Your weekend chance to rock out

By Mir
November 22, 2008
Category Contests

Oh, I’ll bet you were thinking I wasn’t going to do a contest this weekend. I had you fooled! (Also, I was taking a nap!) But no, actually I have a great goody to give away this weekend.

Now that you’ve all given in and gotten yourselves Wiis (you will be assimilated, and you will enjoy bowling while doing so), you’re realizing that Hey, these games are kind of pricey. I feel your pain. I do. And so this weekend I want to offer you the chance to get a cool new game for your Wii… for free. You see, I have a copy of PopStar Guitar sitting here, and you could spend $59.99 on a copy, or maybe you could win this one. (It comes with two AirG grips, which turn your wiimotes into air guitars, which frankly exceeds my coolness level by a factor of five or so. Alas.)

Want to enter for a chance to win it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008. Valid email address required; one entry per person; I will not be checking IDs here, but do please note that it is rated T for Teens. It’s okay with me if you want to win it for yourself and not your kids, though.

Winner to be determined by random number generation and best rendition of “Since U Been Gone” (because I am too old to sing songs with text-speak in them with a straight face). What a great chance to increase the Kodak moments at your house! Nothing says “I love you” like immortalization of embarrassing karaoke moments.

Ready? Go!


  1. All I can think of and see in my mind is Steve Perry’s
    And you shoulda been gone’. And thanks Mir! that’s now stuck in my head!

  2. Pick me!!

  3. Cool! Hope I win, pick me!!!

  4. These old bones can still rock like a teen!!!!

  5. I hope I win this one!

  6. Weeeeeee!!!! Oops, I mean, Wiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  7. Lucky number 7?

  8. ooo. Pick me! 😀
    I need a new game for the Wii!

  9. Rock on, Mir! Thanks for the contest.

  10. Pick me! I need an excuse to rock out more often. 🙂

  11. Wii! Rock on! Thx Mir!

  12. Best contest eva!!

  13. My son would love this.

  14. fun fun! 🙂

  15. Oh puh-leeze, me, me, me!! **hop, hop**

  16. My nephews would love this!

  17. Here’s to some holiday hope and luck!

  18. I from the 80’s. I strum a mean air guitar!!!!!

  19. wow!! Me please Me!!

  20. It’s been decided that we will be purchasing a Wii for the brood this Christmas. I know, I know we are terrible parents. Hey, we don’t have cable either! The husband went to town early this morning. Our Wal-mart did not have any, so they called another and found one for him. He drove to the other side of town. Sure enough there were 2 consoles and 3 bundles. He opted for the bundle. At the register it would not ring up. Imagine that. Anyway, they promised to hold it for him. They said they needed to call Arkansas. Sure enough he got the call. Apparently the bundles won’t be available until the Friday after Thanksgiving. They weren’t even supposed to be out on the shelves. So, he’s having a conversation with the manager when he gets in tonight and assuring him that he will hold the bundle for us. He’s letting him know that he’ll be in early Friday morning to pick it up.

    So, yes it would be great to have a new game for our soon to be Wii.

  21. I would love this! It would beat the heck out of my mother’s karaoke machine!

  22. ooh…cool christmas gift!

  23. OMG! I SOOOO need to win this!

    SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN, I can breath for the first time….I’m so movin’ ONNNNNNN YEAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH! Thanks to Mir, now I GET…what I WANNNNNNNNNNNNNT! Since you’ve been gone!

    How was that? 😉

  24. Want Not ROCKS! And my fam will too once we win this game 🙂

  25. Weekend contests rock! Please pick me!

  26. I don’t have a Wii, but my sister does – and well, I need SOMETHING to give them darn kids of hers for Christmas. *g*

    And now – getting my Kelly Clarkson on – *bounces, arm up, and knows this is VERY SAD that I knew right away the song, and who sang it..)

    I can breathe for the first time!
    I’m so movin’ on, yeah YEAH
    Thanks to u, now I get what I want!

