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By Mir
October 29, 2008
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As long as the girls are getting their hearts’ desire in the last post, I figured a bit of equal time for the boys was in order.

So, does your little guy fancy himself the next Indiana Jones? Check out this deal at Amazon. Theoretically, the idea is that you purchase both the sound FX whip and the Lost Temple of Akator Playset and save $25 on the pair—which is a nice deal, don’t get me wrong—but it actually works on just two of the whips, too.

And let’s face it, not only does that work out to be a better deal (2 whips for $18.98 shipped), but the whip is the coolest part of the whole Indiana Jones phenomenon. Obviously.

This would be a good one for the gift closet, too. Especially for a birthday party where you really don’t like the kid’s parents; while boys will love this toy, I imagine it’s extremely annoying for parents. That makes it a perfect passive-aggressive gift. You’re welcome!


  1. Heh. That’s beautiful.

    My daughter really wants the whip. With my luck, my father-in-law will get it for her for Christmas.

    If he does, then the talking parrot (which repeats what she says, only higher-pitched and MORE ANNOYING) that he got her last year is going to suffer an “accident”. Whoops! Polly just happened to fall off a shelf and into the wall… five times!

    For that matter, Polly seems a little accident-prone anyway this year. 😉

  2. I ordered 2 whips for both my sons this past weekend, and they arrived yesterday. The deal does work — I was surprised! I may regret it after Christmas, but they’ve been asking for the darn whips for months.

  3. Oh, I hate it. I already bought the whip for Halloween. Good for the rest of you, though!

  4. sweet I ordered 2 whips!

  5. Did it! Between that and getting free shipping, I saved $33.45. Thank you so much! He’ll love these at Christmas. 🙂

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