Perfect neato-KEEN footwear and bags

By Mir
November 29, 2008
Category Contests

Have you shopped the brand-new online KEEN store? Check ’em out for awesome shoes and boots for the whole family, plus some very fancy socks and various backpacks and computer totes and such.

In fact, here’s an idea—why not go visit the site and pick out the item you like the most? If you’re lucky, you could win it!

Here’s how it works: You visit KEEN and pick out what you want. Then you come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me which item you’ve chosen by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, November 30th, 2008. Valid email address required; one entry per person; item selection is also required, so go take your time choosing. Winner to be determined by random number generation and rugged terrain skills.

So go scope it out and find your heart’s desire, and then come back and enter for a chance to receive it absolutely free. Good luck!


  1. I really want the black Winthrop Boot!

  2. Can’t believe you’ll ever choose lucky number three, but I covet the Palermo Mary Jane! Thanks! Jessica

  3. Trailhead Mystic in Ruby Wine

    Nice contest!

  4. I would love the Ridgeline ( Style 5269 ) in Black Olive/Inca Gold!!

  5. I’ve been wanting the Palermo Mary Jane ever since I saw them in an ad a few months ago.

  6. Oooh I just adore the Black Winthrop boot – style #5386 in a 7.5 please. I think I could wear these every day! Loving the kids shoes as well but puleeze, Santa is done shopping and it’s time for moi, oui?

  7. I would absolutely love the Winthrop boot in Black WP! Thanks!

  8. Oooh, the Palermo Mary Jane in Coffee Bean. I need some new brown shoes for work.
    Thanks Mir!

  9. Love the Charleston Mary Janes!

  10. Oh, Ventura Suede in Midnight Navy.

  11. I have been wanting the Calistoga mary jane shoes, they are cute and functional. Oh, I really hope I win!!
    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  12. Arroyo II for me! Neat stuff.

  13. BERKELEY, black, size 5.5. Thanks!

  14. I need the Summit County, but I want the Chamonix.

  15. I picked “Wear them around MJ” in blue

  16. Well, rugged terrain skills, I have little of…but I sure could use a pair of shoes…as I seem to never end up with new ones…just the same one’s I’ve had for years and years and years.

    These look both comfy and WARM…I REALLY need some WARM shoes…I have LOTS of flip flops. 😉
    Shay Boot – Forest Night
    STYLE 5453 – size 8

  17. Oooooh, these are some nice, cute but comfy looking shoes! I’m loving the Palermo Mary Jane… crossing my fingers for a win! Black, size 10 (don’t judge me).

  18. Oh my! The Sydney II in brown please! So hard to choose!

  19. What a fun contest! I’d love the Palermo Mary Janes!

  20. I love the palermo MJ. in brown. I think. no, black! wait, wait… brown. or… yeah, brown.

  21. The Palermo Mary Jane for me too! I love Keens so this would be a great one to win.

  22. Oh, I love the ridgeline in pink! So cute and perfect for rainy day hiking!

  23. I love the black winthrop boot~

  24. The Targhee (Style 9211) in brown, size 4, is perfect for my son who needs a new pair of shoes every month! Do they ever stop growing?

  25. The Chamonix in army. Wait, black. No, army!

    I must live in the sticks because I have never heard of this company before. Looks like they have great shoes!

  26. I love the Chamonix in the pine cone. I can’t believe these shoes are washable!

  27. Oh, boy, this is a good one!

    Winthrop boot, size 8.5, in Bison.

  28. I’d love the Winthrop boot. They are so nice!

  29. Gotta be the Timberline in 8.5 Black

  30. I’ve got my eye on the Venice H2 sandals (5211). So cute!

  31. It’s gotta be the Calistoga in Orion Blue! Beautiful! Happy Holidays too!

  32. I would *love* some H2 sandals in Plum Kitten for this summer when I’ll be hugely pregnant.

  33. I’d love the Twenty Six tote for my laptop. I desperately need a new bag for it!

  34. Trailhead Shellrock WP. Hey I live almost in the Adirondacks! We don’t get snow, we get SNOW. In fact, here’s a video to show you just how much snow we really get!!

  35. Youth Amsterdam size 3 in black plum please!

  36. I am IN LOVE with the Calistoga Mary Jane, black, size 10. WHAT? I HAVE BIG FEET. SO WHAT?

  37. I love the Palermo mary janes in black. size 7. I have been looking for some cute black shoes and these are just what I need. PICK ME!

  38. I’d love the Trailhead Shellrock Mid WP in Infinity/ballad Blue

  39. Oh, the Calistoga Mary JAne woudl look so cute with summer skirts and with jeans in the fall & spring. Perfect 🙂

  40. I really like the winterport shoe… I need a new pair of low hikers. size 6 please!

  41. The Timberline in seal brown – size 8.5 . Woohoo – Mir is playing Santa!

  42. i LOVE the wear-around MJ – in blue! so cute!

  43. Pretty Pretty Mir, I want the Winthrop boot please!

  44. It was so hard to pick just one. I think that I agree with Mar. I also love the Timberline in seal brown in a size 8.5. Thank you!

  45. This would be a great surprise for my granddaughter for Christmas:
    Tallinn style 8615, size 13 in Brandied Apricot

  46. I love the Sienna Ballerina flat in Port Royale. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Total must have for me is the Calistoga in either blue or red. I’m cross my fingers that the random number generator loves me today.

  48. I love the Calistoga mary jane. In black, size 8.

    Although I did have to look twice at the Charleston, because that’s where I live!