    Ahem. Pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the mirror…

  27. Thanks, Mir! The guys in my house would love it. And I’ll save everyone’s ears by not singing!

  28. Cool! Pick me.

  29. This would be a most excellent addition for the Wii! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  30. this would be so cool! please choose me, pretty pretty mir?

  31. Please?

  32. We would all love it!

  33. I feel like I roll the dice every time I enter one of your contests. Sometime I have to win, right? This one would be nice!

  34. We don’t have a wii yet, but my teenaged sister does. This would make a great gift for her. And maybe, you know, she’d feel generous and want to share it with us when we visited!

  35. We are getting a Wii for Christmas – this would be a great addition!

  36. I’d love a new game for the Wii! Awesome!

  37. A new game would be great, thanks Mir!

  38. I wanna be a pop star! Bring it on!

  39. Ooh, pick me, please!

  40. Wiiiiii! Please pick me!

  41. Pick me please!!!

  42. Would love to win this.

  43. I took the plunge (shhh, it’s a surprise), so this would be Very Cool. And, Mir, you’re looking especially pretty today 🙂

  44. I don’t even have a wii, but what the hey, maybe I’d have to get one if I win this 🙂

  45. My very close to teen boy would love this for Christmas!

  46. Mii for Wii!

  47. Watch my daughter freek! Best gift ever!

  48. OHHH!! My kids would love this.

  49. Great contest!

  50. Count me in! 🙂

  51. Oh that looks like fun!!!

  52. Please!

  53. Oooo! Best rendition of “Since U Been Gone” is Ted Leo’s cover. I’ll try to live up to it.

  54. Perfect gift for my nephew — otherwise he will be getting a Best Buy giftcard (again)

  55. this would be fabulous!

  56. What a great web site!!!

  57. if you pick me, it will be on its way to brazil to my brother & family!

  58. This would be awesome!

  59. Guitar hero is on the Christmas list this year, but Popstar sounds kinder and gentler – just what this mom needs. I’m afraid I would embarrass myself (and my kids!) if I played Guitar Hero….pick me!!

  60. My husband would love this. Kids are a little young yet!

  61. Woo-hoo! This would be an awesome gift for my sisters-in-law!!

  62. Would love to rock out with my…um, PopStar Guitar!

  63. That would be great: then I could make a fool out of myself with even more songs!

  64. maybe I’ll win it this time! (of course then I’d have to buy a Wii 🙂

  65. Our friends just got one and DH would LOVE to give them this….

  66. I would love this!!!

  67. OMG I just bought the Wii, and have been SLIGHTLY FREAKING about all the SUPPLIES our “new baby” needs! So I am entering.

  68. Wii will be under the tree! Rock on!

  69. love you mir!

  70. Looks fun! Thanks!

  71. Wow. That would be awesome.

  72. My daughter would love this!

  73. that would be really cool!!

  74. Sounds fun!

  75. either my three year old will like it, or maybe I mean my 40 yo husband…. and me too!!

  76. Pick me!

  77. Hoping you pick me, I could use a game I’d actually like to play on the Wii. I just don’t get Mario.

  78. You definitely have THE COOLEST contests! (And you are pretty!)

  79. would i win automatically if i told you my husband’s name is steve perry? not THE steve perry, but MY steve perry. oh well, maybe i’ll be picked at random and not because of my cool husband’s cool name : )

  80. Sounds like fun. Pick me 🙂

  81. Wee could sure use a Wii game.

  82. cool!!!

  83. My two boys would love this. Hope we win!

  84. Yes please!

  85. My (teenage) niece would love this for Christmas. However, trust me, you really don’t want to hear me sing! Thanks Mir!

  86. this would be so much fun!

  87. oooooo pick me. please, I mean. Please pick me. :o)

  88. awesome Christmas gift for the kids!

  89. Yes, please. Pick me, pick me!

  90. Christmas is coming, whooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Count us in!!!!!!!!

  91. Pick me, pick me!!

  92. ooh sweet. Bugman loves the guitar games and we weren’t planning to buy anymore this year. But I could win one for Santa

  93. ok…I think Stephanie (23) deserves it for quite a boisterous rendition! 🙂 But I wouldn’t mind having one….

