Jawbone: This time, it’s girly

By Mir
November 17, 2008
Category Contests

Hey, remember when I ran contest for a Jawbone and we all ooohed and aaahed and pointed and said, “Pretty! Shiny!” Remember that? The Jawbone isn’t just a mod-looking Bluetooth device, it’s the only one that completely eliminates background noise, for the clearest signal ever.

Now it’s not only fabulously functional, it’s gone girly, too—the newest addition to the Jawbone family is this gorgeous little pink version pictured right here. The cuteness, it hurts me. (The price tag also hurts me; I won’t be owning a $140 Bluetooth any time soon, I’m afraid.)

But I have a cute pink Jawbone to give away to one lucky Want Not reader.

Want to win it? To enter for a chance, simply leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008. One comment per person, valid email address required, no judging involved if you’re a dude. (Hey, real men wear pink, too.) Winner to be determined by random number generation and whether or not I can “hear you now.”

Ready? Go!


  1. ohhh how pretty & you are too MIr!

  2. Twitter is awesome! Pick me! i just got a new phone and my old bluetooth isn’t compatible!

  3. Pink! Pretty! I’m about to buy a pink phone… so it would match… so it means I need it.. Ahem.

  4. Me? please?

  5. that would make a ROCKING christmas gift! pick me!

  6. I’d love this!

  7. Help me talk on the highways!

  8. Sure, I’d love it!!

  9. Pick me, pick me!!

  10. That would be awesome!

  11. sweet!

  12. I would rock that thing! Pick me. (It’s almost as pretty as you.)

  13. Oh. Ok, I’ll be the first to give in: Can you hear me now, Mir? Good.

  14. I would love that!

  15. Ooh, how FANCY!

  16. Will it make me look cool to my 22-year-old daughter? I’m in!

  17. I can hear you now! Pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I want to look like I’m talking to myself in public, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. I just got a new cell phone and this would be great!

  20. ooh! pretty!

  21. Wow — how sleek is that?! Pretty and pink — just like you. Sort of. Well, not the pink part. Hmmm. Anyway, Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd love a shot at winning this, you pretty random generator!

  22. Thnaks so much for the chance!!

  23. I would realllllly like one!

  24. OH!!! I just bought a pink phone AND my birthday is tomorrow! Pick me, random number generator! Pick me!!!

  25. I want this SOOOOOOOOOOO much….

  26. Pink is my favorite! (And my boys won’t “borrow” it!!)

  27. Ooh pick me. We HAD a Jawbone. But we made the mistake of letting our 1 year old play with it. He sucked on the earpiece and it hasn’t worked since. A very expensive lesson.

  28. Ooh! Ooh! Please!

  29. sounds good..

  30. my turn please

  31. pick me – pink love it!

  32. I’m all in.

  33. I have a techie and yet girly friend who would DIE for this!

  34. random number generator, I’m waiting.

  35. yahoo- I love it!

  36. This is my lucky number.

  37. Seriously thats kinda crazy

  38. Hi!

  39. Sign me up!

  40. Would go wonderfully with my pink phone, which I drop so often trying to balance between my shoulder and my ear…

  41. swweeeeeeeeeeeet!

  42. It is pink! What more can you love?!

  43. ooohhhh, I love you beauteous Mir…

  44. Can you hear me now?

  45. Hear me!

  46. Yes I have immediate and pressing use for a pink jawbone, especially when talking hands-free in the buff with my pink socks.

  47. Neato.

  48. oooo! That’s almost as pretty as you!

  49. i’m in!

  50. Very pretty…it would go great with my pink phone… ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Awesome! And so pretty!

  52. Very pretty!

  53. I want one!

  54. Pretty pretty pretty!

  55. Very nice! I definitely would love to have a new bluetooth – mine bit the dust a few months ago.

  56. I am sworn not to talk on the phone in my car but this has Xmas present for my SIL written all over it….

  57. How pretty! I would love one.

  58. Oh I love it! Pick me!

  59. I would love one!

  60. I hope you can hear me now, thanks Mir ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Ooooh pretty!

  62. Mir, you are so pretty…and I love the jawbone.

  63. Pretty, pretty jawbone

  64. So cute!

  65. Not that I’m a fan of pink, but I’d love to get one of these because I really need a headset but my bank account is bare. Bah.

