Bakugan starter packs (start the madness)

By Mir
November 19, 2008

I feel like a drug dealer. Yeah, I know it’s horrible. Yeah, I know it’s annoying. But all the kids are doing it, and here, just try it….

I’m sorry. I’m a terrible person. I hang my head at my awfulness.

But nevertheless: Right now 3-figure Bakugan starter packs are available for order at Amazon for just $15.99 (free shipping eligible). The page is defaulting to a different vendor, so don’t panic—simply scroll down a bit and look on the right at “More Buying Choices” and select the $15.99 from Amazon one.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. Once your boy-child gets his hands on Bakugan, your world is forever changed. Again; my apologies.


  1. My boys will love this in their stocking! Now if grandma gets them the battle arena, they’ll be set :)!

  2. Here’s my question… my eight-year-old son has never mentioned Bakugan. He has his own obsessions — lately godzilla, gumby and Back to the Future movies — he’s a little weird. Seems to be well-liked at school, but definitely isn’t among the “hip” kids. (Is that even the right word? — his mom isn’t either)
    Do I buy him Bakugan so he has something in common with other boys his age or let him continue to obsess about…whatever he wants?
    At the price on Amazon, I don’t mind trying them out, but…i’m not sure.
    Any opinions?

  3. Bakugan is definitely big at my son’s school. However, it seems that most of the boys don’t have them yet, but pretty much ALL of them want Bakugan stuff for Christmas. My son worked his butt off last weekend raking leaves, so my husband bought him a 3 pack as payment. The addiction has firmly taken hold already.

    Good thing I found the link to the cheapie random 6 pack and on sale Battle Arena here a while back. 😉

  4. My 8-year-old son has friends who are into Bakugan but he isn’t interested. FINE by me!!! 🙂 I don’t want to be out on the hunt with all the other parents who are so desperate to find these for the holidays.

  5. How funny you should talk about this.
    My daughter’s school just banned them since they are magnetic and one of the kids had a pile of about 20 in the school computer lab & wiped out the pc harddrive. Also they roll around in the desks & make a lot of noise.
    It is sortof popular here with the 3rd & 4th graders but we’re in the midwest so it takes a while for things to catch on here.

  6. Thanks! The grandparents offered to feed the obsession and now I can direct them to a reasonable price. Better call them fast before they disappear.

  7. Thanks Mir! I just added to the pile of my Xmas booty! Not only did I buy a couple of Bakugan, but got Guitar Hero for Wii with TWO guitars for $52! Also found the salsa that DH LOVES and we can’t get, in Florida, for $11.xx for three and free ship! That’s less than I’d pay if I could teleport to Texas to get it and DEFINITELY cheaper than making a trip. 😉

    You are SOOOOO pretty! 🙂

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