Hold me

By Mir
December 10, 2008

I’ve been looking at these for half an hour, and I can’t decide if they’re brilliant or just completely frightening. I’ll have to let you be the judge.

See, apparently K’Nex makes some Sesame Street sets. And many of them are on sale! Which is awesome. Sort of. The prices are definitely awesome, but I really am a wee bit afraid that several of these sets look like what would happen if the zombie animatronic muppet army took over the earth.

Choose from the following (if they don’t freak you out):
Ernie Set for $4.61 (58% off)
Oscar Set for $5.10 (54% off)
Super Grover Set (he’s my favorite) for $6.27 (58% off)
Cookie Monster and Hooper’s Store Set for $12.99 (59% off)

They’re a little creepy, right? It’s not just me…?


  1. The Cookie Monster and Ernie were the most disturbing. I did think that Grover and Oscar were kind of cute!

  2. I’ve seen these in the store and I agree that while I stood there and looked at them for several minutes – I think they’re creepy!

  3. I don’t think it’s just cookies Cookie Monster wants any more. Definitely creepy!

  4. That Cookie Monster scares me. A lot.

  5. Creepiness aside, if the reviews are correct and they tend to fall apart easily, I’d stay away. That screams (ha!) ticked off two year old to me!

  6. I don’t like them either, and refuse to buy them…creep me out.

  7. Looks like robo-Cookie! Wow.

  8. Poor Cookie! It doesn’t look anything like him!

  9. Chico has the Ernie one. Yes, they are most certainly creepy. But, they do keep the kiddies entertained, so I have two new one in my shopping cart. Now, I must go check out before they change the price again.

    Thanks for the find, oh pretty Mir!

  10. When I was a teacher, a friend and I had a saying that applies to a lot of children’s things….sweet and creepy. It kind of goes along with the Southern “bless your heart, tramp” mentality. This toy applies.

  11. They are definitely disturbing.

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