Get your Gunship

By Mir
December 2, 2008

Have one of those kids who only wants one Lego set that happens to cost approximately the same as your monthly mortgage payment? I may have a good find for you.

The Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship is currently marked down to $89.99 at Amazon (25% off). Add it to your cart and another 25% will be deducted at checkout—making it just $67.49 shipped.

Which is still way too much for Lego, but a price some of us are willing to pay to keep our kids quietly building for a few hours….


  1. I agree that this is way too much to pay for a LEGO, but when you add in the “my parents would NEVER pay for this set, Santa MUST be real” potential, it’s not a bad price. Plus, it’s the only way my kid has a snowball’s chance of EVER seeing this set in his hot little hands. Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. Awesome! I was one of your readers who asked you about Lego specials a few months ago, so THANK YOU.

  3. if you, or anybody else finds the Lego Agents Mobile command center (8635) please tell me, it’s what my 12 year old wants for christmas, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere (unless I want to spend $150, which I don’t.) It should cost around $90.

  4. This is on two of my sons’ lists so thank you! The extra 25% came off when hit “checkout” but before I paid. It doesn’t show up when it’s just in the cart.

    Thanks again!

  5. Hey Jess! I just found one place that has them for $90 – I’ve never heard of it but it’s a Yahoo shopping site:

    Good luck. I looked for it for a month on half a dozen sites and it was always out of stock. I finally went with a different set and am hoping for the best. 😉

  6. thanks so much! I did find one on tystoysbox or something for $90. what a relief!

  7. This may be a little too basic for older kids, but I had been looking at the deluxe Lego set on Amazon and wasn’t very excited about the $50 price tag. My husband was in Walmart today and found the exact same set for $24.98 (and grabbed it!). They don’t have it on the Walmart website, but if you are close to a store it might be worth picking up at that price.

    Here’s the amazon set at the expensive price.

  8. Oh, PHOOEY! This is on my son’s wish list, and it was too expensive even for Santa–until now! But when I click through to Amazon, it’s coming up at $113.82 now (minus the 25% at checkout, but making it still too expensive). Darn Amazon and their fickle pricing!

  9. The Lego Torrent (7674) is still a good price ($43.14 as I write this) and has the extra 25% off promotion available. This one was on one of my son’s lists too!

  10. I’m noticing now, as I go back to get some smaller items listed as eligible, that the 25% off price showing on the item and then another 25% off at checkout isn’t happening anymore. Now it seems to be just the 25% listed on the item.

    That’s what I get for waffling in my decision making. Seems like maybe the first “double” 25% discount was a glitch. I’ll have to watch my earlier order and see if they correct it… Sure hope not…

  11. Dead Deal 🙁

  12. Please find another star wars legos deal! My son is obsessed, but I agree they are way overpriced! I would love to get him a big set, as it would reinforce his belief in Santa Claus (cause he knows there’s no way I would ever buy such a thing, lol)

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