  66. The pretty! It blinds me!

  67. This would be the perfect cover up for when I am talking to myself.

  68. It is shiny and pink, can’t go wrong there!

  69. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I want to win this!!! My husband is a truck driver and we talk for lengthy time periods throughout each day (he has an ear-piece)…But I can hardly get anything done with my phone GLUED to my ear/shoulder…By the way, my 30th birthday is Friday!!! Oh, PLEASE, random generator! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Thanks, Mir, for this great blog…I check it every day!

  70. very pretty!

  71. Amazing… I would love one!

    BTW: the twitter account thing works great

  72. Ooh, shiny. And it’s not TOO pink. Very nice.

  73. I am soooo pink. And if you pick me you’ll be making San Antonio a safer city…I’m ALWAYS on my phone.

  74. I need a bluetooth so badly.. Ugh

  75. This would match my pink phone perfectly! And I do love shiny! Thanks!

  76. ooooo – this would be sooo cool.


  77. Ooh. Pretty pink!

  78. Yes please! What a fantastic looking earpiece!

  79. ooh! Shiny! Pretty! Would love one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Would love this bluetooth!!!

  81. I would love one! Pick me!

  82. Me, Me, Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. I love pink! I love Mir! See, meant to be!

  84. DH has been asking for a jawbone for Christmas for months. Its sad how often he begs.
    I bought him a Bluetooth and apparently its not the same thing.

    Oh please oh please pick me! So I can give him a shiny new pink one!

  85. I want to be pink, girly, and pretty!

  86. Ooh – pretty!! Come on Random # Generator….

  87. Oh my! I NEED this! I have never had a Bluetooth of any kind and pink is SO my color! Pick me! Pick me!

  88. I have SO many carryover minutes, having a great new gadget would be a fabulous excuse to use them up! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  89. I’ve never had a Bluetooth, either, but I’d be thrilled to have one for free…

  90. aahh..i need a pink and pretty jawbone…oops..pinktooth er..bluetooth!!

  91. Oh so pretty!

  92. I’ll bet this goes really well with your shiny hair!

  93. I must have one!

  94. Oh pink! How pretty!

  95. Can you hear me?!

  96. I’m on the road a lot with my business and this would be great to have!

  97. I barely use the one I have because it’s huge and clunky and won’t keep a charge….this one I would use!

  98. I would really really love this – so cute, so functional. NEED.

  99. great!

  100. That is the cutest. I would love that one.

  101. Ooh! I really wanted to win it last time…but this one is even better!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. I might be convinced to wear pink for once for this one!

  103. I’ve got a pretty pink phone that would match, pretty Mir ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. can you hear me now?

  105. That would be so awesome – I just got a car and have been eying bluetooth thingers. *bounces up and down* pick me pick me!

  106. I don’t really need this… but if I win, I’m giving it to you (Mir) for Christmas! (Oh, if some weird rule in the law of give-aways doesn’t allow that — then disqualify me & pick again!)

  107. $140….that’s almost as much as the cell phone ticket I got last month! This would really take the sting out of that.

    Of course nothing will take the sting out of that cute young sheriff calling me “ma’am”.

  108. Cool!

  109. Does it come with a stick that I can use to beat my daughters back from the pink? Because The Pink! They love The Pink!

  110. Considering that I have misplaced my current BT, this would be fantastic timing ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Would love to have this!

  112. I need one of those!

  113. Pink! I love it!

  114. No background noise? ooo please pick me!!

  115. I’m in.

  116. Pink! Pretty! Cute!

  117. Would love one!

  118. Yay! I lost my Bluetooth recently, so this would be awesome!

  119. Please!!! You could hear me now if I had one of these!

  120. Woo hoo!

  121. Oh… so pretty and shiny and pink!

  122. talk about pretty in pink …

  123. Oh how I hope I win. Hand’s free… imagine all the stuff I could get done! Thanks!

  124. nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. My wife has been asking for a pink hands free FOREVER! Please please please make her stop!

