Black Friday is here

By Mir
November 28, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you ready? (I got up early for you, so say yes. Please.)

Alright; here’s a slew of deals you don’t even need to get dressed to take advantage of:

Been eyeing the LeapFrog Tag Reading System for your child? Go build yourself a bundle at Amazon and save big—get the system, headphones, storage case, and an activity book for as little as $44 shipped!

Also at Amazon: The Complete West Wing Set for $74.99 (45 discs)! Or check out the rest of their Black Friday Deals and find something else fabulously cheap. has some awesome Black Friday deals as well. Like, say, a 7″ digital picture frame for $39.99, or a Nextar GPS unit for just $69.99.

There’s tons of deals over at Toys ‘R’ Us today (some that you can’t even get at the stores), and they’re still offering free shipping on most $49+ orders, plus if you pay via Paypal you can take $25 off $50+ with coupon code PAYPAL25!

And of course there’s even more toy deals over at eToys, with some items offering free shipping.

Check out all of the deals at Kohls without having to squeeze through the racks—there are too many deals to list! Card holders can take 15% off with code NOV15PICK and get free shipping with code MVC6746; everyone else can save 10% with code NEW9111.

That should get you started… I need to make myself some coffee and look around some more. Back in a bit.


  1. Right here with you Mir. Eagerly perusing all the deals! 🙂

  2. I’m here too! Been up since 5 a.m. I think I drank too much wine with dinner, uuugh. It’s not my preferred wake-up time on a rare Friday off. :-/

    Smart Bargains coupon codes? Also, check them out! I just got an awesome $100 sweater (Michael Kors) for $35, free shipping. Oops, wait, make that for $30 with $4 shipping. Gotta love juggling coupon codes vs. promotional prices for that extra dollar… who needs a real-life store?

  3. P.S. It’s FF3226 at 10% off all fashion.

  4. Ugh! I spent a lot of time on TRU, only to find the paypal option not availble at this time.

  5. Mir you rock! Sharkey and I spent an hour freezing our butts off at Target to try to get GT Hero World Tour for $60. With the PayPal coupon it’s a great deal at TRU. Oh BTW I had to go and login to the PayPal site and go to the TRU site to get the transaction to work. Not sure if they are having issues w/ TRU or PayPal, but that’s what worked for me! Thanks!

  6. Hey Mir,
    How did you get the Tag down to $44? I can’t seem to get lower than $49.

  7. The paypal code does work, you just have to go all the way to the end before it shows. Also it voids the free shipping!

  8. Thanks so much! Just got my nephew the dinosaur we laughed about last night for 1/2 as much as it was the catalog.

  9. If you like LeapFrog’s stuff, you can register directly at their site and get some wicked deals year-round.

  10. Thanks for the West Wing deal Mir….I had seen it previously but never for less than $189! Wow:)

  11. Dearest Mir, Just got off the phone with TRU and they said that the PAYPAL25 code is no longer valid. Grrr. Michael at TRU said that they stopped working that code a couple of hours ago.(as of 10:00am when I spoke with them) If any one got that code to work after 10, I would LOVE to know how! Now I need to find a wireless Xbox 360 controller(or 3) for less than I paid for the dang Xbox~!!! HELP!!

  12. Thanks for the shipping code at Kohls! It’s just what I needed!

  13. I couldn’t find the headphones, but once I put the Tag system, the Storage Case, and one of the books in my cart, then went through to check-out and selected Super Saver Shipping, it took off the discounts and my order went through for $43.98 shipped.

    This was an awesome deal Mir, thank you SO much!

  14. I placed a toys r us order at 9:22 a.m. and I got an email at noon saying they cancelled my order and paypal code is no longer valid!

  15. Blast that dang Toys R us!

  16. Paypal doesn’t work at 3:00 pm either. 🙁

  17. I got the Leapfrog deal to work with all system, storage case, headphones and T Rex book for $43.98. That was the cheapest grouping I found when I had time to play with it this afternoon. A SUPER deal. Thanks!

  18. Paypal code not working for me – yesterday or this morning. Ugh!

  19. Just in case anyone was wondering, the Leap Frog Tag deal is still working. I got the Tag reader and storage case for my daughter to give her best friend for Christmas and the headphones and another book for my daughter, all for $43.98 shipped. Major score!

  20. I don’t know if it’ll stick, but I managed to double-up on the LeapFrog Tag Reader system. It’s a Gold Box deal, so you get the case and headphones for free with the system, which is $49.97 right now. Then I added a couple books to take it over $75, and got the $20 off. So basically I got the system, headphones, case and two books for about $55 (too excited to do math!), and of course, shipping is free. Huzzah!!

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