Time to reap the rewards at Macy’s

By Mir
December 10, 2008

macys.com - 12.10 - 12.15It’s Friends & Family time at Macy’s, now through December 15th, 2008. Shop all you like, and every order will be shipped for free, plus enjoy 20% off apparel and 10% off electronics with code MACYSFRIEND.

I hear that Santa buys all his cashmere at Macy’s. No, really!

Stop looking at me like that.

(I know that clicking through takes you to a page that features a coupon with a minimum order amount necessary for free shipping. Don’t fret! The Friends & Family coupon should give you the free shipping with no minimum.)


  1. And I’ll add that this is the time of year that many of the “luxury” brands can be purchased with the coupon, too, but for some, like Coach, you have to go into the store. Waterford, Wedgewood, etc. So, if you’re after something like that, 20% off in-store is a good deal.

  2. I used the code but didn’t get free shipping, that’s ok though it was only $5-ish. I did get the 20% off. Yay!

  3. Darn! I just put in an order at Macy’s 2 days ago. And I only got 15% off and I had to pay for shipping!

  4. I tried ordering 2 pairs of jeans for my daughter and it told me “We’re sorry. The current contents of your Shopping Bag do not qualify you for the Promotion–Friends & Family – Enjoy 20% off!” and of course they don’t have them in the store so I can’t even take my coupons from the paper and go buy them.

  5. Saved $20 plus free shipping on my order! Thanks so much!!

  6. wonder why some items are getting free shipping…mine did not but that is OK, I still got the discount which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick….

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