Scholastic treasures for hours and hours

By Mir
November 30, 2008

Do you have a portable DVD player? Best investment I ever made. We routinely hop in the car for a 1,000+ mile drive (each way) to visit family for the holidays, and let me tell you, I am happy to have it. It prevents me from eating my young. Because as much as I love singing songs and playing license plate Bingo and such, sometimes, I just want a few hours of quiet. (I recommend buying a player with headphones….)

So check this one out, if you have a long car ride coming up: The Scholastic Treasury of 100 Storybook Classics on DVD is marked down to $44.99 at Amazon. That’s for 16 discs, and over 14 hours of run time. A great deal, right? The best I’ve seen on that set, actually, but—and here, feel free to hear me speaking in the voice from the old Ginsu knives commercials—wait, there’s more! Buy the set right now, and you’ll also get the Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics on DVD for free! Just scroll down on the product page of the first set and you’ll see the button to “Add both to cart” for the $44.99 price.

You really can’t put a price on 18+ hours of educational entertainment for your child (particularly if you’re talking about a long car ride), but if you could, $44.99 wouldn’t be bad at all. Just sayin’.


  1. holy crow… thanks for finding my last holiday gift. I have covetted this for a long time, this is my wantnot find of the year! Exciting stuff. Or sad that I am so excited about kids dvds>??? Finally, something more for our 8 hour round trip to grandmas!

  2. I succombed to the peer pressure and bought TWO – one for the nieces and one to put away for our little one.

    Now, pretty, lovely Mir, hows about a Dale & Thomas popcorn deal for that gift card still burning a hole in my inbox??? I almost broke down today, but I’m staying strong in hopes of a good deal . . .

  3. Wow! Perfect for my little ones and my niece for her birthday in January. Thanks, Mir!

  4. Thanks, pretty one! I just bought us hours of peace. I think both kids will really enjoy these DVDs. All good stories, to boot!

  5. I just got these to put away for my little Grasshopper’s third birthday in June.

    Gotta love the gift closet…

  6. You totally made my day with this one. Thanks!!!

  7. Lenetta: use code “BLACKFRIDAY” at D&T for 35% off order of $60 or more. free shipping on orders over $100.

  8. Mir, you’re killing me. This is not just a fabulous deal, this is a drop-dead bottom-dollar havetobuyitNOW deal.
    I mean, ONE of these DVDs is $14 and change.

  9. Hmmm.. when I put mine into the cart it has the cost of the 20 book one as being $26.99- does it discount as you checkout- anyone know?

  10. Tracey,

    It shows the two sets of DVD’s and the 20 book one does say $26.99 but if you look at the top at the total purchase proce of what’s in your cart, it will show you just $44.99 as the total.

  11. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been keeping my eyes on this set for a while now and this is, by far, the absolute BEST PRICE I’ve seen. Plus, the 2nd set being free is wonderful. I certainly don’t feel guilty spending the money on this set. I thank you, my husband thanks you, and my son will thank you even more!

  12. Am I allowed to say kickass about a kid’s dvd collection deal?

    I’ll say it anyway.


    I distrust the frantic pace of kids’ entertainment shows. (How can that be good for their attention spans??)

    These look to be a great substitution. Thank you!!

  13. damn! i’ve been watching my mail for these and when something i ordered the same week came today i checked my order history….yeah….i put them in the cart and forgot to check out. just wanted to share my misery……

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