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By Mir
December 11, 2008
Category Hot Hot Hot!

One late-night super deal for you: Amazon currently has the Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Cameras for just $28.99 with free shipping.

Great reviews, and perfect for little ones who aren’t ready for a “real” camera. (These are real cameras, by the way. But they’re also real cameras that can be dropped, thrown, etc., without breaking.)


  1. Good lord, woman, go to bed. You were posting at 6 something this morning.

  2. Mir, you’re awesome. FYI. I don’t give a rip about this deal. But you are awesome.

  3. We gave one of our kids this camera last year, and I can tell you it has survived EVERYTHING our 3 little ones could do to it. And it is just plain fun to see the things they photograph:)

  4. Dang! We just opted for something cheaper (more stuff, but not as tough)!

  5. Cheaper than the usual, non-discounted price, that is. But more than $28.99.

  6. Yea! I have been promising my son a camera of his very own “When he is 3.”

    Granted, that’s still 6 months off but this can sit in the gift closet until then.

    Thanks Mir!

  7. I wanted to get one of these for my son for Christmas but I’m done shopping already. Maybe I’ll have to pick it up for the gift closet!

  8. Just so you know, this site has contributed to 75% of my shopping. Go you!

    Thank goodness for this post! I’ve been waiting for two years for this thing to decrease in price enough to be worth it. Thanks!!

  9. Snatched one up for my five-year-old niece. Thanks!

  10. Just when I thought I was done shopping… this too is going into the gift closet for when my son is 3. Happy birthday!

  11. Awesome, Mir! I just ordered one for my daughter for her birthday in March! Thanks!

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