Another DS deal

By Mir
November 18, 2008

Amazon’s begun their “Countdown to Black Friday,” which may have made me squeal just a little bit. (Black! Friday! Eeeeeee!) Today’s video game deal is buy a DS Lite and get Guitar Hero on Tour for $10. (It looks like they have all colors in stock, too.) That’s the console and the game for $140, which is either the game for $10 (as they’re promoting it), or—if you’re like me, and like to make it feel like the best deal possible—like getting the game for regular price, and getting your DS Lite for $90!

Either way, it’s a great deal for that tween or teen who has been assuring you that they’re the last child on earth who doesn’t have a DS.

Edited to add: They’re also offering MySims Kingdom for just $19.99 today only (great reviews!).

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  1. Hey! I have a DS lite and I’m in my 40’s! (The NY Times xword puzzle program and sudoku puzzle programs are GREAT!)

    (‘course I also already have Guitar Hero for it. Maybe I’m a teen/tween at heart.)

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