  126. This would make my frequent drives much more convenient for chatting =) Not that I ever talk on my cell phone while I drive . . .

  127. what’s not to love about pretty pink things?


  129. I live in California where it’s illegal to use a cell phone while driving. I’d love to win the pretty Jawbone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. me please

  131. Maybe today is my lucky day? Let’s hope so!

  132. oooh….shiny & pretty.

  133. Pretty, pretty please?

  134. i love pink!

  135. put my name in!

  136. Oooooh, very nice!

  137. It’s almost as pretty as you!

  138. Cute and shiny! I like it!

  139. Oooh…pink! I like pink!

  140. Very handy gadget!

  141. Yes please!

  142. Ooooh pretty… pick me pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Pretty! Me please!

  144. So, so pretty. And so is the prize!

  145. Great!

  146. C’mon, random number thingy…

  147. Me please!

  148. Look at all the prettiness that surrounds you!

  149. pick me!!

  150. Me too?

  151. Ooh pretty!

  152. What a pretty, pretty website!

  153. Oh please pick me!!!! Thanks Mir!!!

  154. I would love one. Thanks.

  155. i LOVE pink!

  156. I’d love one of these!

  157. Pink? I love pink. Please pick me Mr. Generator!

  158. It would match my phone! *crossing fingers*

  159. I’d love one!

  160. Ooooh, I would love that! Hope I win!

  161. Yowser on the price but it’s gorgeous!

  162. Pretty! and 162 has always been my lucky number. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  163. it’s cute (for a bluetooth thing-a-ma-bobber)!

  164. OMG been sooo wanting one of these! I’ve been pricing them for the last couple weeks for a possible xmas gift.

    ooh pleaseee

  165. Ohhh pretty pick me!

  166. pick meeee!

  167. Wow! Please pick me!

  168. Pretty,
    Please pick me!

  169. Ooh! I love pink!

  170. Oh, please, I really would love this!!!!

  171. nice! I am in!

  172. Oh so pretty – and my 2-year-old wouldn’t be able to strangle me with the cord like he does now. I hope I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. P*I*N*K!! Need I say more??

  174. me me pick me!!! pleeeease!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. So cute! Pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. Ohhhh, so pretty! Pick me!! Pick me!!

  177. This would be awesome – it’s what I’ve always wanted!

  178. Count me in! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  179. That would go so good with my pretty pink phone, ooh pick me!!

  180. At this rate, I might as well enter the lottery. But I’ll say it – pick me pick me!

  181. Sounds cool! Thanks for another great contest!

  182. Please pick me me me….

  183. Is this something I should want?

  184. Pink is the best color ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Definetly enter me ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. OOOO! Add me!

  186. Niiiiice.

  187. Oooh. This pretty girl would love a pretty pink Jawbone.

  188. Winning this would render me speechless… and according to my husband, that is no small feat!

  189. I’d love to win this! It looks gorgeous!

  190. I’m still laughing too much at commenter #188 to think up anything pithy to say.

  191. Oooo….pretty! Can you hear me now, Mir?!

  192. oohh! me! me!

  193. Very pretty. Pretty Mir, pretty please pcik me.

  194. Thanks for the chance!

  195. You have no idea how much I’d love this!

  196. You have no idea how much I love pink…and bluetooth technology. Pretty please pick me. =)

  197. Hey, it may be pink, but I would take it :).

  198. It’s pretty, just like you!

  199. FUN!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. I really need a bluetooth headset… ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. I’ll be pretty in pink ๐Ÿ˜‰


  202. My phone is also pink, I would match!! OOOOOHHHHHH!! Merry Christmas to me!!!

  203. This is the only way I would have one of these. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  204. PINK! My favorite!

  205. I think its pretty! I imagine it might improve my driving!

  206. Very pretty!

  207. Oh, I love! Please pick me!

  208. pretty!

  209. so pretty, pick me!!

  210. I can only guess that this baby is going to generate a record number of entires – OH HOW CUTE! Please, pick me!

  211. SWEET

  212. ME! ME! ME!!! please

  213. Woo hoooooo!

  214. Definitely cute. Sign me up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. This would make the perfect Christmas gift for my Mom! Thank you pretty Mir!