  94. Pick me please!!

  95. Fun. Then I will just have to get a Wii…

  96. Oh WOWOWWOWOW this would be a very EXCELLENT Christmas gift for all.
    Please let that random number thing pick me.

  97. Our family has finally jumped on the Wii train, we’d love this.

  98. how fun!

  99. Christmas present for my sister. Yahoo!!

  100. I hope I win, because that Steve Perry song is stuck in my head now.

  101. My sister in law told me about your site and I’m addicted! Plus you give away free stuff! This place rocks!
    Wii Me!

  102. oooh, I need this!!

  103. This would be great!

  104. That sounds terrific.

  105. We need stuff for the Wii !!!!!!

  106. Awesome… what a cool prize and so timely for Christmas gift giving. Mir, you’re pretty and YOU ROCK!

  107. Awesome! Since U Been Gone is the first pop song that my daughter (now 9) really became aware of. She would belt it out in the car every time it came on!

  108. Glad I checked back in, count me in!

  109. Around here, the constant need to buy more games and accessories is referred to as “feeding the monster.”
    My over-17-year-old son would love that game.

  110. Yes, please!

  111. My hubby plays a mean air guitar. Thanks!

  112. Nothing clever to say tonight.

  113. I’d love a chance to win. Thanks!

  114. Would love it!

  115. Awesome! I haven’t tried this one out yet and I’d love to win it!

  116. There is a Wii in the hidden Christmas stash. We need this.

  117. Sweet! Pick me!

  118. Please Please Please! You’re pretty!

  119. I admit..sine i read your post I have been singing that song in my head. to get it out I had to turn on christmas carols….and it drove my kids crazy…so what a better way to reward them , then with a new game for the Wii…
    and I never win these things..but I will never give up..i will persevere…LOL


  120. That would be a great Christmas gift! Thanks.

  121. I would love to win this. It would be great to get some pictures of my husband doing the air guitar!

  122. Count me in!! This sounds like fun and I am always ready for a laugh, whether at my expense or someone else’s!!!!

  123. I’ll take it!

  124. I was just looking at the price of Wii games today – then I broke out the antacids! Pick me!

  125. It would make a wonderful gift for my son. Keep up the good work!

  126. Oh please! Pick me!

  127. woohoo how great is this 🙂

  128. Pick me!!!!

  129. I’m in!

  130. Ooooooo….what a super duper gift idea! Could it be meant for me?

  131. Remember when I asked you to help me out with wii deals for Christmas? Well, this WOULD BE a wii DEAL!

  132. Yes, please!

  133. Wii Wii Wii, all the way to my home! :o)

  134. Finally! A way for the rock star inside of me to come out. It’s way in there, under the fanny pack and mom jeans. It might take a while.

  135. Cool!

  136. Pick me and get my dear husband to get the Wii up and running (we just moved and he hasn’t set it up yet!)

  137. Fun!!

  138. Looks like fun!

  139. thanks!

  140. ooh, more cool game. Thanks pretty Mir!

  141. I’m in!

  142. It’s like guitar hero….but without the guitar

  143. Humiliation is expected at our house. This would certainly seal the deal. Thanks Mir.

  144. ohhhhh, something to win that my kids can makes fools of themselves and I can take lots of pitcures to show their futures. Blackmail pcitures anyone?

  145. one day I will win

  146. Who doesn’t want a free wii game? 🙂

  147. YEA, another contest where I love the prize. Thanks!

  148. This would be an awesome game for my 9-yr-old!

  149. Please enter me!

  150. Ooh – that would be SO FUN! Thanks for the chance Mir!

  151. You know, it’s almost my birthday. And this would be a cool birthday present. Yes for me, not the kids.

  152. You rock!

  153. We love to rock, but to do it in style would be awesome!

  154. I want one!

  155. I got the kids a wii for christmas but haven’t bought any games. This would be a great start.

  156. I won a Wii a few weeks ago from Blockbuster, so this game would be a great addition! Pick me!

  157. I literally just purchased a Wii today, this would be great to add to the games list.

  158. Fun! Is there anything the Wii CAN’T do? Do you think it will make me a sandwich?

  159. Mii whole family would be so excited to win this game. Wii are big fans.

  160. We just got a Wii…would love a new free game :)!

  161. I want it!!!

  162. We bought a Wii yesterday for the kids (and us) for Christmas. Excellent timing, I must say! You rock!!

  163. Woot! I want it!

  164. Yes please!

  165. Thanks for the chance to win!

  166. Please pick me!


  167. sounds like fun, Thanks!

