This is called thinking ahead

By Mir
November 3, 2008

I know we’re all just starting to think about the winter holidays, but as you already know, I’m a little crazy (crazy like a fox, not crazy like “take her away, boys”). And I just thought I’d mention that at our house, we’re very anti-violence. I never let the kids play with what I perceive to be violent toys. But the Easter Bunny seems not to have gotten the memo, because he often brings water guns, that wacky rabbit.

And do you think water guns are cheap in the Spring? No, they are not.

They are, however, cheap right now. And here’s a pair not even listed in that sale—just $3.31 for two, and free shipping eligible.

Just in case you wanted the alert the Easter Bunny, or anything.


  1. We did water guns at Easter last year, and my smart-assed 12 year-old exclaimed, just loudly enough for both Catholic grandmothers to hear, “Thanks for dying, Jesus! These water guns are awesome!”

  2. Can’t respond…too busy laughing at Kate.

  3. Kate…that is hilarious.

    Also, thanks to Mir for this deal. My parents just bought a lake house, so I got the two-pack deal for my Dad for Christmas. It should be fun to take out on the boat next summer!!! 😀 And at $3.31 for two, you really can’t go wrong.

  4. Holy cow! My water guns came today (I got the $3.31 set) and they are HUGE! They look really awesome and I can’t wait to see my dad open them at Christmas. 😀 Thanks, Mir! Now I’m going to go buy one for my husband, I think……

  5. I got these for $12.50 and they are also huge! The box could have almost held a refrigerator. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was in such a gigantic box. I can’t wait for summer.

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