  216. Yes,please.

  217. Please make my day, and thanks!!!

  218. Please enter me!

  219. sounds great to me. maybe it will make up for the britax car seat I tried to order but later had cancel on me. silly target.

  220. pink is my favorite color!!

  221. Pink is a pretty color.

  222. Thanks! Maybe this would help me get into the 21st century.

  223. I never win but I’ll try again! Pick me, pick me!=)

  224. Love the pink!

  225. So my girls can drive more carefully!

  226. I’ve never had a bluetooth but I think now would be a good time to start ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. I totally need that.

  228. Bluetooth good, pink even better! Mir is pretty! LOL

  229. This would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

  230. Thanks Mir!

  231. Help me get into the 21st century!

  232. thanks!

  233. It’s a pretty jawbone. That’s something I didn’t think I’d ever say. ๐Ÿ™‚

  234. ooooohhhhhh! Pretty!!!

  235. eeeee! it’s so awesome. every BT i’ve bought is terrible.

  236. awwwww Mir, this would be wonderful!

  237. I’d LOVE to look pretty in this! Thanks Mir! ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. lucky

  239. I will donate this to a Los Angeles driver so I feel safer crossing the street. Yeah, hands free device! I would love to win this. Thank you for the contest.

  240. pink is my favorite color!!! crossing fingers

  241. I’d love it!

  242. Free is the best way to try anything new! Thanks for the pretty, pink opportunity!

  243. Wow, purty! Thanks for the chance!

  244. Me me me me me!!!!!!

  245. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Please??

  246. How neat! It would be great to win this!!

  247. The PERFECT gift…for ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. Wow, awesome giveaway! I’ve never used one of these type of things before but it seems cool.

  249. Ooooh, this one is calling my name! Hope you pick me! Thanks for the chance.

  250. I think it’s my turn now! Pick me random number generator!

  251. Me, me, me.

  252. I’m in!

  253. My other one died, so I realllly need a new one. Please pick me, random number generator!!!

  254. This would be wonderful to have!! Thanks

  255. Please, after all my entries in past contests, please please pick me:)

  256. Ohh, lovely!
    Please add me!

  257. Hook me up! Can you hear me now? ๐Ÿ™‚

  258. Who doesn’t love pink? ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. my hat is in!

  260. Please pick me! (insert puppy dog eyes here)

  261. Oooh! Count me in! ๐Ÿ˜€

  262. I’d LOVE this!!!

  263. love it

  264. Oooooh. Pretty!

  265. Ahhh, the prettiness….

  266. Wow. What great blog candy. Count me in.

  267. Yes, please!

  268. I am entered. C’mon, my number!

  269. How do get such great giveaways? Such a pretty Jawbone…

  270. Think of all the talking I could do!!

  271. Still using my plug-in ear piece… would be very cool to step into the 21st century.

  272. pretty…

  273. OOO! pretty.

  274. Oooh me!

  275. New baby means that I NEED to be hands free, right? And pink and girly… pink and shiny goes with spit up on my shoulder, right?

  276. Straight or curly hair, this would be the perfect accessory! Thanks!

  277. I think Santa’s been meaning to give me that for Christmas!

  278. Yes, please!

  279. Ooooh, I live in CT – gotta be hands-free!

  280. This would be perfect for my sister! Thanks!

  281. I want it! I want it! Pick me! Pick me! I never win ANYTHING!!! PLEEEEEASE?????

  282. perfect for my aunt.

  283. Hands free in CA!

  284. so very pretty!

  285. oooooohhhhhh…ppiiinnnnnkkkkkk! Me likes PINK! =0)

  286. So shiny!

  287. Pretty in pink please!

  288. Mir, reading your blog makes my day fun!

  289. I would love a jawbone!

  290. I’m in.

  291. I would love this! The speakerphone in my bra is getting old ๐Ÿ™‚

  292. I’d give it to my husband, and he would TOTALLY use it even though it’s pink.

  293. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  294. despite the scary name, it is pretty and I would be happy to call it mine : )

  295. Ooh! It’s SO pretty!

  296. Oh yes please! My crackberry and I would be very happy to have this. (Why yes I did anthromorphize my phone. What of it?)

