Even the things I covet are nerdy

By Mir
November 19, 2008
Category Product Talk

You can laugh at me about this one. I don’t mind.

I’m pretty sure I have poked fun, on here, at the stainless steel compost pails I keep seeing. I mean, on the one hand, I sort of want one; but on the other, I’m not spending $56 on a bucket for my food scraps.

I just came across this Bamboo Compost Pail at Cooking.com and… and… I want it. $39.95 is a bargain, comparatively, right? Right? And if I use coupon code C98329 I can ship my whole order for just $5.99….

I know. Still too expensive. Still very silly to have a fancy bucket for food scraps. But it’s just so pretty.

Okay, you can laugh, now.


  1. There’s something to be said for having a pretty container, no matter WHAT it’s holding. 🙂

  2. I have that stainless compost pail and I love it. It just seems cleaner.

  3. My compost bucket looks like a 1 gallon miniature plastic garbage pail that I found at the Dollar Store. Wish I’d bought 2 or 3 because I know it won’t last forever. It works quite nicely and we rarely have any odor even without that charcoal in the lid, as long as the lid stays closed. The stainless looks lovely, but sizewise, it’s nearly full after you make one salad. I don’t like to make multiple trips to the compost pile for just one meal….

  4. My compost bucket is a big tall Tupperware-like thing with a plastic lid that seals airtight with little clips.

    Cost: free, or under $8 when new. (Used to hold our flour.)

    I think the cutesy ones are an invite to leave it sitting on your counter, which is cluttery (ours lives under the Kitchen sink). And also a scam (sorry, Mir).

    You could always tape a piece of charcoal to the underside of a lid, I guess…

  5. That’s one pretty bucket. I don’t care what it’s for, I want one, too.

  6. My composting season is over. Sniff. The lid on the bin is officially frozen shut. Sob.

  7. My compost system is a pretty pottery bowl my mom gave us. It holds about 3 cups, and it sits on the prep counter nearest the back door. When it gets full (which is at least once a day) my 7-year-old is dispatched to take it out and empty it in the compost bin. In theory he is supposed to notice the full bowl himself and take it out without reminders, and likewise the pile of papers by the garage door waiting to go to the recycling bin. He probably remembers 50% of the time, which I don’t think is too bad for his age.

  8. Ooooh, pretty. But I think I’ll stick with my $1 plastic pitcher with lid that is tucked in the back of my sink. Empty and rinse out, easy. When it gets stained, I’ll get another one at the dollar store.

  9. I am laughing… because I’ve been in the same predicament. I actually found a cute counter size metal bucket that looks like a miniature garbage can that we use. I think it was $5.99!

  10. We have the stainless steel compost bucket, worth every penny because I like pretty things only on our countertop. It was pricey but I always figure the sooner we get somethinf, the lower our ppu (price per useage) is, and the bigger bargain it is. Since we got ours 4 years ago, it has cost us pennies per day for our stylish scrap-holder, and it’s getting even cheaper as time goes on!

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