Are you still shopping?

By Mir
November 29, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I can’t believe that you’re not all shopped out, yet—I myself bought exactly one item, yesterday, marking the end of my holiday shopping—but if you’re still shopping around, today, I think we can rustle up a few deals for you.

Amazon’s Holiday Sale on toys and games is still going strong, today. If you need a spare guitar for your Wii, how does one for $6.95 sound? And I’ve been hearing good things about the Build-A-Bear Workshop DS game, which is down to just $9.95, still. And Personal Trainer Cooking (this one is great for older kids or aspiring chefs of any age) is just $4.95!

Office Depot is offering $45 off your $225+ order as part of their big holiday sale, but it excludes technology, so I guess it would be good if you wanted a fancy chair. Or maybe a whole lot of paper. (“Merry Christmas! I bought you semi-gloss!”)

Sierra Trading Post is giving you 15% off all weekend long with coupon code ABLACKCYBER8, which is of course on top of their weekend sale.

Celebrate “Brick Friday” at LEGO—save $10 off your $100+ order, $20 off $200+, or $30 off $300+, automatically. (Check out the this custom car garage or the Indiana Jones Jungle Cutter set, both half-off.)

Checking out the Web Busters at Macy’s today? Enjoy free shipping on all orders of $99+, automatically.

Spend $50+ at the big sale at Monterey Bay, today, and you can use coupon code 970106 to save another 15%.

Need a perfect pair of boot for the holidays? (Maybe you’re “helping” your husband buy a nice gift for you…?) All weekend at Endless, spend $75+ on boots and you’ll get 30% off your order. And you know my motto—it’s always a good time for pretty shoes on sale!

And now, I must go play many games of Uno with my children. We had a delightful holiday, and now we’re all sick. Hmph. Good thing I can get everything I need through my computer….


  1. Don’t knock the paper idea. I hope someone gives my 6yo daughter a whole box full of it, so she’ll leave my printer paper alone.

  2. Mamacita—I know what you mean! My 5yo uses all our paper too! We have a box of ‘recycled’ paper for her: when we’re done with papers, she gets it and uses on the back (blank) side.

    Mir, thanks for the links. I was able to get our daughter’s gift (Fur Real pony) at $100 off at Amazon. Close to the price of our local Costco but we saved on taxes (and time).

  3. Thank you! I got a couple of the Nintendo DS Build-a-Bear games for my nieces, and found a couple Pokemon games at a great price, too! I checked back a few hours later, and all the games that I purchased jumped up in price. The B-a-Bear game is now $20. Thanks again!

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