Coincidentally, I just ate a “Now and Later”

By Mir
November 12, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(My children’s bags of Halloween candy really need to not be sitting out on the kitchen counter….)

Listen, I know that with Thanksgiving right around the corner, not a lot of us are thinking about eating out. I get that. But when you buy certificates at, they’re good for an entire year. So don’t let the timing deter you! Because right now, you can use coupon code HARVEST to take 60% off your certificate order and get a bonus $10 certificate. So for your $4 outlay you get $35 worth of dining.

Maybe you’ll use it next week; maybe you’ll use it next month; maybe you’ll use it next year. But you’ve probably got $4 in change in your couch right now. Just sayin’.


  1. It’s crazy–when you first started posting these deals, there was ONE restaurant in my area. And I live in Madison, WI, not the middle of nowhere. It was that way for over a year, and now…ten restaurants in town! 🙂

    Great deal, thanks Mir!

  2. That is soooo funny Erin!!! I also live in Madison and I had quit looking at the site because there was nothing around here. Then I checked last month and was shocked by how many had joined. (Now I have a stash of certificates — just in case.)

  3. Ha! Clearly we should meet up for dinner, Traci! 😉

    We just got one for Babs French Quarter, which is just a couple of blocks away. We’ve been meaning to try it out, so this is a great excuse! And hey–$35 of dining for $4 can’t be beat, really.

    Lovely weather we’re having today, huh?

  4. I just purchased a certificate, but did not get the bonus $10 certificate using the code HARVEST. Wonder what went wrong??

  5. I have always called them “Now OR Later.” But recently I inspected a bag. Up close. As I put it into my shopping cart so I could eat them all. It is, in fact, “Now AND Later.”

    Pushy candy people.

  6. Karen–they’ll send it to you separately. I got mine about an hour or so after I placed my order. Just click the link in that email, and it’ll credit your account $10. 🙂

  7. Can you always only use one certificate per table per meal? For most places, it’s easily a $50/meal place–which is a better deal at $4/certificate but I feel like I’m not getting something. Maybe? Maybe not?

  8. Okay. . . Thanks to Mir, I am 100% clear on the usage of the certificates. But let’s say that you get overzealous in purchasing certificates at a certain place where you will be vacationing and will not be eating there 4 times in the next year. Can you turn them in for something else? Suggestions? Thanks–

  9. I have never been able to access the website. The links don’t work for me and neither does just typing in I know how to use the internet and all so why won’t it work for me?

  10. You know, Mir, I feel really left out with all these deals. There aren’t any in my area. *sniffs* Maybe you could contact them and ask pretty please if they would start offering them up here. Maybe…? *looks at Mir with sad puppy dog eyes* We could really use them.

    jess 😀

  11. Don’t give up Jess! (Read Erin & my posts above) Someday there is sure to be some restaurants. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    And, Erin, dinner is on me! I have certificates for Tutto Pasta Cucina Italiana, New Seoul Korean, & JT Whitney’s. Thanks to Mir it only cost $8 for $100 worth of dining.
    Now if only I could find a babysitter with similar charges…. (any ideas Mir?)

  12. Mmm…Tutto Pasta. We haven’t tried JT Whitney’s after four and a half years here! We always mean to, but forget (we’re on the other side of town)> Maybe that’ll have to be my next purchase… 🙂

    I love Want Not.

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