  49. The Chamonix boots in Pinecone please!!

  50. My youngest son would love if Santa Mir, would bring him the Kootenay shoe/style 9613/Youth/black/size 4!!!!!!!

  51. Winthrop Boot in black, size 7.5. Just an amazing boot and an even more amazing contest. Thanks!

  52. The Charleston Clog.

  53. Siena ballet in that gorgeous port royale color, size 7 please.

    You can borrow them Mir, I promise!

  54. Ventura Suede in Midnight Navy, size 7 please!

  55. I am digging the Palermo Mary Jane, as are many others here. Great taste, all! Great giveaway, Mir!

  56. San Sebastian, size 10
    I work at Lowe’s and the concrete floor is awful on my poor ole feet.

  57. Oooh, new shoes. I’ve been wanting some Keen shoes for a while now, due to hearing great things about their shoes for people with my feet issues. I would LOVE to have the BLVD Napa shoes in seal brown. Gorgeous shoes! (I need some good work shoes to get in/out of the building in the winter, and those are cute enough to wear all day! I’d love to have a new pair of the Mary Janes, so it was a tough decision. I miss wearing whatever shoes I find cute. Stupid feet. Grrr.)

  58. I like the Palermo Mary Janes in coffee bean size 8. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  59. I absolutely L0VE the black Winthrop Boot, style 5386!!!
    If I win, I need an 8 1/2 M. Thank you!!

  60. Palermo MJ — Coffee Bean Size 11. I know. My gigantic feet love their Keens.

  61. Lovin’ the Oswego bag!

  62. I have rugged terrain skills! Well, my horse does, and we’re partners, so I think that counts. 🙂 I’m a big fan of Keen and have put many miles on my classic Newport’s.

    I choose the San Sebastian in Bison/Taupe. Thanks!

  63. I love the Calistoga ones but I can never pick a color! These are beautiful and what a contest! Thanks, Mir!

  64. Oh the winthrop boot in bison has my heart!

  65. The Trailhead Genoa Peak WP in blue size 10 would be really nice under my Christmas tree. Thanks for hosting this contest!

    Merry Christmas!

  66. I would like Presidio, please! I think the deep lichen color is nice, and I love that it’s fashionably rugged. Size 10, please.

  67. Oh this is so fun!!

    I like the Market St Palermo Boot
    7.5 in biking red……

  68. I love Keen! Thanks for offering this contest. I love the Wintrop boot in black!

  69. The SAN SEBASTIAN in brown/tan looks very very useful.

  70. WASATCH CREST WP in Cloud Blue/Lunar Rock size 8. What a cool give-away!!

  71. i like the kids black Ventura style 9224

  72. I desperately need new trail running shoes! Great contest! I would love to get the Shellrock WP shoes!

  73. Arroyo II for me. Did I mention I go hiking in the Rockies every summer? Just thought you would want to know.

  74. I think I’d probably go with the Palermo Mary Janes–cute!

  75. My daughter needs boots – the Tallinn in Potting Soil, size 3, please. Thanks Mir! (You too, Random Number Generator)

  76. Palermo Mary Jane in black (sz 6.5)


  77. Winthrop clogs in Bison, size 9, please! I am too pregnant to tie my shoes anymore and Keen Providence clogs were the only ones that fit me last time I was pregnant but my husband ruined my pair. I just looked these up last night and decided I need to try them.

  78. Youth Amsterdam…for my daughter.
    Very pretty!

  79. Oooh, the Wear Around Lace-ups in the port wine color, size umpteen.

  80. Blvd/Calistoga, in Blue! Very cute! Probably size 9. Can we exchange it if it doesn’t fit? 🙂

  81. The Winthrop Boot in Bison. Cute!

  82. I love Keens!
    I would like the Winthrop Boot in black, women’s size 11.
    Please, oh please, random number generator pick me!!!!
    (Mir, you are so pretty! Thanks for this awesome contest!)

  83. The Winthrop boot in bison is my fave!

  84. I’d like the CHARLESTON CLOG in woman’s size 9.5, probably.

  85. I would love the Wear Around MJ (style 5454) in Port Royale color and size 8.5.

  86. Palermo MJ!

  87. Mir,
    It’s COLD here in New England during the winter—I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Trailhead Betty Boot in Beet Red.

  88. When it comes to expensive shoes, I usually buy black or brown. Since their free, I’m going for green! Sienna MJ in Forest Night please!

  89. I like the Winthrop boot in Cordovan.

  90. I would looooove the Irvington bag!

  91. I’d love to have the Genoa Peak WP!

  92. oh, I need a new pair of shoes SO badly! I walk on a daily basis and, well, my shoes show it! I LOVE the Geona Peak WP in blue – gorgeous!

    thank you for these fabulous give-aways, Mir!

  93. Trailhead Arroyo II

  94. Black Palmero MJ in size 9. So, cute!

  95. Napa all the way for me, baby! Hope I win!

  96. I’ve had my eye on a pair of size 10 Seal Brown Timberline clogs (style 5359) for awhile, but I’m just too cheap to pay full price!

  97. The Winthrop boot in black, size 8.5. Love it!

  98. I love the trailhead WASATCH CREST in Sagey size 9 thanks.

  99. I never thought I was a Keen girl, but the Betty Boot might convince me.

  100. Can’t decide. Can’t decide. Okay, if I must: San Sebastian in Bison/Simply Taupe

  101. Briggs in peacoat!

  102. I can’t seem to make my comment post today…hmm. Trying again. I’d like this in the iguana-dark shadow.

    I spent so much time scoping this out now it’ll be sad to lose!