  297. Oooo pink! It would match my phone perfectly.

  298. Ooh, how cool! I’ve never won a contest, but maybe this is my lucky day?

  299. pretty and pink!

  300. I think pink! My mom would be so happy not hear background noise when I call!

  301. This would be MY Christmas gift to ME!!!

  302. I was wondering what the point of these were, and then I read some of the comments. Oh, I hear you now!

  303. So pretty….

  304. You would be able to hear me!

  305. Oh wow. Nice!

  306. yea!

  307. pretty pretty!

  308. I would love this! I was just telling my husband I wanted a headset for Christmas!

  309. Very cool! Never had a bluetooth before so this would be a great first one!

  310. Count me in please!

  311. Me, me, meeeee!!! Pretty please!!!

  312. It’s PINK! So. Very. Cute.

  313. Very Pretty…Like Mir

  314. Too cute! I sure could use one.

  315. Love it!!! Could sure use one!

  316. Pick Me! Pick me! Please?!?

  317. Ohhhhh very pretty! I need more pink in this house full of boys!

  318. I totally want that!

  319. oooh oooh pick me please, then I can use my phone legally in the car ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. Look…something shiny!

  321. The world would be a better place if everyone who drive used things like this… add me into that group – i wanna do it in style!

  322. Wow, looks pretty neat! What a great contest! Thanks, Mir.

  323. My 2 favorite things in the world–pink and bling!

  324. This..I want! ๐Ÿ™‚

  325. Remember my dreadful commute? NEED this!

  326. I have the original, sent it back when the charger broke, and now the new one won’t stay on right! So I’d love a new one, thanks. Or will just have to wait until I can do a trade-in…

  327. Sounds fun!

  328. can you hear me now? of course not, the reception won’t be clear without good equipment… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  329. Sign me up. Would make a great christmas gift for one of my girls.

  330. How cool!

  331. That would be so nice to win.

  332. This would give someone I love a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  333. so pretty!

  334. I would love one!

  335. I would love one of these to use with Skype so I can talk to my brother and his family overseas!

  336. Me me me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  337. Thank you for all of your deals and contests!

  338. I can hear you now! Styling pink!

  339. I need a bluetooth headset, as I will get a ticket for driving on the army base without one. And tomorrow (the 19th) is my son’s 10th birthday! What better way to celebrate that with FREE gifts!! LOL

  340. Neat, a pretty sparkly toy!

  341. pretty…. shiny!

  342. Pink, girly…oooh!! I love this one! Plus, with 3 kids, who has a hand to hold a cell phone! I’d just love to be picked!! Thank you, Mir!

  343. I would love one!!

  344. Please pick me! I just have to have it! Well, not really, but it would be really nice! I just love the pink version! ๐Ÿ™‚

  345. That would make a super impressive Christmas gift for my sister. Please, pretty pretty Mir’s random number generator…. PICK ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  346. Please pick me!!!!!

  347. I would love one of those, so I can stop breaking the law!!

  348. I *need* this!!!!!

  349. Thanks, pretty, pretty Mir!

  350. I would love one! The pink version is darling.

  351. Does anyone ever say “351 is my lucky number”?

  352. 351 is MY lucky number! No, not really. =)

  353. Ooh, pink and shiny! Love it!

  354. Oh pick me, pick me! I really need one of these!!!

  355. Want!

  356. Haha! Like the other Barbara (comment 108), my husband just got a cell phone ticket yesterday afternoon. I had no idea some school zones were anti-cell phone. Until now. So…yes, please!

  357. Squee!!! me please?

  358. Oh, I’d love one. I don’t have one and it is seriously cutting into my social time. The only time I can talk without interruption is when my little one is asleep in the back of the car. With the change in law,there’s no chatting going on in my car. Please Pick Me

  359. Shiny!!

  360. I. Seriously. Love. All. Things. Pink.

    Crossing my fingers!

  361. It’s shiny. And pink! And pretty! But not as pretty as you, Mir. Or you, either, random number generator!

  362. Oh so Pretty! Pick me, Pick me!

  363. OK, OK . . . all this sucking up is getting ridiculous! Mir (and her “random number generator” – wink, wink) know who really love and her deals. Right, Mir? ๐Ÿ™‚

  364. oh boy. . .pink!!

