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By Mir
December 15, 2008

I refuse to even look at these closely, as it’s yet another play-with-it-offline-but-do-special-stuff-with-it-online-too sort of thing, and our house runneth over with such items, already. But these are Disney Fairies themed, which probably means they’re for slightly younger children than mine (who maybe don’t have several dozen Webkinz and other stuff accumulated).

The following are all 70% off at Amazon:
Fairy Friendship Bracelet for $5.99
Fairy Game for $5.99
Fairy Charms Starter Set for $8.99

I’m sure they’re all extremely fairyriffic, or whatever. I’m also sure that the pain of watching your kid discard or lose these things a week after Christmas will be significantly lessened by the discounted price. (Or—and this is what I love—you’ll look like a big shot giving one of these at a birthday party, when only you will know how little you paid.)

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  1. Utterly unconnected, and you’re so pretty you probably already know about it, but I JUST heard of a website: http://shoetube.tv/

    and my first thought was of you, pretty Mir!

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