This is your Roomba on steroids

By Mir
November 24, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s been quite a while since I sang the praises of my Roomba (or openly lusted after a Scooba)—sometimes, I do try to lay off on something if I think I’m becoming tiresome. But I just can’t keep quiet about this one: Check out the Dirt Dog, which is the Roomba specially made for shop spaces. It can handle big messes, plus it has a significantly cooler name than the other models. Heh. And while it’s usually $129.99 plus shipping, today Amazon is offering it for just $109.99 and free shipping.

I’m not suggesting it’s a reasonable impulse buy, but if you’ve been scouting out the Roombas and have wanted one for a smooth floor with a big mess, this may be the deal for you. Woof!


  1. I love Roomba! I have two and a Scooba. It’s so nice to just turn them on and let them do there thing!

  2. Sadly, but Scooby and Elouise are both in intensive care. Both are in need of new batteries.

    How I miss my robots 🙁

  3. Love, love, love my Roomba. Not only does it vacuum for me, but it entertains both cats and toddlers! Both of whom make enough of a mess that I NEED a Dirt Dog…but then I’d have to get rid of my area rugs. Sigh. Maybe I could just get rid of the cats and toddler? Yeah, not really a valid option is it…

  4. I used to love Roomba, but I guess I have the same problem as Zukppr — after a year the battery must be about dead because I always have to do that week-long resetting routine. I got sick of it and also began to wonder — between the noise, emptying out the dust and cleaning the filters, plus rescuing it whenever it gets stuck — was this thing really less work than just sweeping?

  5. Definitely less work than sweeping and moping. I just can’t believe I lost 2 batteries in the same week 🙁 The resetting routine isn’t working, so it looks like I’m going to put robot batteries on my Hanukkah wish list :::such excitement::: I keep waiting to find a special on them…

  6. I love my Roomba, too, but have had battery troubles. 🙁

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