  103. Well, since I have a hard time ordering online because I have gigantically huge feet, I’ll go for the Laurel bag in black…hope I win!

  104. These are my favorites- very cool
    Play on the bright side of life in the Sienna Ballerina from KEEN. Hidden stitching keeps the focus on the petite design. The removable footbed uses jute, cork, and natural latex for comfort that keeps you happy. Natural materials and fewer adhesives make this green-friendly shoe a brilliant choice. Weight: 7.9 oz / 224 grams
    Lining: Woven textile lining
    Rubber: Non-marking, natural rubber with cork
    Upper: Waterproof suede

    size 10 – yeah that is what I am talking about to jazz up an outfit.
    – Low profile natural rubber and cork outsole
    – Removable jute, cork, and natural latex footbed
    – Suede upper

    Style 5445

  105. Napa, seal brown, size 9 ladies. Looks good, but I can’t see how people can shop for shoes online. My feet are weird and hard to fit. I’d love to try these though.

  106. Winthrop boot, size 7 in Bison. I’m eyeing new boots lately as the whole pregnancy increases your shoe size as well seems to have finally taken effect for me… Lots of nice stuff here. I think I may be back, win or lose…

  107. The Palermo MJ, in coffee bean, size 7.5. Awesome!

  108. I think I love the Saratoga II in Soy..

  109. style 5248 in moonbeam, size 7.5

    oh, a little bit of heaven

  110. My husband would LOVE the summit boots in a 11.5. So nice!

  111. I like the Ventura Canvas, in black natural. Very nice shoes!

  112. I like the Black Winthrop boot (size 9), and their messenger bags are cute, too

  113. OH boy, I am SO coveting a LOT Of these shoes!!! I especially like the Winthrop clog!

  114. I love the Charleston Clog in Pinecone (style 5384)
    Thanks so much!

  115. I’m thinking the: Targhee in the Dark Gull Gray/Old Gold size 5 would be good for my little boy. Nice!

  116. black barcelona mj, size 8.5! tough decision that one!

  117. The Palermo MJ!! Very cute. Would look excellent on my size 11 feet.

  118. Chamonix, Size 11, black. LOVE IT that they have size 11!

  119. i love the boots, but here in FL i think the Berkeley, 8.5, seal brown would be more sensible.


  120. Was going to pick something for my daughter, but decided that I would rather have the Betty Bag in black slate/greyed jade! 🙂

  121. I’d love the Ridgeline sneakers in Forest Night/Inca Gold color, size 11, for my husband. He needs sneakers and we’ve been putting it off.

  122. Wasatch Crest WP in blue (size 9 if run big, size 8.5 if run normal). I need waterproof shoes to go on vacation this summer with my husbands’ family and I am a city girl. I need all the help I can get.

  123. Thanks Mir! Sienna Ballerina in black size 7. So cute!

  124. I absolutely love Keen shoes. I have several pair, my daughter has a couple pair, and my husband has several pair. They are the most comfortable shoes right out of the box I’ve ever worn. But…I don’t have a bag! I’d love the Hawthorne sling bag, please!!!

  125. I love Keen shoes! My favorite pair of shoes right now are a pair of the Briggs and I’d loooooove another pair!

    Seal brown Napa please!

  126. Women’s winthrop boots!

  127. I’m really liking the Bronze Green-Iguana-Sweet Pea Alameda 15 bag. It’s about time for a less nerdy computer bag.

  128. I may be weird, but I need a bag, so that’s what I looked at! *G* I like the Canyon tote in the brwon-red-black-rope. And it pleases me that it’s made from recycled materials. *G*

  129. Amsterdam in black plum for my oldest daughter.

  130. We are a very KEEN loving family over here. My SO would love the women’s Wasatch Crest in sagey. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  131. Targhee II Stone Gray/Silver Mink.

  132. Much as I like to find cute stuff for my kids, that women’s ventura suede in pinecone sure is pretty . . .

    xmas gift for myself, maybe?

  133. Pick me! I have squatters rights….my name is Keene! I’d love the Summit County boot. Love these shoes!

  134. I love the SHAY BOOT in Port Royale, size 8! Thanks!

  135. Ooh, I would love a pair of Portola’s in Shiitake!

    Thanks for the chance, pretty Mir and pretty KEEN!

  136. Oh I love the Amsterdam. But I’d truly be happy with anything.


  137. Oh, I love the Winthrop boot in black. My cold tootsies would so enjoy these shoes!

  138. No one seems to have size 11,,,,,, oh boy am I happy, pick me….. I love the Womens Market Street Saratoga II Style 5415 Size 11 color Chipper. Thanks.

  139. Ooh, ooh!! Shay Boot in Port Royal, size 9.5!

  140. I’m lovin’ the Betty Boot in Black Slate/Greyed Jade, size 8…the warmer the better!

  141. oooo, the Jasper in Bronze Green/Jade green

  142. Palermo MJ in brown!! They are so cute!

  143. I have a pair of Keens and they are the most comfortable shoes! I’d love the Winthrop Slip-ons in Bison (but it was hard to limit it to only one pair).

  144. the black slate/grayed jade is awesome! love the color combo & that it comes with a matching boot. thanks so much for this giveaway.

  145. I love the blue Calistogas- the Mary Janes are really cute too.

  146. i love the black amsterdam shoes….would be perfect for my feet. they would be a Christmas present to MYSELF!

