More toys! Just in case you need more!

By Mir
November 25, 2008

Wow, I seem to have returned today with an abundance of exclamation points. Sorry about that—I probably got them for free, with a coupon, and now I just can’t! resist! trotting them out. My apologies, truly.

Regardless, it turns out that today and tomorrow, Toys ‘R’ Us has a big section of half-off itemsicon, many of which are eligible for their current spend $25, get free shipping promo.

I see many scary looking Lego dude things which are both half-off and free shipping eligible, for example. So if you have a kid who likes those, be sure to take a look. (“Yay! It’s a scary looking Lego dude thing!”)

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  1. They have Wii Fit bundles available at TRU, too – console, rechargable battery, mat, etc.

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