Make it a perfect Princess party!

By Mir
October 22, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Having a princess party? Having a princess sleepover party? Do I have something for you!

Check out this Princess Pillowcase Coloring Party Pack, everything you need for eight princess-loving girls to color their own princess pillowcases! It’s a simple craft and a perfect party favor. And at $15 shipped, it’s a lot cheaper (and easier, and keepsake-i-er, if that was a word) than a goody bag filled with plastic junk.

It’s perfect for pretty princess parties, people. Promise!


  1. you have a little spittle on your keyboard, there. ok, you got it.

  2. Man, this would have been PERFECT for my scout troop to pack their stuff for camp. I hope they restock soon and at this same awesome price!

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