  365. a little late to this one, but maybe that’s a good thing! Pick a HIGH number, random number generator!!!!

  366. How pretty!

  367. Would love to win this!

  368. with 300+ entries I don’t have much hope but am keeping fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!!

  369. oohhhhh…….shiny!

  370. pick me! pick me! because I never win anything!

  371. That is a very sweet prize, thanks!

  372. Wow, pretty, stylish and on top of things! That’s you Mir and that will be me if you pick my number!

  373. ooooooooooooooohhhh so pretty!!

  374. ooooooooooooohhh, that is so cute. Not a need, but definitely a want!

  375. please,please,please,please,please,please…….

  376. This would make me the envy of my kids! Pick me!

  377. Thanks, Mir, I’ll take it!

  378. Oh boy oh boy! This would make me way cooler! (And I need all I can get…)

  379. pick me pick me!!!!!!!

  380. Ooh fun!!

  381. How cool! I love it!!

  382. Wow! This would be a great Christmas gift for my sister! Count me in! C’mon Random Number Generator!!

  383. comment left ๐Ÿ™‚

  384. I LIKE it! Pick me!

  385. Neato! Thanks! JEssica

  386. I so want to jump on the bluetooth wagon but am way to cheap to do so. This will solve all my problems!

  387. Thanks, Mir.

  388. Pink IS my color!

  389. Oh, this would completely eliminated my boyfriends complaints about my “chin talk” when I try to multi-task and talk on the phone!

  390. me needs a pink tooth!

  391. OK. I’ll bite. It’s not legal to drive in my city while holding a phone so…

  392. Ohhhh, I would love this and it is very pretty also!! Please pick me:)

  393. Yes, it’s very pretty and so are you, Mir!

  394. OOOH, Please pick me!!

  395. I am with you, I would never be able to pay that much, but am more than willing to throw my comment up into the lot. Thanks for the opportunity.

  396. I soooo want the pretty jawbone! It is so be-you-tee-ful!

  397. Gotta have it…it’s adorable and oh, so useful! Thanks!

  398. I have a gen 1 Jawbone and it is really is great except for the fit. My wife or daughter would love a pink one.

  399. i would love this!

  400. Pretty, pink and handsfree!

  401. I think it’s my turn to win something!

  402. Please pick me!

  403. I neeeed one of these. Pretty pretty please with sugar and cherries on top.

  404. I’ve never owned a bluetooth headset. I would love one!

  405. I’d love to win this one!

  406. pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  407. Pick me!!!!

  408. How cool is that?

  409. Well, it does kind of match my phone, So I must throw my name in the hat.

  410. Pleasee

  411. pink is totally the new orange.

  412. Pink! Pretty! Shiny!

  413. Yep. No judging. It would make a great gift for someone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  414. I would dearly love one.


  415. oh me please, please, please

  416. Pick me!

  417. pink?? sign me up!!

  418. OOOHHH AAAHHHH I love pink!! Merry Christmas to me!

  419. Pretty, Pretty I want a pink blue tooth!

  420. Looks great!

  421. Oooo…sparkly and pretty! Thank you!

  422. Pink! it matches my phone!

  423. Would love this!

  424. Wow! Look how many responses!

  425. PINK!

  426. My wife would love this! MUCH better than flowers!

  427. That is the CUTEST little thing I’ve seen!

  428. Very pretty!!

  429. Wow. Not just pink, but…quilted?

  430. I just recently learned about Wantnot. What an exciting place to visit every day! And a PINK bluetooth!?! If I
    won, what a wonderful introduction to your website. Keep the deals coming!

  431. *****swoon***** Oh purty, purty, please!

  432. Oh, wow. This would revolutionalize my 1+ hour commute!

  433. Pretty! Pink! Pick me! Pick me, pick me pretty Mir!

  434. meeeeeeeeeee! please!!!

  435. Way cool!

  436. PINK! I heart Pink!

  437. oh, I do look pretty in pink

  438. can you hear me now – PICK ME!!

  439. hope I win!

