One week until total sugar implosion

By Mir
October 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Yeah, um, it’s only a week until Halloween. Now if you don’t find that scary, you’re probably not afraid of anything!

Fortunately, we have the Amazon Friday Sale to comfort us… for today, anyway.

There’s slim pickings, today, but let’s see what we can find.

Okay, I’ll confess: I bought these shoes from last week’s sale. They are incredible (I got the bronze—I’ll bet you didn’t know I have a thing for snakeskin). Not exactly an everyday shoe, but the next time I need to get all fancied up, I’m ready. And they’re $26.69 with an available $10 magazine rebate, so that’s just $8 a shoe! (See Mir justify. Justify, Mir, justify!)

Cookware sets are back in the spotlight—choose from the 9-piece Calphalon hard-anodized set or the 14-piece Cuisinart stainless set for just $129.99.

I won’t pretend to understand this Oster food steamer—I think steaming things on the stovetop isn’t all that hard—but the reviews are great and the price is the lowest I’ve seen it ($25.99).

It’s a floor wax! No, it’s a dessert topping! Hey kids, it’s both! Or, in the case of this 4-in-1 covered plate with dome, it’s a cake holder, it’s a punch bowl, it’s a chip-n-dip, it’s a lawnmower! (Okay, you got me. I made up the last one.) For $19.99, it could be awesome.

Not only is this 18-piece Pyrex food storage set marked down to just under $20, it’s eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion right now.

This lightweight Dirt Devil carpet steamer gets great reviews (most comparing it to a machine three times the cost), and is just $89.99 shipped.

Now even your coffee can be a divisive political statement! Choose from McCain blend or Obama blend! (This would be a pretty funny office gag, actually. Set both varieties out there with the other k-cups and watch the fun unfold!)

I couldn’t resist this one: What do you picture when you think about paying over two grand for a watch? Elegance? Diamonds? A big cartoon shark face? Um. Yeah.

And with that freshly-imprinted on your brain, go recover by perusing the Friday Five—five MP3 albums that are just $5 each, today only.

I’m off to work on Halloween costumes. Because I’m a giver. And because the children are starting to catch on about me not actually being superwoman.


  1. I love the bronze shoes! Thanks for the bargains.

  2. The shoes are so sexy looking. Unfortunately, I can not wear sexy any more, they must be flat and close to the ground. Dang it.

  3. I’m very impressed that you can still wear a 3″ heel. I’m clinging desperately to 2″, but can’t wear ’em every day…

  4. What, you’re not going to comment on the dog costumes for sale? I can honestly say I had no idea you could get so many different costumes for your pet. Wow.

  5. Steaming: absolutely the best time saver. And everything is healthy! You can steam while doing other jobs because you don’t have to worry about spill overs, pan going dry, etc. The higher the altitude, but steamer becomes a must.

  6. So is the McCain blend old and stale and the Obama brand full of crap? Sorry, that was just asking for a joke.

  7. hahahaha good one stephanie chance!

  8. I remember when the Amazon Friday Sale was actually interesting.

  9. Maybe we should all write in MIR on our ballot!

  10. What? I thought you WERE superwoman!

    I’m so disappointed…


  11. I love my simple steamer. Fill it with water, put in the veggies, plug it in and turn it on. It’s like my bread machine; not a necessity, but it sure is nice.

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