  168. I can totally rock some Kelly Clarkson. Woohoo!

  169. Since you’ve been GOOOOONe Yeah, Yeah
    Thank you.

  170. I am definitely in this one!

  171. that would b so fun with ‘i love rock n roll’ hope 2 win

  172. COOL!!! Count me in!!

  173. We’re actually an Xbox household, but my Y teen center already has a Wii and this would be a great Christmas present for them! Thanks Mir.

  174. try try again!

  175. That sounds awesome!

  176. I just gave my hubby a Wii for our first anniversary, and this would make an awesome follow up gift 😉

  177. These comments always crack me up. I never can think of anything witty enough, but I hope you’ll enter me anyway. :>)

  178. In our house “T” means, wait for the kids to go to bed to play a game. ehehehe…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Just got our Wii – thanks to Mir – and now that I have successfully stomped my hubby in bowling….we’re ready for a real game.

  180. I don’t have a Wii, but my sister does, and I haven’t bought her a Christmas present yet… : )

  181. Dude…we totally need this at our house.

  182. I’m warming up my chops AS WE SPEAK! 😉

  183. What fun! Thanks!!

  184. Oooh, this would be awesome!!

  185. How cool! Would love to win this for my kiddos! We are going to purchase a Wii for Christmas and yes, the games seem kind of pricey:-) Thanks for the great blog! I have enjoyed all the specials that you post.

  186. Rock on DUDE!

  187. me me too. Please? (Do good manners count?) 🙂

  188. Pick me.

  189. I would love to rock out with my kids. Yeah for the Wii!! Thanks for all your great give aways!

  190. Oooh, me please! This would make a great Christmas present for my sister and niece!

  191. Pleeaase replace my son’s air guitar which he shamelessly plays wherever we go! Happy Thanksgiving!

  192. Oh pretty, pretty random-number-generator! Please pick me!!

  193. i would love to win this.

  194. Shh! I got my husband a Wii for Christmas, so this would be a perfect addition to his gift! 🙂

  195. maybe I will be the lucky number today 🙂

  196. GREAT giveaway!! Thanks 🙂

  197. My little cousin would love this, and it would get one more Christmas present out of the way 🙂

  198. Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5Maroon5…
    I like Maroon 5, and Wii, and MIR <3

  199. Oh, me please!

  200. Would love to have a copy! Ermm… I mean my kids would love to have a copy!

  201. Pick me! Pick me!

  202. I want to win! Please.

  203. Ohhh fun!!

  204. How fun!

  205. Wii in the to-be-wrapped pile thanks to reading Want Not! Would love to add a game to that, doncha’ know.

  206. This would be perfect for my cousins. Count me in.

  207. pick me! pick me! wii want a pop star guitar!!

  208. ohhh….me me me…new wii, wii fit for Christmas!!!

  209. This would be a wonderful “thank you for watching my kids everyday” gift.

  210. Oooo, wicked awesome! Can you tell I grew up in Mass.?

  211. We don’t have a Wii, but winning this will get us one step closer to getting one!

  212. Pick me!!!

  213. This would make an unexpected Christmas present for my teenage husband (just in actions, not in actual age.)

  214. Yeah baby!

  215. Win it for the kids? As if! This one’s totally for mom!!

  216. OOooooo! Pick me! I am a novice at Wii!

  217. Wii would love to Rock! thanks

  218. Wii would love it over here. The economy has hit us hard and this would sure add to what is going to be the skimpiest Christmas ever. Crossing fingers and toes!

  219. Hey, you aren’t too old for text-speak in song titles – Prince was doing it since before the whipper-snappers were born!