  440. A great little contest right in time for Christmas! Thanks and here’s hoping that for this contest I’m the lucky winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  441. been wanting a jawbone for awhile. here’s hoping!

  442. Wow!! I need this!!

  443. me please!!!

  444. i would love one

  445. This is so sassy!! I would if it would fit over my tiny ears… I have such a hard time finding a Bluetooth that will securely fit over my ear for long periods of time… Good luck to all!

  446. I can never hear anything in my car and would buy one of these if I got more than one call a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  447. Sign me up!

  448. Hmm, this might be useful when I want to nurse the baby AND talk on the phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  449. hope this is my lucky number

  450. 453 is lucky for me!

  451. ooohhhh! I need this!!!! Really. I do. Promise!

    PS: You look fabulous today!

  452. Oh. My. Word. I would love to win this. PINK! And complete elimination of background noise! And stylish! And bluetooth! Everything I need.

  453. i wud love to have this.

  454. ooooh…..Pretty!!!!

  455. I really don’t like the one my husband has… but if this eleminates background noise, then I’m certainly interested. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  456. ohhhhhhhhh pretty!! And if I won this, I would need a new phone. Yippee! Excuse to buy new phone. Please?

  457. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky enough to win it!

  458. I like pink!

  459. I found your blog last month and just love it!

    I’d say “pick me, pick me”, but I don’t think the random number generator will listen.

  460. Oh I’m such a pink girl!!

    You’re so pretty with all your wonderful contests!

  461. Pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  462. Nice!

  463. Cuteness! I might actually go hands free if I win this!

  464. Ooooh, pretty!

  465. Safe driving and style…nice!

  466. Wow! I hope I win!

  467. My daughter, previously averse to anything pink or girly, is now in a pink-only, girly mode. I think it’s a sign!

  468. this would be amazing!

  469. Well, can you hear me now?

  470. I always try to type it blootooth. This one is actually cute.

  471. i like pink!

  472. My 16 year old is getting a new pink phone for Christmas. The Jawbone would be a great big surprise for her….

  473. My Wife would love me for even longer than always if I got her a Jawbone to match her pretty pink phone. Thanks!

  474. Wow, this would be an awesome accessory.

  475. Ooh, love pink!!!

  476. Pretty pretty jawbone!! Me like.

  477. WOW – I have a 480 to 1 chance to win.

  478. My wife will will be tickled pink if I win this for her!

  479. Cool!

  480. Hello!

    Thanks Mir.

  481. Oooh, thanking you in advance Mr. Random Number generator, sir.

  482. that looks awesome

  483. Pick me! Pick me!

  484. I love little electronics. I am the only old lady that I know that listens to audio books on my 8 gig Zen.

  485. I wanna be a modern super mom!
    Would be super happy to get closer to that status with this lovely gizmo.

    Thx for the chance to play~!

  486. pick me pick me!

  487. me me me me!

  488. I need it! It will keep me from driving my car off the road and look nice too!

  489. \m/

  490. Me! I have always wanted to look like I was just crazily talking to myself!!

  491. oh, this would be just LOVELY!

  492. I live in a hands-free state and I don’t have a bluetooth device. I, um, maybe break the law a lot.

  493. PLEASE!!!! Pick me!

  494. Oh, to have a sleek, modern, functional, stylish and PINK Jawbone! I’d be safe while driving, and as hip as can be. Feeling lucky!

  495. Oooo pink!

  496. Very pretty! I’m in!
    Lucky number 498!

  497. purty!

  498. My daughter would love this.

  499. Pretty Pink for my Princess Megan and myself–
    So we will be safe out shopping and about in her Princess Van !

  500. Oh, what the heck. I’m secure in my manhood.

  501. Why not!?!? I would give it a try…for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

  502. I need to be hands free!

  503. please please :]

  504. Free things make me look pretty…Hands free driving may help my babies live longer.

  505. even if I do think the thing looks a bit wierd I’d still take it!

  506. I need to be handsfree so I can talk & drive when necessary!

  507. I would love that.

  508. love this one…hope i win!

  509. Pretty and functional… What a concept. I would love to win that combination.

  510. Send it my way.

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