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By Mir
December 10, 2008
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Full disclosure: I won’t be buying one of these. Like, ever. This falls squarely in the “Wow, this looks really cool… for some other family” camp, as we are a family of klutzes. My youngest couldn’t even ride a two-wheeler until he was eight-and-a-half.

That said, if a child in your family wants—and could probably master—one of those ripstick things, have a look: The Wave Original Street Surfing Board is available at Amazon in a plethora of colors. Many of them are over $100, but a handful are in the $50 range. Just look through the colors to find the cheap ones.

And then, Godspeed. My kids will probably be in the garage complaining that they think they sprained their ankles, tripping on some imaginary leaves.


  1. The very idea of this makes me want to wrap my child in bubble wrap…with his festive red helmet on top!

  2. My 13-year-old nephew is going to LOVE me this Christmas!!! (My sister-in-law, umm, not so much.) hee hee

  3. How ’bout a good deal on training wheels for those of us who have similarly handsome, clever, not-so-graceful offspring?

  4. My Male Child bought one of those a couple of years back and had good fun with it. Makes him work harder than a skateboard (you motivate the thing by going all fishtaily with it – makes your legs a bit one-sided I should think!) He actually wore the back wheel down to the core and… well honestly I haven’t managed to track down a replacement (will regular skateboard wheels work? No idea) so it sits unused at the moment. Caveat – Male Child is as klutzilly puppy like as most teens his age BUT he has an amazing un-balanced balance – he always seems to be falling (or jumping… or climbing… or) but that’s how he stays up. Very strange. So, no broken bones or bashed up noses or anything and a lot of fun for a mid-teenish person.

  5. “My kids will probably be in the garage complaining that they think they sprained their ankles, tripping on some imaginary leaves.”

    You are hilarious.

  6. Dang this looks like fun but my son is a klutz (who has NOT mastered the bike at 8.5 and has no interest in it either) and I have only vague memories of skateboarding…and I’m not getting any more flexible.

    Megan: Looks like Amazon sells replacement wheels

  7. I tried to ride one of these things, I wanted to see if I could do it and how hard it was. I did not get very far actually I did not get anywhere and that is when I realized, I was too old to play with things like this anymore. But all the kids seem to have no problem controlling them.

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