Call them whatever you want, they’re delicious

By Mir
December 11, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t really consider myself a fan of jellybeans… unless we’re talking about Jelly Bellys, and then, oh yes please, I’m a fan of jellybeans.

But… the price. Yeah. There’s that. But sometimes I splurge and get… the Belly Flops from the Jelly Belly Store. They’re perfectly good, just a little strangely shaped. They’re available in the Outlet section.

Of course, if you’re buying for others (read: have some justification to spend the big bucks), there’s plenty of other bonus deals to be had there, right now. Buy three tubs, get a free dispenser bin. Buy $68+ worth of stuff, get a free Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix Gift Set for free. Buy a single Mix Gift Set and get a bag of Belly Flops for free, or purchase a case of those Mix Gift Sets (6 sets) and you’ll get eight bags of Belly Flops for free! (That’s, what—every teacher gift you need, plus a year’s supply of snacky goodness? Er, I mean, stocking stuffers?)

Any order of $50+ gets free shipping, automatically, too.

And suddenly, I’m hungry….


  1. They always have Jelly Bellys for next to nothing at Ross and Marshalls around here. I try not to think about how old they must be 🙂

  2. All flavors of Jelly Bellys are made in a plant that also processes peanuts–so they have to be off limits in our house. Really bums me out. My son LOVED them when he was younger before his allergy was diagnosed. Now his allergist says it isn’t worth the risk. 🙁
    Oh well. Maybe someday…

  3. gah – I *love* Jelly Bellys, but don’t buy them too often because they’re pricey. Now you had to go and tell me about Belly Flops. I’m doomed!

  4. i clicked on the “jelly belly” link and my filter blocked it. the blocked category it listed? “anarchy”. ha!

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