  147. I love Keen shoes! I’ll take the Palermo Mary Janes in Coffee Bean in 8.5! ooh pick me, pick me!

  148. I’ve been outta hiking commission with my 3 young kids.. but now my oldest is a great age to hike.. i cant wait to get back into it (I used to do upstate NY hiking EVERY weekend and travel 1-2 hours to get to a hiking place) now that we moved and i got hiking areas all over the place! Now I need a new pair of boots and these would be to die for…

    so… TARGHEE II in Shitake/Rust (hiking boots should be brown IMHO)…. size? I guess a women’s 8.5?!?

  149. I broke my knee in June…. It’s mostly healed but I need some great shoes for this winter….. Better than my summer ballet flats!… SO I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these…
    Either Orion Blue or the Black…. Either way they are too cute….. They are called the Calistoga….. I’m crossing my fingers!

  150. Amsterdam in red! please! I’ve been drooling over the Keens for months now!

  151. I have the most wonderful boyfriend who does everything for me and even started a Cub Scout den for my son, and I’m having such a tough time finding the perfect Christmas gift for him… but I think I’ve found it in the Keen Trailhead Growler. A good man deserves a good pair of hiking boots. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win him a pair of these, in a size 10.5.

  152. Palmero Mary Jane, size 8, either color! I teach English to high school freshmen…don’t I deserve comfortable feet??

  153. I would love to get my kid the Kootenay half-boots. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  154. I would love the Winthrop Clog in bison. Thanks for yet another awesome contest!

  155. I’m going to add my vote for the black Winthrop boot!

  156. The Shay Boot would be my choice. Pam 🙂

  157. Shellrock WP in warm olive please. We just moved to OR from the East Coast and these, I’m sure, would help me fit in!

  158. I love love love my Keens! I’d pick the Calistoga in rum raisin, size 11. Yay!

  159. I love the Jasper in Brittany Blue/opaline green in a size 10.

  160. Keen on KEENs….love the calistoga in black!
    Pick me!

  161. Mmmm I’m moving to Connecticut for an internship (woohoo! Go hubbie!) next month, and I’ll be walking everywhere I go. After that, I’ll be back in South Eastern Idaho… both places need snow boots. Surprisingly enough, I have no snowboots. SO! To help me not fall on my butt on the ice any longer, I’d love a pair of these. The Trailhead Vail boot, in Moonbeam/Blackberry Wine…

    Thank you! I’m excited!

  162. I love the Burnside dayback in black – my back is killing me from carrying an overstuffed totebag!

  163. Genoa Peak (style 5276) in shitake/bossa nova, size 7!

  164. Men’s Shellrock size 10 in Inca Gold. The shoes my husband’s PT just recommended he wear!

  165. A new pair of hikers would be great for spring in the Smokies! I vote for a women’s Targhee Mid II in Trooper/Grayed Jade! Your contests continue to get more awesome by the day 🙂

  166. Toddler Winterport Boot in black size 10

  167. I love the Targee II! They look awesome in the blue!

  168. i’m swooning over the berkeley in seal brown! (who cares that there’s snow on the ground and 30 degrees out? 🙂 )

  169. The Shay boot, I think, although the Palermo keeps calling me back. too.

  170. Baby needs a new pair of winter boots!: Kootenay for Toddler size 12. 😉

  171. I must have shoes that I don’t tie and can just slide into. The Charleston Clog in Gothic Olive (I’ve always wanted to be a little goth) in size 10 would fit the bill nicely. 🙂

  172. oooohhhh! the palermo mary jane in coffee bean (b/c i like coffee even on my feet) in a size 6.5. style number 5452

  173. The Calistoga in Onion Blue size 9.5! I love, love, love them!

  174. dear santa,

    i’ve been good. please bring me the winthrop clog in black please.

  175. I’d love to win the youth Ventura (style 9224) in a size 12.5 for my daughter!

  176. Calistoga, Seal Brown, 9.5. Fingers crossed!

  177. ooooioh the Black Winthrop boots.

  178. Ooh! I like the Vail boots.

  179. I love the Ridgeline in Pink – size 8.

  180. Betty Boot in Black, Size 8, Style 5278!!!

    Pleeeeeease, I’m moving to Canada and I need new footwear!

  181. The Palermo Maryjane in coffee bean is sweeeeeeeeet.

  182. Ooh, love the Ventura Suede in Pinecone. 9.5! :o)

  183. Part clog, part mary-jane, what could be better?
    I’ll take the Berkeley in brown, if you please!

  184. I’ll take the TARGHEE II in ombre blue, thank you very much.

  185. I think the Timberline in beet red would be the perfect solution to keeping my feet warm in the winter without the claustrophobia of shoes… size 8. 🙂

  186. Loving the palermo boot in coffee bean… Mmmm! thanks!

  187. I love the Shellrock WP Style 5238 in Trooper/Surf Spray size 7. Thank you very much for the chance!

  188. Charleston Mary Jane. Oh, I hve my fingers crossed.

  189. Hi
    I would love the Calistoga in Orion Blue-size 7
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  190. Definitely the withrop boot in black! So so so cute. OMG. OMG. Size 8 pls.

    Has anyone told you lately how pretty you are? Cause you are.

  191. I like the Trailhead Winterport for hiking and playing outside in the snow with the kids.

  192. The Jaspers are way cute! But I like the Newport H2s for the kids even more.

  193. I like the chamonix

  194. Thanks Mir!
    I love the Wasatch Crest WP in shitake/ruby wine. I’m pretty sure if I ever get lost I could also eat them!

  195. Woo-hoo. This is seriously exciting! SUPER cute stuff! I’d love the Blvd Calistoga, Orion blue in size 9. CUTE! Thanks for always giving me my gambling fix for free (pathetic, I know).

