More Crayola deals

By Mir
November 4, 2008

I love love love art supplies for the kids—it keeps them busy for a looooong time, and it feels educational and virtuous. And I am all about busy children and happy moms.

Right now at Toys ‘R’ Us, there’s a whole bunch of eligible Crayola productsicon which are not only buy 1/get 1 free, they have free shipping!

Hmmmm…. Christmas, Easter, travel to Grandma’s house, days ending in “y”… I can see lots of great occasions for this stuff. (And don’t forget birthday parties, too!)


  1. I just got two different Color Wonder sets for Grasshopper to use while we’re traveling this holiday season for $12!

    These are perfect for him to use in houses where the combination of 2 year old boy and traditional finger paints might be, uh, frowned upon…

  2. The only bummer is that you can only get one free per order, so I’ve had to place two seperate orders to get four coloring sets. Oh well- at least shipping’s free!

  3. Thank you for this! I’ve had my eye on Color Wonder stuff for my niece, so I have two coloring books on the way, and I’ll probably do the same as Claire and put another order through for more.

  4. I first read “edible Crayola products”.

  5. You’re looking pretty today, Mir. This is the first deal I’ve taken advantage of in a while. Keep ’em coming!

  6. I did the same thing as Wendy 🙂

  7. Just wanted to say that I just purchased a couple of sets and we’re looking forward to using them. No mess! I must be living in a cave b/c I had never heard of non-messy finger paints until you came along and showed me the light.

  8. Wow, those came fast! My first order has already arrived, less than 48 hours after I placed it.

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