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By Mir
November 15, 2008
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Good morning! You know, I’d been meaning to mention to y’all ever since the steel cut oats deal that several of you had mentioned cooking them overnight in the crockpot, so I tried that. And they turned into glop. Yuck. I’m back to cooking them on the stove, but I do wonder if anyone knows what I did wrong.

In the meantime, how about some tips for your weekend shopping? That I know how to do.

Amazingly, Wiis are in stock at Amazon again. I know that everyone teased me about waiting to get one from Amazon, but I rather enjoy not having to pay sales tax. (Sorry, residents of New York….)

All weekend long, take 70% off your order with coupon code DESSERT. That’s $25 of dining for just $3!

Overstock’s got two different coupons available this weekend; you can take $10 off of $200+ or take $15 off of $300+ though those there links.

Get free shipping all weekend at Lands’ End with code HOLIDAY and PIN 5684. Don’t forget to check the Overstocks for the best deals!

Today (November 15th, 2008) only, everyone can use coupon code NOV15PASS for an additional 15% off at Kohls, regardless of whether you have a Kohls charge card or not! Shipping is free for everyone with orders of $50+, or card holders can use code MVC1860 today for free shipping on any size order.

I’ll be back a little bit later today with a chance for you to win something pretty, promise!


  1. Alton Brown did an episode of Good Eats on oats and talked about overnight in the ol’ crock. He’s an authority, so perhaps YouTube can help with that.

  2. Please don’t forget to mention our 5 Day Sale for 15% off storewide at Cool Things for Kids. The coupon code is 5DAYSALE and it’s valid through 11/17/08. Click visit for details.

  3. 3 1/2 – 4 cups water, 1 cup of oats, some brown sugar… Did you use a mini crock?

  4. I used a water bath in the crock pot which isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds. I found a bowl that would fit in my crock and hold all the oatmeal. (I think it was a 6-7 cup bowl? It needed room for expansion.) I mixed the oats and water in the bowl, set it in the crock and added water to the crock about up to the water line in the bowl, give or take. Plugged it in and went to bed. It was good stuff by morning!

  5. Try just soaking steel cut oats or regular rolled whole grain oats, wheat or barley overnight in the refrigerator. Use the same amount of water required.

  6. I’m telling you –on the stove boil everything together before you go to bed, cover and turn of the heat. It’s ready in the morning. You’ll have to reheat but it’s perfect steel cut oatmeal.

  7. Can you double the recipe for a bigger crock pot?

  8. What Sarah said. I figured it out by accident but it’s just like you spent 45 minutes cooking them in the morning, without actually getting up early.

  9. I use this recipe:
    I have been able to successfully been able to half and even quarter it…in my big ole crock pot. Am asking for a mini for Xmas just for these oats!!!

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