  196. the computer bag…Alameda 15 in Black. Oh I hope I win!!! I have 3 pairs of keen shoes and LOVE ’em!

  197. WINTHROP SLIP-ON-black
    thank you!

  198. I love keens! I would love the Sienna MJ’s in Port Royale size 9! Thank you Mir!

  199. Alas, I have wide feet, and none of those cute shoes seem to come in a wide width. Guess I’ll have to go with the Alameda 15 bag in beech.

  200. Ooh I would love the Palermo Mary Janes in Coffee Bean please!!

  201. I like the Barcelona MJ in black!

  202. Definitely Calistoga.

  203. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Trailhead Summit County in Laurel Oak size 9! Thank you Mir! You rock!

  204. I’d love to win the Sienna Ballerina in Port Royale!

  205. I like the Bison in brown, size 8! Thank you!!

  206. I LOVE my Keens! I would pick the Summit County boots in Laurel/Jade, size 11 (yikes). Soooo useful because I live in the Midwest where the weather IS frightful. Thanks!

  207. RIDGELINE STYLE 5269 baroque rose/black olive size 7.5


  208. I like the OREGON PCT.

  209. The Shay in crocus size 5. My little one is not going to grow into the boots I got her in the LL Bean deal quite a while ago, so this would be the next best thing!

  210. love the shoes! I didn’t pick for myself. Loving the youth and toddler Amsterdams (rugged mary janes). Cute!!

  211. I would really enjoy the Womens Trailhead Voyageur Style#5258
    in a size 9.5. Charcoal/IquanaThank you!

  212. Amsterdam toddler in moonlight mauve, size 10. Love them!

  213. The Betty boot in black in size 10!

  214. One of the very few uniform-approved sandals for my daughter’s school: Newport H2 in Carnelian, size 13. Please and thank you from a hot-footed preschooler!

  215. Size 5 infant amsterdams thanks.

  216. I heart the black Winthrop boot. Size 11. So cute.

  217. oooo! I love the Winthrop Slip-on in Black, size 7.5!

  218. The Morrison daypack is groovy!

  219. I really like the BLVD Austin in Stone Grey in a size 16. That’s not a typo.

  220. I am coveting the WINTHROP BOOT….pretty please?

  221. Love Keen! I want the blue Calistoga’s in a size 9.

  222. I like the Ridgeline in Black Olive/Inca Gold – style 5269
    Size: 7.5


  223. The Kootenay boots in port royale would be perfect winter boots for my little girl. Infant size 7.

  224. So cool! Please may I have the Palmero boot in Biking Red in a size 10!

  225. I love Keens! They are my favorite! Please let me win. I choose the Winthrop boot size 8.5 in black. Thanks so much!!

  226. Hmmm… hard choice, but I would love the Winthrop Clog in black, style 5381. Size 8, please.

    Thanks so very much!

  227. Love the sienna mary janes!

  228. I’d love to win. My wife directed me to your website. I’d love the Bandon Men’s shoe size 10.5 in Pinecone.

  229. Wow, I haven’t seen that site before. If I am the lucky winner, I’d love to have the Charleston. No, wait, the Sydney II. No, wait, the Calistoga . . .

  230. Oh, I like the Harvest Cornell bag. So green and recycle-y.

    Thanks, Mir!

  231. I like the Winthrop boot in black 8.5.

  232. I would love the Wasatch Crest in a 7.5!

    Thanks, Mir!

  233. The Palermo Mary Janes are beautiful!

  234. How do I love Keens? So much I’m willing to wear a kids shoe to be able to afford them!! Seriously, my feet have the privilege of either women’s or kid’s size!!
    That being said, I would adore a pair of youth size 5 Ventura style #9224 color pinecone Keens.
    Thanks, Mir


  236. it is supposed to snow 8 inches here tomorrow. i don’t have boots… 🙁
    Sooo… I’d LOVE the Betty Boot in beet red. Size 91/2 to make room for extra thick warm socks. Great contest!

  237. I’d love the Saratoga II in Soy, size 8.

  238. I would get the Ventura shoes for my Toddler baby girl…pinecone size 8! I would never spend that much on shoes for her, but winning them would be divine! They look amazing!

  239. The Wasatch Crest in Sagey Size 5.5


  240. I just discovered your website from Swistle! I would love the men’s Richmond in Bison for my husband.

  241. OOOOOOH I love the Sienna MJ in Port Royale.

  242. Ooh, momma needs some new shoes!
    I’d love the Black Winthrop Boot – style #5386 in a 7.5, please. 🙂

  243. Me likes the Genoa WP.

  244. Oh so hard to choose just one! I am loving the winthrop boot, I think that would be my favorite.

  245. I would actually love to get the TARGHEE II MID for my husband – it’s so hard to find places that sell shoes big enough for him.

    Of course, my 2nd choice is the Palermo MJ. Cute.

  246. I would love to own the Alameda 15 Computer Bag in Black/Dk Gray. I would be styling with it. Thank you.

  247. Tough choice! I have to go with the Calistoga mary jane in orion blue.

  248. Market Street Wear Around MJ in Port Royale, size 8, please!

  249. Wow! Water shoe that actually are in my husbands size! VENICE H2 size mens 14 please?

  250. That was tough but those Charleston Clogs have my name written all over them!

  251. My wonderful husband gave me an early Christmas present during Thanksgiving. I got a new laptop! However, money is tight and I need a laptop bag for a conference I am attending in December. I know he wants to buy one for me, but I really don’t think we have the money to do that. So, I would like the Twenty-six laptop bag in the beet color.
    Thnaks for doing this durint the holidays 🙂

  252. I was first introduced to Keen’s three years ago when my daughter (15 at the time) went on a mission trip to Panama. The Water Shoe Newport H2 was a lifesaver for her since they had to trek through creeks and rivers everyday to get to the village they were ministering to. They have held up extremely well.

