


  1. I think you mean day after tomorrow! 🙂 I know you cannot wait until Friday, but since the 23rd is two birthdays in our family I need one more day!

  2. I could still whip up a tutu and get it to you by Halloween! Just let me know!

  3. Heck, forget making your own – by the time you buy the materials and do the work, it ends up costing the same! 😉

  4. Two words: Stitch Witchery

  5. Whew! Thanks! Now I don’t have to worry about this anymore!

  6. I just used lots of super-duper craft glue, the kind with all the dire warnings on it. Probably lost a few brain cells from the fumes, though, even with the window open!

  7. Halloween costumes torture my inner cheapskate. Paying for something they’ll only wear once. UGH.

  8. For something that will be worn once a hot glue gun does wonders (or so says my non-sewing sister who wins contests in costumes hand-made that very day…).

  9. Not sure why, but I too was determined to make ours this year. I’ve sewn one hulk hand so far, but did buy some fabric glue. Could be world’s best mom and get these hulk hands:

    “Smash them together to hear “Hulk”-terrific phrases like, “Hulk! Smash!” or “You’re making me angry! You won’t like me when I’m angry!”

    Or not.

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