  220. Sounds great, the Wii is coming to our house this christmas and my 14yr old would love this (not to mention his parents would too, of course when everyone else is in bed).

  221. Super cool… yeah, these game are kind of pricey!

  222. wooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!yippppppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!i am soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!we won! we won! we won!!!!!! Thank you ! Thank you! thank you!!!
    Oops sorry just practicing in case I am the lucky winner 🙂

  223. Very cool! You know the kids will LOOOVE opening their stocking on Christmas and finding this great gift inside…

  224. Oh man, I would be a rock star in my house if I won this. We are really tightening the belt this Christmas so this would really go a long way to brightening our morning. Really hoping I win!

  225. I envision many nights of embarassment.

  226. Wow!

  227. Wow that would be great!

  228. whee! My turn to win?

  229. WIIIIIII-HA!!! That sounds nice!

  230. How sweet would that be!!!

  231. Wow! Crossing my fingers. And toes.

  232. I have asked my boyfriend for a Wii for christmas if I win this then he will have to get me one right?!

  233. Please pick me !!!

  234. We just got a Wii as our family Christmas gift!

  235. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! (Thanks for teh giveaway) 🙂

  236. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed!

  237. Looks like fun. Pick me!!!!

  238. I love my Wii! Pick me!

  239. Put me in!!

  240. ooooo!!!! you’re looking EXTRA pretty today, Mir! 🙂

    (also, happy thanksgiving!)

  241. We are being gifted a Wii by generous family, this would make a great gift to put with it.


  242. Santa’s bringing a Wii to our house ! I’m sure he’s not bringing PopStar Guitar Hero and we just love that game ! So Santa’s helper Mir please pick me.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  243. Pick Me! Pick Me!

  244. Sounds fun! Thanks

  245. Count me in!

  246. I am definately a guitar hero 🙂

  247. Pick me! Pick me!

  248. Pick Us! Pick Us! PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZ?

  249. Me please!!!

  250. Wonderful contest Mir! Please pick mii! 🙂

  251. I would love to be entered, Mir! Again, you are awesome!

  252. Our family would love this. Thanks.

  253. Air guitar rules!

  254. cool! Thanks.

  255. Thanks again!

  256. Count me in!

  257. My fingers are crossed!

  258. This sounds like fun…

  259. I like the “Head East” version of the song myself, but suddenly can’t find it on Youtube. One day, if we ever get a WII, the game will be handy (now, you don’t have to have any clue about playing a guitar to play, do you?)

  260. Pick Me! My loving children informed me yesterday that the reason they bicker when they play Wii is that they don’t have guitar hero. Maybe this will be an acceptable substitute.

  261. This is all my 6 yr old daughter wants for christmas! She has an amazing voice and she sings along to her stereo all the time and when she heard about this game she promptly made up a list for santa with ONLY this game on it! But Santa has lots of kids to buy for this year so it would be a huge help if this one gift was FREE!! Thanks

  262. Today is my husband’s birthday….he would love this!

  263. Sounds cool!

  264. My big kids (and okay, I admit it, me too) would love this game. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  265. What a great give away! I will keep my fingers crossed!

  266. this is a great prize, i’ve got my fingers crossed!!!

  267. I am channelling my inner pop star!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  268. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

    Thanks for the chance!

  269. If I win this, I will have to buy a Wii! Thanks – JEssica

  270. I hope I win!

  271. Cool! I’d love it… I mean the kids would love it… heck, the HUBS would love it!

  272. Cool! Please pick me!

  273. This looks like so much fun!!!!

  274. How cool!! Pick me please:-)

  275. Looks like something my kids would love! And I could use a break from guitar hero….

  276. My hubby would love this!

  277. This would make my weekend after having nearly half my cart from TRU gone… Sold Out on almost everything my kids asked for 🙁 come on # generator pick me!!!!

  278. I will be the coolest grandma in the world if I win this.
    Pick me please.

  279. My house so would rock & roll with this. My sons would finally realize just how cool of a mom I am!

  280. whee!

