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By Mir
November 28, 2008
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Okay, so I know we’ve talked about the Flip Camcorders here before. The latest Flip is called the Mino, and it now has HD capability and can make a perfect over-easy egg. Well, only one of those things is true, actually, but anyway, Amazon has a MinoHD bundle deal today: Buy the Mino (for $206.99, which is only 10% off, but this is a brand-spanking-new item and I’ve not seen it on sale elsewhere), and choose two accessories for free.

There’s a bunch of different cases from which to choose, but if you do this deal, be sure to grab the little Flip tripod. We use ours a lot more than I thought we would.

And this is completely unrelated, but how cute are these Nerf Armors for the DS Lite? Adorable, and at $5.95 they’re a great stocking stuffer for the kid getting a new DS.


  1. Just as an FYI – those Nerf Armors are not only cute, but also serve a good purpose, especially for younger-users of the DS. My youngest got his DS when he was 5, and he probably wasn’t totally ready to be as careful with it as it required. It ended up with a crack in the hinge, but I bought a Nerf Armor cover for it, and it sits down in the Nerf really securely. So where the hinge is cracked, the case holds it so it can’t be bent too far or broken any further than it already is. If the DS had already been in the Nerf case when he first got it, he couldn’t have cracked it at all.

  2. We love our nerf cases for the DS! You don’t have to take the DS out to play and it is still comfortable to hold and no worries about the 4 or 7 year old dropping them! I thought 9.95 was a great deal when we bought them, they are worth every penny!

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