Oh, right, you want some deals

By Mir
November 11, 2008

Wow, um, it’s nearly dinnertime. Today completely got away from me—I apologize. And here you’ve been, lurking around, just wanting a deal tip or two! And I’ve been neglecting you. And rhyming. (By accident.) Tomorrow will be better, I think. In the meantime, let’s just pretend today never happened.

But if you’ve been hoping for a new free shipping code for Lands’ End, you’re in luck! Use code GIFT with PIN 4928 to ship your entire order for free, regardless of size.

(That almost makes up for the fact that I got a parking ticket this afternoon….)


  1. College-town meter maids are an evil species.

  2. You got a parking ticket (or a few) the last time you went to the salon, too!

  3. i know how it feels! horrendous!

  4. Bummer!!!

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