All aboard for big fun

By Mir
October 26, 2008

I will never forget the year my train-obsessed son got a train table for Christmas. Once he saw it, the morning of opening presents was done, for him—he had no interest in anything other than playing with his trains. I can’t think of any other gift so completely adored and utilized by the kids.

If you have a kiddo who digs trains—or even one who might like a fun place to work on Lego or jigsaw puzzles—this is the deal for you. Because right now eToys is offering their large Yukon train table for just $60 and free shipping. Use coupon code ETNLTR for an additional $5 off and get it for $55 shipped! You get the table large enough to accommodate Thomas and all his friends, plus two drawers underneath in which to store everything when it’s time to clean up. Fun for them, tidy for you.

Make sure you have the camcorder ready when the kids come downstairs. I’m just sayin’.


  1. We got a table similar to this one for my son a few years back. He and his older sister played both trains and Legos on it.

    Last year we moved the youngest’s doll house to it.

    It’s a great train table, but it is also great for the doll house. Right now, it has doll house accessories in it… the trains get used mostly on the playroom floor.

  2. Whee! Grasshopper is going to be so thankful for Mir Claus on Christmas morning! I’d been hoping to find a train table that was in my *ahem* tight budget this year and you totally came through!

  3. Whooohooo! Thanks so much. This is an item I’ve only thought about casually, but that price (and saving $61 in shipping alone) hooked me. Plus, they threw in a Roundhouse with Doors and 5-Way Switch Track!

  4. How did you get the roundhouse and switch track thrown in Gennie?

  5. Thanks! This was a great deal. I’m thinking it will be a Lego table…I’m hoping, anyway!

  6. Would you believe that just this morning, I decided for sure that I wanted to get a good, but inexpensive train table? I browsed Craigslist, but found nothing for around $50 that was in good condition and had storage. So I gave up, and started reading my blog list. LO AND BEHOLD! Pretty, pretty Mir saves the day with a train table AND a coupon code! And now I don’t have to drive anywhere and try to fit a gimungous thing in my car. Dude, Mir, you rock. Thank you!

  7. Tracey – no idea how I got the bonus. I put the table in my cart and they said “you qualify for this free roundhouse” and put it in there, too. I would have canceled it if they tried to charge shipping, but that was free, as well (separate shipment, even). They must think I’m pretty 😉

  8. Awesome. My husband is a train buff; he models HO scale. I tell him he still plays with trains. Some kiddos will be very lucky, thanks to Mir’s connections!

  9. Thank you! That is an awesome deal!

  10. I’m not sure how you did it, but I am guessing I waited too long or you sent too many customers to this deal; here I am at the end of the same week you posted, and the price has gone up to $69.99, and shipping is $62! So instead of your $55 total, it’d cost me $132 to get the table. Not such a deal any more. Guess that’s what I get for not reading daily.

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