  281. Yay! Fun times for me and the hubby when the babies are in bed. 🙂

  282. I’ll break down and buy a Wii if I get this!

  283. oooh, this would be so much fun!

  284. sounds cool. Please pick me.

  285. I definitely fall into the “sing like no one is listening” category. HOWEVER, that does not stop me:-)

  286. Yes please 🙂

  287. Please pick me 🙂

  288. would love this!

  289. not only would my teens love this but DH would too.

  290. Pick me…. pick me!!! The Wii in this house belongs to me!! LOL

  291. Please, please, PLEASE pick me this time!!

  292. OK—We would LOVE this at our house!

  293. That is a very cool prize. And I don’t even have a Wii.

    Thanks, Mir!

  294. Mir you always have the best stuff…plus you’re b-e-a-utiful!

  295. Rock it baby!

  296. Three kids here (along with often visiting friends) who would LOVE this. Count me entered!

  297. yes please


  298. Yay! Cool contest!

  299. Pick me, Random Number Generator! Thanks Mir.

  300. Mii, mii, mii!

    This is my lucky number.

  301. Is it wrong that I am in my 30’s but know every word to this song? And sing along whenever it comes on the radio?

    If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! 😉 Sure would love this game!

  302. fun

  303. This would be such a cool gift. Thanks for the contest!

  304. Oh wow! My family would be in heaven! Fingers crossed here!

  305. Wii love our Wii! This would be a good way to humiliate BabyBrother… Pick me!

  306. I’ll be the coolest uncle ever it I win!

  307. Pick me!

  308. Since you’ve been gone Yeah, yeah! I can breath for the first time. I’m so moving on……

    I’ll be your best friend if you pick me!

  309. Oooh – yes please!!!! Pick me!

  310. This would be awesome!

  311. this would be great! thanks for the chance

  312. \m/

  313. Great X-mas gift! Pick me!

  314. that would be a fantastic christmas gift! pick me!

  315. Wii is the top item on my wishlist. I could wave this around to say, “I’m already waiting!”

  316. This would make my wife very happy.

  317. please, please, please pick me 🙂

  318. I’d love this!

  319. Awesome Giveaway! Now as for the Since U Been Gone.. I’ll paraphrase…

    since you been gone
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so movin’ on, wii, wii
    Thanks to Mir and the Random Number Generator, now I get, I get what I want
    Since you been gone

  320. We’d love this!

  321. Oh would my husband love this one…me, too!

  322. I would love to win this!

  323. MEEEE!

  324. pick me 🙂

  325. I’m cackling at the idea of this game at our house. We need this one.

  326. Pick me!! 8)

  327. Sign me up…this would be a perfect Christmas present for my sister.

  328. That would be awesome! My husband and I are getting tired of the Wii games that we have.

  329. Pick me, pick me, this would make a great gift for my nephews!!

  330. Please pick me, my coolness factor is in the negative!!

  331. My son would love it for Christmas. Please pick me.

  332. I so cannot get that song out of my head now!!! I think if we won it would definitely make up for it being sung over and over again…

  333. Please, please, please!!!!

  334. What a great prize!

  335. oh this would be cool!

  336. Wii me please!

  337. ahh- reminds me of when I actually did sing “since you’ve been gone” at karaoke- needless to say there were many drinks involved!!

  338. Great website! Thanks for all you do!

  339. Very nice – you’re in the holiday spirit!

  340. This sounds cool. Count us in.

  341. Tres cool. Would love (or, rather, the men in my family would).

  342. grwat gift! I would love to win.

  343. Enter me, please!

  344. Wow! This would make a great gift. Fingers crossed!

  345. Our kids would love to get this for Christmas!

  346. Woohoo! We love guitar games around here.

  347. I’d love to win a new Wii game, it sounds like fun!!

  348. I would be the coolest big sister ever if I won this!

  349. Hubby would LOVE!!!!!

  350. pick me!

  351. number generater make me cool this Christmas!