    Since I wear a women’s 12, I had to go by size. Therefore, my choice was limited. It would be the Charleston Lace.
    But my 17 yo son wears a 14 (hard to find)and they have lots of those so I think I would pick something out for him instead…the Bandon shoe would be great!

    Thanks for the chance!

  253. I would like to give my husband the Blackcomb in Bison for Christmas. That would be a nice gift, don’t you think?

  254. What a hard choice. I have finally picked the Shay Boot in Black, Style 5453. Love these boots.

  255. wintrop clog — size 8 — in brown.


  256. This was fun! I love the Napa boots in Seal Brown.

  257. Ah, Shellrock WP (5238) in black/opaline green, size 6.5. You know how long I’ve been doing woods walks/hikes in basic cheapo canvas sneaks? (my daughter needs stuff too, but I’VE been waiting longer)

  258. The Palmero boot in Biker Red. (8) Just looking at them, I feel sexy and earthy all at the same time….
    I with Brigitte, my kids would greatly benefit from some cool new Keens…but Mama needs a turn, too!

  259. I love the Sienna Mary Janes in Port Royale. I would never buy them in that color myself, I’d be more practical, but I love them.

  260. ooooh… too many choices… But I really like the Venice (or maybe Newport) trailhead sandals. I’m always looking for an open sandal with support and can never find one that’s comfortable.

  261. I’m thinking Christmas, so for my husband-

    torino lace in dark earth.

  262. I should be thinking of gifts for my husband but I’m desprate for shoes!

    I love the Palermo MJ in Coffee Bean! I love that they have my size in nearly all the different shoes! 9.5!

  263. Merry Christmas!!! I love the olive shellshock WP.

  264. I would love to win a pair of the Market St Lisbon’s in black for my Dad!

  265. Winterport Shoe Stone Grey/Mulled Grape Size 8
    Pick me pick me!

  266. Because I love my tennies… But these look so much more comfortable!
    OMG. I love the: CHARLESTON LACE..

    Thanks Mir!

  267. Targhee II Mid, Dark Shadow, Men’s 9…….I have a pair of these, and have wanted a pair for my husband since forever. They are the most awesome hiking boot I have ever put my foot into.

  268. I really like a lot of these boots and shoes. Would love to try the Ventura Suede in Pinecone.

  269. Black Winthop Boot – so pretty!

  270. I like the Winthrop Boots.

  271. Oh Mir, you put the best stuff up for grabs! I’d love the Stockholm boot in brown, size 7.5 please. Style 5439.

  272. The Palermo boot is lovely and it is sooo cold here in MI already….

  273. This is great!! I’ve just started looking for new tennis shoes (for me, not the kids). I love the Genoa Peak WP in Blue Indigo, size 9.

  274. Palermo Mary Jane in Coffee Bean size 10 is my favorite!

  275. I love the Napa Boot in seal brown. Mir you rock! Thanks for the chance.

  276. I want the Kootenay in Port Royale for my daughter. She adores Keens and has wanted some forever.

  277. Jasper in cathay spice/onion blue, size 12, would be perfect for my husband. The Palermo boots are sweet, though.

  278. I would love the Keen Venice H2

  279. oh, a give away…

    I like the napa in seal brown, no rum raisin, no seal brown, no….

    thanks for the give-a-way

  280. Sienna Ballerina in Coffee Liquer!!!

  281. Ventura Suede, Pinecone! Yay!

  282. Palermo Mary Jane in coffee bean please!

  283. I like the Palermo Mary Jane in coffee Bean size 7.5 please.

  284. I love the Palermo MJ in coffee bean (size 9). I’m student teaching next semester while pregnant and these would be great, comfortable shoes!


  285. I love their shoes but none are wide enough for my big dogs. I’d pick the Harvest Northrup tote bag, style 434

  286. Vetura Suede..pinecone size 8.5.. love ’em

  287. size 7 coffee bean
    The Palermo Mary Jane

  288. Sienna MJ in port royale size 8.5

  289. It was really hard to choose. My favorite is the Portola in Shitake.

  290. It would be nice to win the Palermo boot, black 7 or these Sketcher tennis shoes I have will be the snow boot of choice soon.

  291. So many choices!

    WASATCH CREST WP in Shitake/Ruby Wine, Size 7.5.


  292. Venice H2 sandal in any color.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  293. Winthrop boot, Style 5379, in bison, size 8.5 (wide, if they have it).

    I love your contests almost as much as I love toasty feet.

  294. It’d definitely be the Amsterdam for my youngest daughter.

  295. with the 2 inches of snow on the ground I’m think the Betty Boot would be a good choice, in black please 🙂

  296. Betty boot in beet red please

  297. I like the Infant Hayden in Black Plum, size 4.

  298. The Chamonix in Army Green is my idea of function wrapped up in one styling shoe!

    Very nice whether scaling mountains or navigating a city.

  299. Oh how I would love a pair of the Summit County boots! Thanks for the chance, Mir! 🙂

  300. Oh, mercy. That Winthrop boot in black would make me almost look forward to winter.

    I do love Keen so much….

  301. We are an all Keen household (even my almost 2 yr. old wears them!) I have been eyeing the women’s Presido in walnut. I would love to win those!

