Yep, more Amazon deals

By Mir
December 7, 2008

(The really scary part, here, is that some say the “real sales” at Amazon don’t start until next week….)

Some game deals:
The Game of Life Twists and Turns for $10.99 (69% off)
Cat in the Hat — I Can Do That! for $6.99 (65% off)

Further reduced:
Plaet Earth Digital Microscope Kit for $14.99 (70% off)
Melissa and Dough Deluxe Standing Easel for $29.99 (half off—I’ve been watching this one and this is the lowest it’s gone so far)

For your Harry Potter fan:
Did you remember to pick up a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard? It’s currently just $7.14 (45% off)!

Video games:
Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party for $39.99 (not exactly cheap, but this is a new release t 20% off, and we love us some Raving Rabbids, here)

We should come up for an official name for the craziness the Amazon price fluctuations may induce….


  1. We have the Game of Life Twists and Turns. It’s a LOT of fun, so I highly recommend it, especially at this price. I love the new “electronic” score keepers/counters that come with some of the games, these days. They really make the game more enjoyable, and FASTER…you can now play The Game of Life in a half hour or so. 🙂

  2. Amazomania? One Click Sickness?

  3. I’ve had my eye on that microscope for my daughter, but didn’t want to pay $50. Thanks, Mir!

    She should send YOU a thank-you note for Christmas; quite a few of her presents are from deals I spotted here.

  4. hi mir! i just ordered the melissa and doug easel and paid WAY MORE than that price from amazon. do they have a price matcher or anyway i could get that price although i already paid it?!? help?! thanks so much, you’re looking extra lovely today!

  5. Darn! I thought I was getting a great deal when Amazon had the easel for $41.99. 🙁

  6. @Aly – Amazon will honor refund requests if a price drops within 30 days of your purchase … just fill out a general email inquiry stating the price paid, new price, and order number – they’ll email you letting you know that they’ve refunded the difference to your account. I’ve done this DOZENS of times and never had a problem.

  7. Sadly, Amazon discontinued its 30 day price drop service about a couple of months ago.

    I only paid $5 more for that easel last week and I’m still a little irked bc I love getting the best deals :). Oh well, earlier this morning I noticed that the price dropped on it and purchased it a second time as a birthday present for my niece. I love Amazon, but the constant price hikes and drops are so irritating. If you wait a couple of hours, an item may go up or down by a lot. You never know. It makes me more irritated when I act too soon or too late now that the 30 day price service is gone.

  8. Ordered the easel! Thanks! 🙂

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