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By Mir
November 17, 2008
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You know how I am about my GPS unit. I love it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George. At the very least, I’ve happily said goodbye to the days in which I missed doctors’ appointments and other things because I became horribly lost along the way. It’s no fun, being directionally challenged.

And now I tend to highlight every GPS deal I see, because until I had one, I had no idea that it was possible to live life without getting lost. And now that I know, I want to spread the good news.

Today at, get the TomTom ONE XL for just $99.99 shipped! It’s a refurbished model, and it doesn’t have text-to-speech (which means it says “Turn right” rather than “Turn right on Oak Street”), but for under a hundred bucks it’s about as good as you’ll do. (Heh—I was about to post this and saw that Amazon has matched the price, in case you’d prefer to buy it there.)

Or maybe you get where you’re going without a GPS just fine. In which case, congratulations! But you know, for the rest of us—viva la GPS!


  1. I thought we called it Audrey?


  2. You two are so funny! I keep telling my husband that we should name ours Nigel or Percy because it talks with an English accent and those sound like very English names. My husband thinks I am crazy and just calls it “It” or occasionally “he”.

  3. We named ours Wanda. 🙂

  4. Before ours broke, my husband had real issues with it. The female voice telling him what to do all the time — he got very testy. I told him I’d had no IDEA how sexist he was until we got the GPS.

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