  302. The Palermo boot in Coffee Bean would be great, thank you!

  303. I’d go for socks lol. Hubby has a hiking trip in the spring, and the Mens’ Offroad M Boulder Canyon Qtr. Ultralight would be great (in the earthy tones of course)

  304. Palermo Mary Jane! Brown, sz 7.5

  305. The Ventura Suede
    Style # 5360
    in Pinecone
    Size 8.5

  306. Oh! yeah! The winthrop clog in brown and a size 9.5.

    Mir – you are amazing!


  307. Women’s Winthrop boot, black, size 6.5. If I win them, they’re for my sister-in-law. Seriously. It’s just a coincidence that we’re the same size.

  308. OOOOHHHH!!! I love sensible shoes!!! I can’t hardley narrow it down to 5 let alone 1 favorite! Good shoes makes for a nicer mommy when her back and feet don’t hurt!! TARGHEE II in Blue is definately a top pick! Please let it be a Merry Christmas to me!!!

  309. Market Street Wear Around Lace in Port Royal in a size 9 would be AMAZING.

  310. well, if you say so!

    Targhee infant shoe in dark earth/ orange ochre
    size 6
    style # 7211


  311. I’m a little late to the party, but if 356 happens to be the lucky number, I’d like the Laguna H2 sandal in medium gray, size 7. 🙂

  312. Morrison Daypack Style 415 in Black/Dull Grey please!


  313. I really like the palermo shoes, in brown. I like that they are sensible but still have some oomph in the sole that raises me a few inches. mmm.


  314. Really been wanting a bag like this one.

  315. I want the Chamonix boot in brown please.


  316. Shay Boot in Port Royale….just how cute is that button?

  317. The charlston mary jane, or the calistoga. Thanks!

  318. i would like the trailhead betty boot black slate/grayed jade
    i hope i win. i need boots.

  319. Fantastic contest. Mama needs a new pair of boots. Vail style #5248 please. Thanks.

  320. Ever the optimist, I will enter the fray of a Want Not contest once again…Moosh in Indy says if she can win, I can win!
    I choose the BROOKLYN bag, in Grey and Yellow, in honor of my birthplace, Brooklyn, NY!! (I know that sounds like I live in Montana now – actually, I am just over the bridge in Staten Island, but they didn’t have a Staten Island bag 🙂

  321. cornell harvest bag, please…
    but OH! it was sooo hard to choose!

  322. What a neat contest! A pair of the Palmero boots in Coffee Bean (Style #5451 in a size 8.5) would be wonderful! That should help me get through the next 6 months of cold and snow up here in Erie, PA!

  323. Winterport black kids size 13. Thanks for the chance.

  324. Ooh Sienna Mary Jane!!! Wow!!

  325. I have a chance to win this shoe??? Growler black size 9 style 1220

  326. The Ridgeline in Rose!

  327. Drooling over the Sienna MJ…

  328. Wear Around MJ in black please!!!

  329. I would love the Jasper for my oldest girl – we would be so cool together!

  330. Oh, I adore the Ridgeline trail shoes in black olive/baroque rose, size 10 please. I never knew these shoes existed, and they l;ook really nice!

  331. The Wear-Around MJ in black is super cute!

  332. oh i LOVE the Palermo Mary Jane they are SUPER cute!

  333. i almost cried when they stopped making the ‘malibu.’ but since i’ve stocked up on them, i probably don’t need any more mary janes…
    i’ll try the BRIGGS, teak/fuzz, 7.5
    if i win, please.

  334. Timberline BLVD – style 5359 – Seal Brown – size 6

    thanks, Mir!

  335. I would love the Napa Boot 🙂 the kids have enough shoes..time for me!

  336. I like these a lot at first glance, and it really was hard to pick just one…but I think the pink Ridgelines (size…9?) look fun. Here’s hoping!

  337. this is too fun. if i win, i would like the bag–Harvest/Irving
    thank you kindly.

  338. mama could use some boots

    I like the WINTERPORT Style 5221

  339. I’d pick the Sienna Mary Jane in Forest Night. So pretty!

  340. I pick these:
    They would come in so very handy during camping & boating season! I can help put the boat in the water then jump in the truck & pull the trailer out without fear of losing my shoes…. they would be great for walking around the campground, etc, etc, etc!!!

  341. I’ll take the Timberline Style: #5359 color: Black size: 8 women’s

    I’ll be able to keep my piggies warm! Thank you so much!!!

  342. I’m having twins in May and the Brooklyn bag in Iguana looks like it’d make an adorable diaper bag!

    *fingers crossed*

  343. love the Dunthorpe bag from the hybrid collection!

  344. Oh my gosh, those Palermos! I love the boot, but think I’ll get more use out of the mary jane, especially here in Arizona. Thanks, Mir!

  345. It just started to get too cold here in CT to wear my Keen sandals. It would be so nice to have the Voyageur Mid in
    Dark Earth/Rust (size 7.5) as a replacement. Keen’s are so comfortable that I haven’t worn my sneakers since last April.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win them.

  346. I’ve never worn a pair, but I really like the looks of the BLVD Winthrop Boot in black. They look very warm, which would be nice since it has already snowed here!

  347. I loooooove the Palermo MJ!

  348. I LOVE the Cornell Bag! So kitchy!! So Cool!!

  349. I LOVE Keens! I am lusting after the brown Syndey II!

  350. TARGHEE in dark dull gray/old gold in a size 9 toddler.

  351. I love the Targhee II in the blue! Thanks for the giveaway.

  352. My 9 year old son would love the black Kootenay boot shoes, size 5 given that he just grew out of the 4.5 shoes I recently bought! How Keen! Thank you for the offer!

