I’d kind of like the marshmallow shooter

By Mir
December 2, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Are you remembering to check the drugstore.com Deal of the Day every day? It’s sort of a misnomer, because it’s several great deals each day.

Today, for example, there are—among other things—a variety of marshmallow shooters for $14.99 apiece. Can you put a price on seeing annoying family members beaned in the head with marshmallows, though? No, you cannot.


  1. Actually they are 13.99 when added to your cart.

    What a cool present for any child. Who doesn’t like getting hit by marshmallows. I would so take a marshmallow to the head rather then those Nerf bullets.

  2. it is a fun thing. i bought my nephew one last year, and everybody (especially the adults) had fun playing with it.

  3. We made marshmallow shooters a few years ago for the whole extended family, even Grandma and Grandpa got one. We all had a blast shooting each other! They weren’t as elaborate as these, but we made them for about $1 each. Just a word of warning – if its freezing outside, the marshmallows freeze too and they hurt a bit more when frozen.

  4. Katherine, tell us how to make them, please!

    I would love to do that with my family, but it’s too large a fam for $13.99 per person!

  5. Seriously you can make these for like $3 with pvc pipe.

  6. Not to scare anyone, but I scratched my cornea once in a marshmallow fight. Had to take two days off of work and wear a patch. Plus the embarassment of telling everyone how I did it!

  7. My crew has had both kinds of shooters and this is my take. My kids are small and those kind of shooters you make yourself with the PVC pipe are fine, but to shoot, you use your mouth to blow. Ours ended up so sticky from slobber mixing with the marshmellows that they weren’t very effective. I know…ewww. These more expensive ones have more power and you don’t have to blow to make them go! Got them for my kids and newphew last year (they are 4, 4 and 6) and they had a blast sneaking up on the grandparents and pummelling them with marshmallows.

  8. Thanks for posting this! None of my local stores have them and certainly not at this price 🙂 I picked up one for my daughter and one for my oldest son ($13.99 each). I’m sure they will have a blast with them – and I got free shipping too – double YAY!!

  9. Buy.com has them cheaper, 9.99 ea or 2 for 14.99

  10. I had no idea marshmallow shooters were such a hot item. I must be missing out on a fad…

  11. I desperately wanted these to be allowed in college classes. What better way to punish someone who makes a stupid comment or asks the same question that’s been asked three times already? Collective marshmallow bopping!

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