  352. Rock on!

  353. This would be a great gift!

  354. Woo-hoo! Look at all these posts… I think this is the most I’ve ever seen on one of your contests! Well played!

  355. oooh great prize

  356. Thanks Mir! You are very Pretty! I hope I am not to late for this great giveaway. We have the Wii now we just need some cool games like this one. I am crossing my fingers…and my four kids are crossing their toes. 🙂

  357. Yes, good one!!

  358. Hi — would LOVE to have this game!

  359. Pick me! Pick me!!!!

  360. I would love to win this!

  361. so COOL!!!! 🙂

  362. Pleeeeeeeease pick meeeeeeeee!

  363. This would definitely create some great memories with sisters-in-law. . . .

  364. How fun. I would love this for my “not really a teenage” brother 🙂

  365. My shower version of “Since U Been Gone” is amazing… a couple of wii guitars could take my ‘cool’ to a whole new level!!! Pick me, please and thank you!

  366. Since you’ve been gone, baby
    (why’d you do it? why’d you have to do it?)
    Since you’ve been gone
    (why’d you do it? why’d you have to do it?)

  367. This would be a great addition to the Wii game collection. Count me in – thanks!

  368. looks like a fun game, here’s to hoping this is my lucky number.

  369. Well the random number generator never picks numbers this high, but it’s worth a try-I would love to have this to go with the Wii hidden in my closet.

    Oh and the first song I thought of (can’t remember who sings it) is:

    Since you’ve been gone
    Since you’ve been gone
    I’m out of my head can’t take it…

    So yeah, I must be old or something.

  370. winner, winner, winner, winner, winner, winner, winner 🙂

  371. My nieces NEED this! AND I’m feelin’ lucky tonight!

  372. Pick me please!

  373. “You’re dedicated, you took the time
    Wasn’t long ’til I called the popstar mine?”

    Thanks for the contest!

  374. So Cool! I would love this!

  375. Count me in!

  376. Ooh, that would be fun! Thanks for the contest!

  377. OH!! Yes, please!!

  378. oh puhlease let it be me! 🙂

  379. please, please, oh pretty pretty Mir!!!!

  380. cool!

  381. I could be the coolest aunt in town if the random number generator comes up big for me.

  382. My niece and nephew would love this!

  383. my wife wants this… and therefore i post.

  384. We’d love this!

  385. Thanks Mir!

  386. Just got my husband a Wii for his 40th — this would be a great addition.

  387. Since you been goooonnnnnnneeee!!!


  388. yes, please!

  389. pick me!

  390. My DH and DS would have a blast!

  391. Please pick me. I have a whole crew who would love that!

  392. Throwing my name in the hat!

  393. I could totally give that to my brother! He’s got a Wii and I haven’t, but I bet he’d let me play with him when I go visit.

  394. You are so pretty, Mir! Please pick me random number generator!!!

  395. *singing* Since youuuuuuuuuuu’ve beeeeen goooooooooone! Thanks to you I get what I want *end singing*

    Sorry ’bout that got carried away.

    Great contest, Mir!

  396. I would definitely be the cool mom if I won this one!

  397. i make it a point not to sing in public. 🙂 Pick me anyway!

  398. I want it.

  399. I’m in!

  400. ohhh- I want one….ummm I mean for the kids- yeah, for the kids. pick me.

  401. Pick me, just don’t pick my nose. That would be gross.

  402. Please pick me!

  403. WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. How fun would this be?


  406. You bet I want to win it for myself!!!!!!!

  407. Sounds like fun!

  408. I would really like for my husband for Christmas (okay and maybe I would enjoy it too!). Please, pretty please!

  409. Does the number generator ever pick the ones near the end?

  410. Oh goodie I am not too late for this one… crossing my fingers!!

  411. you would make my husband’s year if I won.

  412. Would be great to have this!

  413. Please pick me for this one! I want a Wii and if I won I would have to buy one!

  414. The kids are getting a Wii for Christmas so this would be great.

  415. I’d love this!

  416. Might as well. Since I have succombed to the Wii as well.

  417. In before the bell!

  418. did I make it?

  419. I am ready to rock with the family

  420. meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  421. my kids would go nuts… OK my husband and I would go nuts!!

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