  353. Wow! What a great giveaway… I would definitely choose the Ventura style in Port Royale size 8 toddler… My daughter would be looking pretty spiffy in those!!

    Thank You!!

  354. I LOVE the Winthrop Boot in Cordovan size 7. Thanks for the chance to win these great boots!

  355. My Dr says I have to exercise more, and I might as well look cute doing it! I like the Ridgeline in pink – but I guess they call it “black olive/baroque rose”.

  356. My pick is Portala in shitake….

  357. My pick is Portala in shitake….

  358. Wow, Mir, how do you do it??? I love (and my feet really really need) the Palermo boot in black size 9, STYLE 5451. My toes are already imagining how wonderful these boots will feel!

  359. I would love the Winthrop boot in black, fabulous, just fabulous! What a wonderful giveaway!

  360. I would love the Stockholm boot in black!

  361. Oooh! Betty Boots, please!

  362. I love the pink ridgeline
    Perfect shoe. I have never tried one of these contests but see them all the time. I hope to win. But either way thank you for your site. It helps me a lot

  363. I’m likin the Calistoga in Orion Blue. Size 10.
    Cute, cute

  364. I love the black Windsor boot

  365. I love them all!! But especially the brown Palermo MJ 🙂

  366. The pink Timberline!! Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  367. Wow! What a terrific giveaway.

    I’m all in for the Winterport boot in Black Slate/Grayed Jade.

  368. Ooooh! I need a new pair of boots! I’d love the Betty Boots in Black.

  369. Genoa peak WP in blue indigo.

  370. The Ridgeline (Style 5269) in Black/Pink, size 7
    Fingers crossed… toes crossed…

  371. Winthrop Boot please!!! Black 9.5. Wow… these are gorgeous!!!

  372. ooh, palermo mj in coffee bean, size 6.5

  373. Palermo boot in coffee bean, size 9.

    I had a pair of Keens, and they met with a tragic demise. I would love another pair! And with winter coming on full force, the boots would be great to have.

  374. Oh, Mir, you’re so pretty. 😉 And so are the Sydney II shoes I’d love to have. In brown. Thanks! 🙂

  375. Winthrop Boot in Black

  376. Bandon Shoe WP in Pincone . . . for my wonderful husband of course. Size 11 thank you very much!

  377. Ventura Suede in midnight navy, size 7.5. Thanks Mir and KEEN!

  378. Palermo MJ in coffee bean!

  379. Berkeley in brown, size 5 1/2 would make me OH so very happy!

  380. Iwould love the targhee 2

  381. I would love the SHAY shoe in Crocous for my little one who is learning to walk! Size 5. This would be so great!

  382. The Laguna H2…PLEEEAASSEEEE!!!!!

  383. Great stuff! I’d love the Wasatch Crest WP in Shitake… So seriously cute!

  384. I am all about slipping shoes on fast to get out the door with the kiddies, so I would LOVE the Charleston Clogs in the pinecone color.

  385. And the winner is, Palermo Boot in Coffee Bean, size 6 1/2.
    It would be great. Thanks.

  386. Bandon in Pinecone! Pick me please…

  387. I would love to own a pair of the Calistoga in a size 8, orion blue. Thanks for a chance to get picked.

  388. Oh, the Winthrop boot in Black, size 8, style 5386 is absolutely gorgeous! I’m still wearing old tennis shoes…help me out 🙂

  389. I am an retired high school teacher whose dream is to get into shape to hike the 12 mile round trip to the South Rim of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, Texas. To help me achive this goal I would love to have the Oregon PCT hiking boots.

  390. The boots look warm and toasty but alas, living in central Florida doesn’t really require “warm and toasty” all that often. I’d love a pair of the Charleston Lace in Pine Cone (style #5382). I know I’d get a lot of wear from them. Here’s hoping I’m lucky today!!

  391. The women’s Trailhead Genoa Peak WP in Dark Gull Grey.
    Thanks pretty Mir!!

  392. Style 5383 Mary Janes, size 7, in black.
    Wow, what a contest. I’m thankful for your generosity!

  393. Ooh, the brown Winthrop slip-on, thank you very much.

    P.S.–You’re pretty as all get out.

  394. The black winthrop slipon – size 8 please!

  395. I would love the Berkeley, in black….well, a girl can dream

  396. Oooh, I love the Winthrop Boot in Black, size 9 please!

  397. The Winthrop boot in size 7.5 black would help me kick winter’s butt!

  398. I’m wishing on a star. Hoping to win the Winthrop boot size 8 in black

  399. I would love the Palermo MJ in size 9.5. I hope you are feeling much better!

  400. You know I started to look at the kids shoes and thought, NO, I always get stuff for them!! Something for Momma tonight!!
    Need some new snow boots since we just got 5 inches of snow in Central Iowa! Vail Moonbeam size 10.5

  401. Hard to choose… I’d love to win the Palermo Boot in Biking Red, size 9.5. (I’m stepping out of my black comfort zone.)

    Another great contest. Thanks, Mir!

  402. Winthrop boot! Black! 7.5!

  403. Palemaro MJ in black!

  404. Trailhead Vail Ruby Wine size 9.5

  405. Aaahhh! So hard to choose!
    I think I’d have to go with the Winthrop boot in Cordovan, size 8.

  406. Ok, that was sort of mean….send me to a shoe store and say pick one….but since we’re talking free….after much inner turmoil and mind changing….I pick:
    My fingers and toes are crossed!

  407. Oh I like the Calistoga! Comfortable looking shoes.

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