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By Mir
November 1, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Goooood Saturday morning to you! Did you have Twizzlers for breakfast? It’s okay, I won’t tell.

Here’s a few deals to scratch that shopping itch this weekend, without emptying your wallet.

Overstock has a new discount feature: Red Line Deals. These prices are the lowest of the low, on all sorts of things. Alternatively, check out the jewelry and watches discounts this weekend—10% on jewelry, and up to 20% on watches (off their already low prices).

This week at Old Navy, it’s Tensational! Check out the assortment of tops at $10, 2 for $10, or even 3 for $10. It’s a great time to stock up.

6pm’s got your weekend shoe deal: All RSVP footwear is just $9.95 or less right now.

VistaPrint wants you to use them for your holiday needs, this year, so they’re offering 10 different great Holiday items for free as a way to let you check out their cards and other great items. Just pay shipping (which is very reasonable) and find out how VistaPrint can keep you on budget this year.

Over at eToys, they’ve got an assortment of Kidorable jackets and boots marked down to $7.99 each, and although it doesn’t show it on the main page, select styles and sizes ship for free. (You have to play around with it some to see if something you want ships for free—will show up when you put an item in your cart.) If the direct link there isn’t working, just search on Kidorable.

Have a great weekend, and try not to eat too much candy!


  1. Thank you, Mir. I’ve been eyeing that dinosaur raincoat and matching boots for my dino-loving kid, but have been daunted by the price. Just got ’em for $20 shipped for both! Perfect for Christmas.


  2. That Old Navy sale looks promising. Shopping for my 21-yr-old is easier with Old Navy around! I’ll have to check my email archives for any shipping codes…don’t think I have any right now.

  3. ugh, too late on the candy warning…I think I turned into a twizzler overnight. We handed out candy at work yesterday and I think I ate more than I gave out 🙁 Have a great weekend. I’m off to work, and I hope there’s no candy left!

  4. I’m not sure what the deal with Vista Print is, but not everything is free. It says it’s free, but then when you go through the trouble of customizing, some turn out to be only 1/2 off (calendar magnets, for example). I’m more than a little frustrated right now.

  5. Thanks for the info at etoys! T’s frog boots are too small but the coat still fits. New froggy boots in my cart as I write…

  6. I ordered from VistaPrint last year, and my cards were great. However, I’d read that the company has a lot of complaints from customers who are unknowingly signed up for promotions. I called back immediately (after placing an online order), and sure enough I’d been signed up for some monthly service. Cancelled right there. Just something to be aware of. But, my Christmas cards were beautiful.

  7. Yes, apparently VistaPrint has changed its business model somewhat. I got business cards from them last year and they were fine, no problems, but a friend tried to use them this year and got signed up for stuff she didn’t want, and they didn’t honor the deal, charging her far more for less merchandise.

    Caveat Emptor, as always.

  8. Love love love the rainboots and coats! Stashing them away for Easter!

  9. I got 20 4×8 photo Christmas cards, 10 regular style photo Christmas cards, and 140 caricature address labels for $13-something through VistaPrint. Only certain styles are free and you can’t customize much or the cost goes up. If you go with the basic style, without changing fonts, etc and adding a bunch of photos it’s a good deal. Each photo you upload costs $2.49. I uploaded one photo for $2.49 (used the same photo for the 2 different cards), added 10 extra 4×8 cards for $2.99 (it offered me this after I placed my original order then just added it to my total), then chose the cheapest shipping for $8something (21 days, but it will still get here in time for Christmas mailing).

  10. I love a cheap Old Navy top! Thanks!

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