Her very own house

By Mir
December 3, 2008

I’ve been having a really difficult time deciding what to give my daughter for Christmas; she’s at that age where she’s outgrown most toys but can’t quite by appeased with cool clothes.

Maybe I’ll get her the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage, for those times when she says she wishes she lived alone. I mean, I think under forty bucks is awesome for a house! [Edited to add: Bonus deal—buy the cottage, choose an accessory for half-off, too!]

What’s that? Oh, you’re probably right. Might be a little cramped for her. And she might roll her eyes. Oh well… just a thought.

I bet your little girl would love it, though. Assuming she’s a little younger than mine….


  1. I’ve been eyeing these for awhile, trying to decide if my 4-year-old is getting too big for this

  2. When you come up with a great idea for your 10 year old, will you let me know? My ten year old has literally nothing on her list. She “has no idea” what she wants. Now that is rare indeed! You’re right, that age is passed the toy stage, but still wishes for something “fun” for Christmas.

  3. I am thrilled!!! My 20 month old is getting this & she can grow into it. I am so glad to spoil her with this toy! She is the 4th child & for her to get something new, especially at this price makes me happy! Her 6 & 8 yr. old sisters will enjoy it too- I think her 4 yr. old brother will enjoy it too! Thanks for the heads up w/ FREE shipping too!

  4. Thanks so much for the tip, Mir! I’ve wanted this but couldn’t justify the price when I have two older children. It will be a big hit with all three of them!

  5. Be Careful……When I thought I missed the accessory half off, I went back using your link and AMAZON increased the price up to $49 vs. &39 w/o the extra accessory.

  6. Love this! It is perfect for my niece (who I unfortunately already had crossed off earlier this week)… so I sent the link to my SIL. Wish they made these in “boy” colors. My hubby would freak out if I bought it for my son — but he would love it!

  7. I just got it for $29.99! I am so excited, thank you so much. It wasn’t a gift I planned to get, but with 2 girls, 2 yr and 3 1/2, how can I go wrong?! Now to accessorize!

  8. For those who are wondering, this is a really small house. It would be a tight fit (in terms of height) for a 2-year-old, and 3-year-olds would not fit inside unless they are really short for their age. That said, kids don’t mind tight quarters when it’s something fun, and this is definitely something that could be fun.

  9. I just ordered this for my 2 little nephews and my niece. I think they will love it and for the price who can beat that?

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