Because magnets are fun

By Mir
December 2, 2008

When my kids were smaller, we had a couple of those magnet building sets, and over the years the pieces have slowly but steadily disappeared. Now every so often I’ll find a piece stuck to a lamp or something, which is actually a lot more amusing than finding stray Lego with your bare feet. Ahem.

Still, this 100 piece MagnaCase Magnext set made me a little nostalgic for the good old days, when my kids thought magnet were the coolest! things! ever!! At $17.99 (free shipping eligible) it could provide countless hours of entertainment.

Until you start to the lose the pieces, anyway. (But it comes with a case, so maybe you can avoid that particular fate….)


  1. Dang it, Mir! That’s awesome, and I can’t get any more stuff for my daughter! I already got the great big Lincoln Log set.

    DO YOU KNOW how big and heavy a box of 700 Lincoln Logs is?? I didn’t. Seriously, this is like a daycare set or something. 😉

    Maybe I could donate the Lincoln Logs and get the magnet thing instead. 700 vs. 100? Much less stuff. 😉

  2. Dang I’d Ix-nayed this one for the $50 price…but for this price I may have to add it to the stash.

  3. LOL! Jess, I feel like your comment could be my very own! Ditto that!

  4. I JUST bought a 55 piece set for 39.99 at target and thought that was a decent price. I think I will get this one and return that one.

  5. Between this & the Playskool Ball-tivity — I’ve crossed two names off my list. Thanks Mir! How did I ever survive Christmas shopping without!!

  6. Argh! Must.stop.looking.

  7. My kids like to hang them from the pull chains for our ceiling fans…

  8. My kids think it’s funny to attach them to Papa’s truck. He gets some strange looks when he drives past the guard shack on his way to work each day. LOL. One MP likes to call him the moving magnet. Ah, the joys of living/working on a military base.

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