Everything’s better with robots

By Mir
October 23, 2008

I’m all for the kids playing the traditional board games of yore; heck, if it was good enough for us, those ungrateful little brats should be happy to have them! Oh, wait. Just kidding! They’re not brats. They’re our future. And a lot of the time, they think board games are boring.

One of my favorites was always Risk, and I think that with this Transformers version of it I could probably get my son to play. Or maybe I could just stock up my gift closet, because at $7.50 a pop, that’s a good item to have on hand.

(Don’t forget that $25 eligible toy purchases make you eligible for a $15 Cookie magazine rebate, too! More savings!)


  1. I am loving the thought of how well this game will go over for two boys on my Christmas shopping list.. Just having a hard time deciding on another deal to bring my purchase to free shipping… Thanks, mir!

  2. I think my nephew and his dad (my brother) will really enjoy this game. I need great deals, badly, this year, so I’m especially appreciative of your sharing this one.

  3. Thanks Mir!!

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